Why people are so obsessed with Snapchat

Social media became our experience to see the world, to follow celebrities and people we adore, and who give us daily doses of inspiration. Now anyone can succeed from their living room by simply creating interesting content for millions out there. Now we have occupations like the content creator, YouTuber, Instagram models, Facebook businesses, and SnapChat advertisement where the Kardashian family earns millions per one 15 second video to promote a product. But let’s go back in time for a moment.

Remember the first time you saw your friends with those cute filters of a dog and a kitty, with flowers on their heads and the same blue eyes color. The time the world was introduced to Snapchat has changed a lot of things. It was revolutionary in the world of social media. Snapchat grew to be not only an app for quick exchange but sexting as well. 

The whole thing makes sense. Just think it through, you are sending the message that will be erased as soon as you open it, if someone tries to take a screenshot, you will get the notification. Snapchat sexting is one of the most popular ways to communicate with those who like to keep it spicy but also private. Still, we wouldn’t suggest to be silly and send too many photos o nudes and your face all in one picture or anything related. Keep your private life secure. 

Nevertheless, the app is worldwide popular. You can track the daily routine of your favorite celebrities and be the first to see on the news of most popular tabloids. All juicy gossip in one app. Can we take two? You don’t even need to post anything yourself. Just follow it. 

A lot of models work like that and adult movie actresses. Their profiles are closed, and if you want to get daily content, you should follow them. This is quite entertaining, and a lot of other social media applications followed that example of 24-hour stories and updates. You can now unsend messages without anyone tracking you and a lot of other activities. 

Snapchat is famous not only because of its filters and adult content that you can share but also within families. A lot of people have those family chats within SnapChat that allow them to share their moments with everyone at once. That one was one of the unique functions of the application and still is. That united spirit is what makes people get obsessed with the app, and it is in the top 5 as the most popular platform in the world. And it’s on the same list with other giants when everything started with simple filters and exchange of 24-hour stories. 

No matter how social media competes within each other, users are mostly choosing one or two apps that they use daily, and others mainly just exist. A lot of people use Snapchat only for filters and never post anything out; some use it only for naughty interactions with their partners and lovers. Some don’t like Snapchat at all and use other apps where filters are also a thing now. It’s totally fine and exactly how it’s supposed to be due to human nature. We need options, and we like to choose within anything. The more options we have — the better. 

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