Zootopia: Activities, Recipes, DIY Crafts and More!

I most recently had the chance in reviewing the new Disney movie Zootopia.  

From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes a comedy’adventure set in the modern mammal metropolis of, Zootopia. 
Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia’s police force is determined to prove herself. Any chance she gets she jumps right on a case to try and crack it. Even if that means partnering up with scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde to solve the mystery. 
Zootopia: Activities, Recipes, DIY Crafts and More!
This hilarious, adventure packed movie full of tons of heart and action is a great one to watch with the whole family. 
I received the Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital HD copy. It includes great features like:
-Zoology: The Roundtables- Ginnifer Goodwin hosts an in-depth look at the movie’s characters animation, environment and more. 
-The Origin Of An Animal Tale- Follow the story’s development from it’s beginnings, through a big story shift that turned the film upside down. 
-Research: A True-Life Adventure- The filmmakers travel the globe to find inspiration for the diverse characters and amazing city of Zootopia. 
-Z.P.D. Forensic Files- Find the movie’s hidden Easter Eggs.
-Deleted Characters- Meet some characters that didn’t make the final cut. 
-Deleted Scenes
Enjoy these short clips and trailers below.

This is such a great family movie, the little kid’s will love the animation, the teens will enjoy the jokes, and everyone will enjoy the heartwarming moments,and funny moments.
Don’t for get to download these wild recipes to enjoy while watching the move.
This movie brings light to an all animal world! We have all probably thought about what an all animal world would be like, well now all our questions can be answered. 
After the movie you can have fun making these fun DIY crafts. Click below to download them.

Download these fun Zootopia activities for the kids.

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