50+ Ways To Get Sponsored Post Opportunities For Your Blog

There are so many ways to earn money with your blog, here are 50+ ways to get sponsored post opportunities. Sponsored posts are a great way to add new content to your blog plus you get paid. It serves your readers with relevant information and helps to gain the brand a new audience.  Earning money on your blog may include doing things such as: getting paid for writing a post for a company, getting paid to review a product(s), getting paid to do special shopping trips, getting paid to create a recipe, getting paid for hosting parties at your house or on a social media network, getting paid for social media posting, getting paid to hold a private party at a local retailer to meet with brand representatives as part of a focus group, getting paid for hosting giveaways and so much more.

50 Ways To Get Sponsored Post Opportunities For Your Blog

The more sites you sign up to the more money you can make blogging. Just try not to overwhelm yourself with to many opportunities. As it’s important to do a great job on all opportunities offered to you.

If you know of any sites feel free to share and I will add them to the list. Learn about more great ways to make money blogging with Best Affiliate Marketing Companies To Make Money and How Do You Make Money Blogging?

  1. Blogdash
  2. Bloggin Mamas
  3. BlogPRWire 
  4. TapInfluence
  5. Blogging Connect
  6. Blogger Babes
  7. Blog Release 
  8. Blog Meets Brand
  9. Blogvertise
  10. BlogHer.com
  11. BlogPaws (Pet Bloggers)
  12. Bookieboo
  13. BrandBacker (Beauty Bloggers)
  14. Cooperatize Get paid posts for your blog.
  15. DiMe Media 
  16. Everywhere Society 
  17. Find Your Influence 
  18. Real Clever
  19. GigCoin
  20. Global Influence
  21. Giveaway.ly (Get paid to host giveaways)
  22. indeed
  23. IZEA
  24. Linqia 
  25. Link Vehicle Sponsored posts as well as affiliate marketing if you choose.
  26. JobsProBlogger
  27. Mami Innovative Media
  28. Mom Trends
  29. Moms Select
  30. Mom It Forward
  31. MomsAffiliate.com
  32. Mom Central
  33. ModernMom.com
  34. Mom Dot Media 
  35. Mom Spark Media
  36. Millennial Blogs
  37. Mami Innovative Media
  38. Mom Bloggers Club
  39. Mom Bloggers for Social Good 
  40. My Blog Spark ($5 a month to join)
  41. MommyHotSpot
  42. Mums the Word
  43. Mom Bloggers For Social Good
  44. Markerly
  45. Niche Parent Network
  46. One 2 One
  47. Platefull Co-Op
  48. Pollinate Media Group
  49. PayPerPost
  50. Post Joint
  51. PayU2Blog
  52. ReviewMe
  53. SITS Girls Massive Sway
  54. She Savvy
  55. Social Rev Up
  56. Social Spark
  57. Sponsored Tweets
  58. SheSpeaks
  59. Sponsored Reviews
  60. Sverve
  61. Social Fabric
  62. Simply Sassy Media
  63. School House Review Crew (For Homeschooling Bloggers)
  64. Team Mom (ChildsPlayPR)
  65. The Shelf
  66. The Blogger Program 
  67. The Mission List
  68. The Social Media Chicks
  69. The Mother Hood
  70. Tap Influence
  71. Technorati
  72. USFamilyGuide (Very few sponsored post opportunities. Mostly for products and other things)
  73. Vibrant Nation (55yrs or older)
  74. Wolf Blogging Network
  75. Weave Made Media
  76. Warner Brothers Word
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