Yves Rocher Amber Noir Review

I currently had the pleasure in reviewing Amber Noir a fragrance for men, and hair & body shampoo. By Yves Rocher. As well as, Yves Rocher Fraicheur Homme Men Fresh. Discover Amber Noir, a seductive fragrance that expresses masculine chic with character and sensuality.

Yves Rocher Men Fresh

Yves Rocher Amber Noir

The scent of Amber Noir combines the intense and woody character of Patchouli and Vetiver with the delightful Tonka Bean. The Tonka Beans deliver notes of Amber and Vanilla. While the Patchouli gives off a rich woody note. And the Vetiver stays with a raw, warm, dry and milky note. The scent of Amber Noir is just a wonderful, sensual fragrance. That adds a right amount of masculinity to it. My husband wears this fragrance well, and his reaction to it’s scent was just as satisfying as mine was.

Amber Noir hair & body shampoo by Yves Richer shares the same oriental woody smell of that of its matching fragrance. With its delicate and creamy lather, it leaves your skin and hair pleasantly scented. My husband would wash with this before illuminating himself in the Amber Noir fragrance. And may I say, the scent that he was enveloped in was just irresistible. This is a collection that he just loves.

I received four Fraicheur Homme Men Fresh products: Exfoliating Face Wash prepares skin to shave. Anti Dryness Face Care 24 hour moisturizing. Shaving Gel Smooth Gliding. And After Shave Balm Cooling Effect.

A new skin care line that Yves Rocher introduces, especially for men. All of the Men Fresh products are formulated with organic Aloe Vera from Mexico. All formulas are paraben free! The face wash contains Bamboo micro-beads that help prepare skin forbshaving and unclog pores. This product cleansed my husband’s face well, left it soft and smelling good. The face care has a moisture capturing Blue Agave sap, which leaves skin soft and comfortable from morning until night. Its non-oily formula penetrates quickly.

This, as well left my husband’s face soft all day and smelling good. The smooth gliding shaving gel contains moisturizing Botanical Glycerin, which softens the beard for a close shave. This a a new shaving gel my husband uses and sees a difference in quality as well as the scent compared to other shaving gels he has used in the past.

The after shave balm pro odes a cooling effect while soothing and hydrating the skin after every shave. With a bonus of Chamomile water, which instantly soothes the razor burn. With a non-sticky, non-oil  formula that penetrates quickly. This product was kind of the “icing” to the good smelling, masculine cake. Hahaha. My husband said it worked well, it felt refreshed and the cooling effect felt good on his skin.

The organic scent of Aloe Vera stays through out all of the Men Fresh products. Very wonderful. Check out Yves Rocker new Men Fresh and Amber Noir line yvesrocherusa.com! Yves Rocher carries affordable, quality products.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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