Zabada Fiber Cleaning Product Review

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review/giveaway. I did receive a free product from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review. This is disclosed in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All opinions are my own. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.
Not too long ago I had the chance in reviewing products from Zabada. Zabada is crusading to rid homes, and the planet, of poisonous chemical cleaners. They are taking a stand against chemicals that leave toxic residue and emission for your skin to absorb and kids to breathe, chemicals known to poison and cause us serious harm. Zabada are crusaders with integrity and a solution that is scientifically proven to clean better, faster and healthier. 
What I received to review was a Zabada Kitchen Handy and a Zabada Kitchen Marvel. 
The Zabada Kitchen Handy cleans cooking tops, baking and dining dishes. It spot-cleans dishes, baking trays, pots and pans. It even removes grease and baked-on grime with just water only! The Zabada Kitchen Handy replaces and outperforms disposable scourers and store-bought microfiber cloths. I loved this product so much, I’m so used to spraying something down on a dirty area and wanting a few minutes for it to soak in and then I can clean it. But even then I still have to scrub and scrub with my old cloths and scourers. But with the Zabada Kitchen Handy all I have to do is wet it with water, ring out the excess water and I can wipe away! But there is no need to scrub, the Zabada fibers grab the surface, the product does all the hard work for you! 
The Zabada Kitchen Marvel dries and shines kitchen counters, cupboard doors, back splashes and oven fronts. It leaves a streak-free and lint-free finish. I even removes all moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria. The Zabada Kitchen Marvel keeps your surfaces cleaner for longer! It replaces cloths, sponges, and paper towels. The Zabada Kitchen Marvel is such a great product as well, I can use it on so many things and it’s results are great. I have a circle glass kitchen table. And when I usually clean it I’m left with streaky table that I end up covering with a table cloth because I’m embarrassed about the streaks. 
Both these products are just awesome! It replaces all these chemicals and toxic spray that you are used to using when cleaning, but now you won’t need them, all you’re need is  Zabada Product, water and your hands! 

Zabada is the only complete cleaning system that’s scientifically-proven to:

  • Rid homes of 90% of harmful chemicals
  • Remove up to 99% of bacteria
  • Clean faster with a simple wet and wipe
  • Last 2 to 3 years and save money
  • Outlast generic microfiber cloths that lose cleaning power after 20 washes
  • Reduce water consumption by 20%
  • Reduce energy use by 30%
  • Reduce solid waste by 50%
  • Reduce air and surface pollutants
  • Lower potential health risks


These products save me time and money when I’m cleaning, mostly my kitchen. I won’t have to waste money buying paper towels, scourers, and special cloths. And I won’t have to buy toxic cleaners to spray down which can harm my family and pets. 
I highly recommend you check out the ZabadaClean website and check out their products and make your life easier!
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