Your Cat Will Love The The Cat Ball Cat Bed

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I love my all my furry felines, they have different personalities, they like different toys, treats, and even like different places to sleep. I have one cat, Angel who likes to sleep a sprawled out whether it is cold or warm. Another cat, Blaze who likes to curl up in a ball in the middle of a big pile or blankets. My daughter’s cat, Baby loves to sleep in the dark and hidden away. She loves to curl up under blankets and sit in the tiniest boxes she can find (see picture below),


and my daughter always seems finds her in the back of her closet sleeping under her clothes.


My cats usually can find a great place to sleep or chill out, but I do try my best to find little bed or huts for them, to pamper them a little bit. I recently had the chance in reviewing The Cat Ball cat bed. The Cat Ball cat bed is a hexagonal pet bed with two openings, made for pets up to 19 pounds. The Cat Ball is made of a fabric and foam construction so it is soft, flexible, fold able and washable.


She clearly wants her bed back from Blaze.



I set it down to let my cats come over on their own and check it out. They did the usual sniffing and pawing at it making sure it wasn’t alive. Then finally my daughter’s cat, Baby stepped in sniffed around, then plopped right in and got comfortable. My other cat, Blaze got jealous as soon as she got comfortable, I could see them exchanging dirty looks. Not only did my cat looked cute in it, it made for a great photo prop, my little dog Mia wanted to go in it but she was trying her best to stay very far away from the cats. They aren’t the best of friends.



I think this is one of the coolest cat beds, it’s like a cool space ball. I enjoyed taking pictures of my cats and our little dog Mia even though they just wanted to enjoy the bed without my camera in thier face.

I highly recommend The Cat Ball cat bed for your kitties or little dogs can enjoy it too.

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  1. IT does look nice and cozy. A little man cave for kitty, lol

  2. Jennifer Boaro says

    You got some great photos of your pets using our Cat Ball! The photo of Baby and Blaze really cracked me up. Thanks so much for this thorough review and your great photos!

  3. What a sweet face! Looks so cozy in the cat bed! Your pup loves it too!

  4. Elizabeth O. says

    It looks lovely and I’m sure my cat will like this as well. He loves soft spaces where he doesn’t have to squeeze himself in but is also small enough for him only!

  5. Such a great bed for my cats! They looks so comfy!

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