Why It’s Important To Maintain Your Vehicle Fluids

There are many important components of a car, and it’s crucial to keep everything maintained and in tiptop shape for longer life, better drives, and no surprises. Whether you are a new driver or have been driving for years, you should get to know your car inside and out. You need to know what the important parts are, what they do and why it is so crucial to make sure they are checked regularly. You do not want any surprises in the middle of a traffic jam on the highway, and traffic starts moving but you’re still stuck. Reedman Toll Chevy factory trained technicians know all your Subaru, and they will inspect these key fluids during the multi-point inspection.

With that being said it is essential to keep an eye on the car’s fluids, retaining the fluid’s levels will keep your car running like it should. The three most vital ones are: motor oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. With each working together and checked regularly it will keep everything running like new.

What makes each so important? Well, starting off, motor/engine oil protects, cleans, cools, and lubricates your engine. If the oil in your engine isn’t orderly checked it could take a toll on your engine and the rest is like a domino effect.

Next is the brake fluid. Without it you would not be able to stop your vehicle. I’m sure you know why that would be a extremely bad. Your car’s brake fluid is responsible for moving the different parts of the braking system. It transfers the force you use to old down the pedal into pressure making your car come to a stop.

If you have an automatic vehicle, an automatic transmission allows you to perform basic automatic transmission functions. The fluid lubricates and cools, keeping the transmission working at a reduced temperature. It makes sure everything moves smoothly and that gears are not grinding against each other. It is important to keep it maintained because once it fails it’s a very expensive part to replace. It may take awhile to abandon but once it does it can occur quite abruptly. While heading somewhere important, or in the middle of rush hour which could be highly dangerous.
Don’t just pay attention to these, make sure your car goes in for a routine check up with a recommended mechanic. You want to make sure everything is in good shape and that you will be safe while driving.

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