WoW Classic – Best Races for Rogue PvP

As far as the PvP aspect of WoW Classic is concerned, the Rogue class is one that is more than often discussed, for better or worse. Because it has such skills including Stealth, they are able to know when to fight and when to evade completely. Then there’s abilities such as Blind and Vanish, which prove to be very useful cooldown tactics. So, if you are looking to take a break from racking up WoW Classic Gold and wanting to check out some PvP action, then Rogue is certainly a way to go.

We will divide the two factions of Alliance and Horde to give you an idea of which races are the best to go with when it comes to Rogue. Let’s start with Alliance.

Best Rogue Races – Alliance

When it comes to Alliance, there are differing races that work better in different situations. So depending on your approach, here are the best options for Alliance.


If you are going to use Humans, then you need to be aware that they fare better in PvE rather than PvP. Humans rarely come across each other as Rogues, though you can increase the chances by using Perception. The only real upper hand they have is the use of Haemorrhage, which can add additional sword skill to give you that slight upper hand if you do want to use them in PvP.

Night Elf

There aren’t all that many uses for the Night Elf for Rogue classes. You can increase the Stealth ability with Shadowmeld, but other than that, the only thing that Night Elf really has going for it is the fact that it has the highest agility compared to the other races that you will be reading about shortly. If you like handy jumping mechanics and dancing animations, plus an increase in stealth and agility, then you can hopefully find some use for the Night Elf. 


For solo duels and world PvP, you are definitely going to want to use the Dwarf race. This is because the Stoneform ability can come in so very useful, especially since it not only removes status effects but it also lets you break free from Blind. You can also break the likes of Warrior Bleeds, Devouring Plague and more, which makes the Dwarf one of the best choices to use thanks to Stoneform. It’s ability to use Vanish to disappear out of sight when needed is also great to have. 


So if duels and world PvP are what you are looking to engage in, you should certainly look into the Dwarf class. However, when it comes to Pre-made Battlegrounds, then the Gnome is the best bet. Their Escape Artist ability allow you to avoid immobilizing abilities. The likes of Frost Nova, Entangling Roots, or Improved Hamstring can all easily be dealt with. Also have the ability to implement skills such as Cold Blood in the assassination tree, which dramatically increases their chances of a critical strike. 

Best Rogue Races – Horde

There are a few distinct advantages that Horde has with Rogue races. Not just to do with their abilities, but the races themselves are among the strongest and best-looking races that you could possibly be looking for for PvP. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which races you should be going for if you are for the Horde.


We will start with the Troll because you could argue that they aren’t as useful as the following races that we will be discussing. It does have the ability to increase its health with the use of Regeneration, but apart from that, you may find it harder to play as the Troll in a lot of instances. If you do however end up coming against a Hunter, there is the ability to Blind as a Rogue which can be a difference maker when facing the Hunter, especially if you want to get rid of their pet. 


Even on a cosmetic basis, you would argue that the Undead are the most standout race that you could ask for when using the Rogue class. Asides from looking the best, they are also a force to be reckoned with in battle, courtesy of the Will of the Forsaken. This give you immunity to Charm, Sleep, and Fear, which you can use if you are already affected by those statuses. It works better than the Insignia of the Horde because it has a shorter cooldown period, and it gives you the chance to have a free inventory slot. 


Finally, you could say that we have saved the best until last with the Orc. Many would consider the Orc to be the best race of all, beating out the entire list that you see before you in the eyes of many. One of its best traits is Hardiness, which can increase your resistance to becoming stunned, so you can resist the likes of Kidney Shot, Iron Grenade, or Tidal Charm. Blood Fury an also be dangerous, with the base melee attack being increased, though it reduces healing effects also for a period of 25 seconds. 

So, if you are looking to head out into the wide world of the popular MMORPG and want to take a break from collecting Classic WoW items and raiding dungeons to do some PvP, then that is essentially all you need to know about the Rogue class. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing, but hopefully there is something here that will fit your playstyle. 

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