Why English Lessons for Kids with Online Tutors Really Work

You might think that English lessons sound like something reserved for older children who have the discipline and drive to sit with an in-home tutor. But, it turns out that English lessons can be suitable for kids of younger ages. You can start instilling English language skills early on by choosing flexible, online, and private options from platforms like Eurekly. It’s actually never too early to start English lessons for kids, especially if your children are struggling to pick up the communication skills they need to perform academically and socially.

When Should Kids Start English Tutoring?

Even if your child is monolingual, they may still need English lessons. The key is to start early and find a way to teach them while they can still have fun and enjoy their childhood with playfulness and zest for life. Online tutoring with private, vetted instructors like those on Eurekly is such a smart way to go about getting English lessons for your child.

You won’t need to teach advanced grammar or rhetoric to your son or daughter. But, research in Education and Treatment of Children shows that guidance from a tutor can boost their ability to speak, read, and write—within and beyond the classroom. They can benefit from tutoring socially (among peers), in terms of their language skills, and academically.

Still, this research shouldn’t signal to you that you need to sit down with your three-year-old daughter and start teaching her the motifs of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Instead, it simply means that it’s worthwhile to make learning a collaborative and joint activity as part of their everyday lives, especially when it comes to English. That particular study shows how strong the ties of social life, academic life, and language skills are. So tutoring can benefit your child in more ways than merely speaking, writing, and reading well. 

Choose Private, Online Tutoring for Kids

Private tutors are one of the best ways to learn almost any subject, but they don’t always come cheap, easily, or flexibly when they’re local or in-home. On top of needing to build tremendous trust with a tutor through interviews and more, you have to deal with pricing and hourly rates that can be quite substantial if you’re looking to get an experienced tutor competent in teaching youth. 

Online, private tutors take some of that stress away as their rates start as low as $10 per hour on Eurekly.com. Their tutors are vetted, and you can choose from tutors from around the world—not just those that live close enough to your area. Kids can still get the one-on-one instruction they thrive on and a chance to develop a solid foundation in English through concepts like phonics, spelling, print awareness, vocabulary, and more.

Why Invest in Your Child’s English Lessons?

Perhaps you think it’s too early to start supplementing your child’s elementary or middle school learning with tutoring. But the truth is that younger is better when it comes to learning. It’s a rich, perfect time to deepen habits of thought and harness the plasticity of the brain to form concepts and skills that will serve your child for the rest of their lives. If there’s a time to invest in tutoring—it’s sooner, rather than later.

At a young age, your child is more likely to have an eagerness to learn how to express themselves. They will bring a zeal for the language that they could lose through the education system’s insistence on rote memorization and practices of one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, they’ll have an understanding with an English tutor who mentors them in the language and gives them much needed encouragement to quickly progress toward amazing fluency. Glowing academics, social life, and rewarding career—here they come!

Get a Free Kid’s English Lesson!

Many of Eurekly’s tutors are prepared to offer free sample sessions to see if they are a good fit for your child’s preferences and style of learning. This makes it a great platform to choose if you’re unsure whether online, private English lessons will actually work for them ultimately. You can try it for free without the risk of losing a single dollar.

Once you see how your child engages with the tutor, you can decide if you want to make regular, scheduled tutoring part of their weekly or daily routine. And, if your child is struggling in English, it’s a great way to test the waters. 

A free session is an opportunity for you to observe how online, private tutoring from a professional, vetted tutor can make a world of difference for your child. Certainly, you know they have the potential. An online tutoring session once a week or daily may be just the boost of confidence they need to take their skills to the next level! 

Check out English tutors for kids and get your child on the road to mastery today.

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