Why You Should Support Reusable Coffee Cups

When you use reusable cups, you are not only saving yourself money, but you are also saving the environment. According to Forbes, in 2017, 46% of coffee drank by people worldwide are consumed outside their homes. This means that if 5,500 cups are consumed per second, 2,530 cups are consumed outside people’s homes. 

This means that nine million cups are consumed outdoors per hour. And this is only for Nescafe. Consider other brands, and it is easy to get 10 or 100 million cups per hour. It would be great if these are poured in reusable coffee cups. But if they are not, you can expect these plastic cups piling in the dumpsites, clogging drainage, and killing animals. One of the best reasons why reusable cups are a sustainable choice is because it can lessen the amount of carbon footprint released into the environment. Aside from this, here are the reasons why you should support this cause. 

Reusable And Customisable 

Using a reusable cup means you only have to wash, rinse, and use it again. You would not have to worry about your cups slowly degrading. You also don’t have to throw them away after one use. Plus, you get to enjoy your coffee without the chemical-like flavor from the cup. Aside from being reusable, another benefit of using these cups is the fact that they are easy to customize. If you like, you can have your name printed on the cup. You can choose designs to make your cup aesthetically-pleasing. 

Free From Harmful Chemicals 

Unlike disposable cardboard and paper cups, reusable coffee cups are free from polyethylene, active carcinogens, and polystyrene. All these substances are hazardous if introduced to the human body. Polyethylene is the lining you find in disposable paper cups. This is also the reason why paper cups are hard to recycle. The glue that keeps your paper cup together can also be dissolved into your coffee, especially if it is too hot. 

Carcinogens are usually found in the plastic lids of disposable cups. Reusable cups are usually made with food-grade silicone; hence they are BPA and chemical-free. The liquid form of polystyrene is usually found in styrofoam, and this is a compound that can leak into your coffee. If you use reusable cups, you would not have to worry about these carcinogens. These reusable varieties are often made with borosilicate glass that is not harmful to humans. 

Freedom to choose your cup

Another reason why people have been raving about reusable cups is the fact that you can choose the design and material for your cup. Most reusable cups are made with glass. With this material, you can enjoy coffee that is free from aftertaste coming from paper, plastic, and steel. You can also choose whether or not you add a heat-resistant lid to your cup. If you do, you can also ensure that your lid of choice is fit to your cup. It will never come loose. Plus, reusable cups often have lids that keep the heat inside the cup. So, your hot coffee will surely remain hot all day long. You can also choose your coffee cup sleeve to protect your hands from burning due to the scalding hot coffee inside your cup.

There are more reasons why you should go for reusable cups. All these reasons point to the fact that reusable will always be the way to go. 

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