Why Your Vehicle May Vibrating

Driving can save time and sometimes money. A lot of people over look how such a blessing being able to drive is. But over the years driving can become a chore especially if you have a car that has developed troubles. As cars get older they are bound to have a problem, whether it be simple or something that is crucial to your safety.  

Sometimes as well drive we either hear some odd sounds or vibrations coming from the car. Some are car savvy enough to know exactly where it is coming from and how to fix it. Some are super clueless, or super worried. Most vibrations and shaking is felt through the steering wheel, sometimes it can be too much and cause trouble when trying to control the wheel and steering. 
There are many different things that can result in shaking, rumbling or vibrating, to help you identify what this shaking/vibrating could be from try this list:
1. Tires
One of the most common reasons why a car shakes is because of the tires. Sometimes when your car shakes or vibrates it can be a result of a loose wheel or a bent rim. Even the tread on the tire, or the alignment. It may not seem like a big deal at first but having a loose tire can result in a bad accident, or having bad tire alignment can make it hard to get traction on roads especially during the winter. 
2. Brakes
If your car is vibrating this can be the reason that your brake caliper is stuck. You will usually feel the vibrating when you reach higher speeds. Or if your brake rotors no longer have an even surface. This can happen over time after continuous pressure. If the surface is not flat, then it will be hard for the brakes to press hard against the rotors to brake sufficiently. 
3. Radiator Fan
If your radiator fan is broken it still tries to run and ends up actually wobbling which the vibrating is caused by. 
4. Engine
A lot of jerking and shaking can mean your spark plugs need to be replaced or their wires need to be checked. Your engine can be deprived of oxygen when your air or fuel filter is dirty or clogged. 
5. Axel
If you had a little mishap with your car, rear ended someone or backed up too far into a tree, your axel can get bent, quite easily. After this happens, vibrating in your car starts to pick up and is very present. 
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