You Could a Win Guitar Signed by Lenny Kravitz #LennyKravitzWMSC!

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I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of Lenny Kravitz. If you love rock and roll singer and songwriter Lenny Kravitz as much as I do, you will love this big news I have!

You Could Win Guitar Signed by Lenny Kravitz #LennyKravitzWMSC!

Walmart’s Souncheck platform is working with their chosen artist-of-the-month, Lenny Kravitz to promote his new album with a live performance and interview.

Lenny Kravitz Live in Miami 2014 “The Chamber” on Soundcheck Promo

This will be a three episode series. Each week you will be able to watch a new individual episode released. I am totally loving the clip of one of his new songs, and to find out he didn’t even have a plan to do an album? He was doing another project at the time and working crazy hours with not much sleep. So after working all these long hours he would come home, and he started to hear all this music in his head.  So instead of ignoring it he decided to do a new album!

You Could Win Guitar Signed by Lenny Kravitz #LennyKravitzWMSC!

Be sure to head on over to Walmart’s Souncheck to watch more of Lenny Kravitz and the 3 episode series. Episode 2 will be next week. That’s not all! Ok listen up, fans everywhere have the chance to win a guitar signed by the one and only Lenny Kravitz! Simply enter below!

You Could Win Guitar Signed by Lenny Kravitz #LennyKravitzWMSC!

Lastly there is an exclusive digital copy of the Lenny Kravitz Live in Miami 6 song Soundcheck performance plus full digital album download when you buy the album at Walmart.

Win A Guitar Autographed By Lenny Kravitz

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