Why You Should Get Your Kids Into Collecting

If your kids or your partner are avid collectors, you probably sometimes feel like tearing your hair out. Their collections not only take up space, but regularly dry up the family budget too. But they love their things so much, and that passion is a big part of who they are and why you love them. Life would be so dull without them!


Adults and kids thrive on their hobbies and passions in life. They may collect toys, models, stamps, or musical instruments, but their collections are precious to them. Perhaps you have some collections yourself? It may be jewellery or ornaments. Whatever any of us collects, the financial value is almost irrelevant. These items have a special place in our hearts, and we would be lost without them.

Sometimes a hobby or interest has come down from parents or grandparents. Often, the passion is first fired when we are small children, and we take it with us into adulthood. If we were first interested in collecting model cars as children, we might even take the passion into our driving as adults. Some children who collected ornate horse figurines as children have gone on to enjoy horseback riding through to being adults.

Lots of us probably remember dinky toys as kids quite fondly. Small models of cars and lorries that we can see on the road inspired lots of children through the years. Some adults and children continue to collect these items now. Lots of original and authentic models can be worth a great deal of money. While some collections eventually might end up in the trash, others have to sit in vaults as they are so valuable.

Knowing what is valuable and what isn’t can be checked fairly easily online. If you know someone who enjoys collecting, you can see online what is popular and what is valuable. You can then choose your gift for them with that information in mind. Children’s collectibles come in many shapes and sizes. Often, you can buy character cards or comic books from your local newsagent. Small packets of figurines belonging to sets of hundreds can also be found in most supermarkets or corner shops.

It may be that your children have just reached the age where they are interested in starting to collect something. There are plenty of children’s collections out there where you can aim to collect all the stickers or figurines in a set. When kids have two of the same, they like to swap them with their friends for ones they don’t yet have. If you are thinking of helping your children get into collecting, look around for some ideas at your local stores. Alternatively, have a look at items that may retain their value and popularity over the years.

Any collection is valuable to the owner. Not all collections need to be worth money to make the owner happy. Have a shop around for good storage solutions for your favorite collections. You may choose to have a display cabinet to keep them dust free.

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