With TruGreen You Can #LiveLifeOutside Giveaway!

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We all would love to wake up to a beautiful lawn everyday. With the proper work and preparation this is achievable. 
Living in Florida fall and winter is when we spend the most time outside. because it’s not to hot and the weather is just perfect. This fall we plan to put in a fenced in yard for our 3 dogs, and create the perfect outdoor oasis in our backyard. I want the back yard to have a relaxing inviting feel where we can entertain guests and as well as enjoy the view. Additionally somewhere the kids can play in the grass.

With TruGreen You Can #LiveLifeOutside Giveaway!

You would think that Florida’s climate is definitely warm enough all year to maintain the perfect lawn, but that’s not the case. Even just a small drop in temperature can call for more care. When transitioning from summer to winter the grass significantly decreases in growth.  Which can be great, because that means less mowing for my oldest son. However if you want to keep that beautiful lawn maintenance season is not over. 

Check out these wonderful fall lawn care tips from TruGreen we are using to achieve our dream lawn this coming spring.

Florida fall lawn care tips from TruGreen:

  • Watering is key – Florida gets a lot of rain all year, however your lawn still needs about 1 inch per week. Which is the recommend amount of water for your lawn. Consider an irrigation system to help you with even water distribution about once per week.
  • Lookout for weeds – Water is important but be careful not to overwater. When the ground becomes too wet, it invites weeds into the lawn. Continue regular maintenance for weed control and put your irrigation system to work on maintaining a watering schedule.
  • Keep your mower handy – You will need to mow your lawn about every two to three weeks even during winter months.
  • Help the lawn recuperate – The fall and winter are a great time to improve the health of your lawn. 

Let’s not forget why this is my most favorite time of year! I hate bugs with a passion and the bugs and other pests are lessened during these cooler months. I mean not all the bugs are gone but these little pets are much more active during the hot season. Plus when it’s cooler the grass grows less so it isn’t putting out enough of this new growth and pests have a smaller food supply. Which is a beautiful thing.

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