Why You Need to Raise Your Voice Even when it is Difficult


A lot of us stay clear of the controversial topics that arise in our society. We do not want to be a part of it because we do not want to pick whether we prefer black or white. But where there is a time where silence can be helpful and can keep you out of trouble, there are also times where raising the voice becomes necessary. There is a lot of injustice in the world, and if you have come across something regarding which you have chosen to stay silent, maybe it is time you speak up about it. You do not have to do it openly as well. You can start an online discourse on blogs as well and can raise your voice as anonymous. Let’s have a look at a few of the major reasons you need to raise your voice.

Speaking Up Helps You Avoid Emotional Damage

When it comes to speaking up about injustice, sometimes we are not just afraid to speak about others, but we are afraid to speak about ourselves as well. When someone goes through abuse or unfair treatment, they do not speak about it because either they are not sure or are ashamed of it. In return, they end up bearing this injustice, and it can cause them some real emotional pain. You do not have to stay silent and you can write anonymous blogs to share this experience with others to feel better and to raise awareness.

You can be Helpful to Others

When you speak up, you end up helping a lot of people. If you speak about a general issue that has become taboo in society, you can help a large group of people just by starting a conversation. Also, if you are seeing someone being mistreated, you should speak for that person as well. Your voice matters more than you think.

You Become Part of the Injustice

If you see something wrong happening around you and you are choosing to ignore it, then you are also contributing to that injustice. To not protest against injustice is similar to agreeing with it. It can also frustrate you in the future and can become a burden on your conscience. It is always better to speak up than to become a part of it.

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