Yves Rocher: Neroli Secrets D’Essences Review

I recently had the opportunity in reviewing three new products by Yves Rocher: Neroli Secrets D’Essences Eau De Parfum, Neroli Secrets D’Essences Perfumed Shower Gel, and Neroli Secrets D’Essences Perfumed Lotion.

The Neroli Secrets D’Essences Eau De Parfum is a symbol and delicate femininity, this unique musky floral creation provides a sensual and refunded sensation of freshness. Created by Véronique Nyberg.



To create Neroli Secrets D’Essences, Yves Rocher used outstanding raw materials from Bitter Orange plantations. The breath of Neroli which is that of the Orange blossom absolute.

This floral, musky perfume was just magnificent. I simply love the graceful scent. It’s not too much and not too little. Its scent adds that sweet kiss of freshness. I wear this fragrance nearly all the time now. It’s the sweet, icing on top of the cake!

Yves Rocher offers three other beautiful scents: Tendre Jasmin Innocently Sexy, Voile D’Ambre Bewitching Journey to Arabia, and Vanille Noire Delightful Dependency.

Neroli Secrets D’Essences Perfumed Shower Gel is yet another resplendent product. It’s scent matches that of the Eau De Parfum. I’ve used this as my shower gel for a while. And, my oh my. My skin just illuminates this wonderful smell from it all day long. It even makes my skin smooth, which is a plus!

Neroli Secrets D’Essence Perfumed Lotion has furthermore satisfied me. After using the Neroli Secrets D’Essences Perfumed Shower Gel, I rub the Neroli Secrets D’Essence Perfumed Lotion all over. And the magical fragrance just lasts longer and covers my body with such a beautiful scent that I can’t put in words. This too, did make my skin smooth and it wasn’t oily when I applied it to my skin,

This collection truly is wonderful. I’ve always loved Yves Rocher products. And now, this is one of my new favorites.

Check out Yves Rocker new Neroli Secrets D’Essence line yvesrocherusa.com! Yves Rocher carries affordable, quality products.


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