Wreck-It Ralph Review

Prepare for a great animated adventure with Wreck-It Ralph! Disney brings a new classic to you for you and your family. Wreck-It Ralph the winning movie of five Annie Awards and a National Board of Review for Best Animated Film. I had the chance in reviewing this movie myself. I received a Blu-ray Combo Pack which included a Blu-ray 3D, DVD, SD Digital and On-Demand.

Wreck-It Ralph Review

My younger son and daughter were so psyched to watch this movie, ever since the commercial they would not stop telling me about the movie. So, of course they watched it with me while we had pizza. We all loved the movie. Knowing that Disney would never disappoint us. I don’t want to give out too much info about the movie, so here’s a brief overview of it all:

The movie is based off of the classical arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr. Well, a character in Fix-It Felix Jr. is Wreck-It Ralph, and he is just tired of being the bad guy and having to deal with the same old routine over and over again. So he figures to only way to become a hero is to win a medal, but everyone doubts him. “Bad guys can’t win medals.” Determined Ralph goes on a journey to get a medal, running into unexpected problems and meeting new people. Dealing with his own issues he found time to fix someone else’s issue.

Wreck-It Ralph Review Too little? Well you are just going to have to check out the movie yourself. Trust me, it is worth. Wreck-It Ralph is a wonderful movie for anyone. With wonderful animations with many characters based off of real video games, like PacMan, Sonic, Mario, and many more.Wreck-It Ralph Review

Wreck-It Ralph Review
Each DVD I reviewed has Bonus features on it. Like, Bit by Bit: Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph. In this bit, director Rich Moore and producer Clark Spencer talk, and explain about the making, the inspiration and the hard work that went into making Wreck-It Ralph. As well as Alternate & Deleted Scenes, with an optional choice of and audio commentary from Rich Moore, director.

Also, the short film “Paperman” in this romantic boy-meets-girl story which just tops off the movie.

Something cool, is the Video Game commercials. Which are com vials created for the video games featured in the film, like Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty, and Fix-It Felix Jr.

This movie is approximately 101 minutes long and is rated “G.”

In anticipation of Disney’s WRECK-IT RALPH releasing on Blu-ray Combo Pack on Tuesday, March 5th, turn your world into a classic arcade game this weekend with these fun 8-Bit projects! Use the printable stencils to jazz up everything from clothes to book covers! Then break out the scissors for a Pixilated Paper Craft and a Picture Puzzler featuring all of your favorite characters!

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While you’re pixelating your world, check out the bonus clip below to find out how the Wreck-It Ralph animators created the 8-Bit world in the film.
Bonus Clip: Creating the 8 Bit World – The animators discuss creating the different worlds within Wreck-It Ralph and what it was like asking some of the best animators in the business to ignore years of training to go back to linear worlds and pixelated characters.

Bonus Clip: Sugar Rush – The animators share the original inspiration for Sugar Rush- the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and how concept models of the game’s landscape were made out of actual candy and cookies!

Film Clip: Bad-Anon – Ralph attends his first Bad-Anon meeting to talk about his feelings.

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