Why Your Fridge Needs Summer Maintenance

The refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in a kitchen. The importance of it functioning properly is two-fold. A refrigerator that functions inefficiently will increase the amount of money that is paid in utilities each year. And if it doesn’t function properly, then it will fail to safely store the perishable food you buy and increase the amount of money that you pay for food each month. If you are throwing away more food than you are consuming each month, then it is time for a maintenance checkup.

Why Your Fridge Needs Summer Maintenance

Service professionals suggest that refrigerators get routine appliance checkups at the beginning of the summer. This is to ensure your appliance chill food even as humidity levels in and outside of your home skyrocket. Like your own body during the summer, your refrigerator works to keep internal items at a regulated temperature. Using fans, drain lines, drain pans, door seals and condenser coils to regulate its internal temperature. It’s a complicated technical process, with each part having a specific function. Complex as it is, it shouldn’t be a struggle for your fridge to maintain its cool.

Without maintenance, the humidity in the air during the summer can make dusty condenser coils work harder to regulate the temperature inside of the refrigerator. If the internal temperature becomes too high, it will affect the quality of the food being stored inside. Its thermostats need to be between 2 – 4 degrees Celsius and the freezer should read -18 degrees in order to keep the food inside safe from bacterial growth and mold for the maximum amount of time.

If your refrigerator is showing a consistent temperature that is less than 2 degrees or more than 4 degrees, then it is time to have your refrigerator serviced. Contact only a local appliance repair service to inquire about their refrigerator maintenance plans. Only hire the service that deploys fully trained, certified, and experienced technicians, like Toronto Refrigeration. Toronto Refrigeration maintains all of their appliance technicians to have a full range of knowledge and skills, so they can repair any appliance you have, including your fridge. Since all of their technicians are professionally certified to work on your refrigerator, Toronto Refrigeration repair services will lead to speedier, more efficient maintenance and repair.

After a scheduled maintenance appointment with a professional technician, you’re fridge will be set to work throughout the summer season properly. Even as the temperatures soar and the humidex reaches its peak, your fridge will work efficiently to keep your food chilled. Your electric bill and your grocery bill will thank you.

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