Free Baby Stuff For Low Income Families

There are many programs that offer free baby stuff for low income families such as an infant car seat, free formula, free diapers, baby samples, food and more. Sadly with many programs like these they are not just listed somewhere in your town for all to find. It takes research or a bad situation and someone willing to help to offer the resources to you. Oftentimes unplanned pregnancies happen and you have had no time to plan and save money or you have little to no money to spend on a new baby.

Fortunately, there are many resources for free baby stuff. You just need to know where to look.When you don’t have a lot of money coming in every little bit helps and with so many families struggling today to provide basic needs these resources are essential. The number one place to call to find some of these resources is 2-1-1. This is a telephone number to call that connects you with important community services and programs. 

If you know of any national programs, and would love to share please let me know below and I will be happy to add them to the list.

Free Baby Stuff For Low Income Families

FREE Formula & More:

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) provides food, baby formula, healthcare referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and children up to 5 years old. Call your local WIC to see if you qualify for assistance.

Enfamil Join today and get up to $325 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges, and more! It’s easy just register to Enfamil Family Beginnings to get free gifts including cans of formula and more. Plus they will send you coupons every month that help to buy formula. If you get WIC these help a lot when you run out. If you get Foodstamps don’t worry, you can use coupons with Foodstamps and WIC checks! To register to this program click here if you have any trouble try this link or do both to make sure it works. 

Similac – Register to Simlilac  and they will give you up to $329 in free gifts for your baby and benefits. Also nutrition guidance and feeding help for every week of your pregnancy all the way through your baby’s first year! Click here to sign up.

FREE Gerber Generation Nutrition Kit – Formula samples, money-saving coupons and more special gifts for you and your baby to enjoy. This one is a certificate to print and bring with you to the hospital or Dr. office. Click here.

FREE Car Seat:

This is one of the most important things you will need before your baby is born as hospitals won’t let you leave if you don’t have one. Here are some ways you can possibly get a free car seat if you are low income and cannot afford one. These programs may or may not ask for proof of pregnancy, proof of income, ID and more.

  • How to get a FREE Car Seat for Low-Income Families. This is a more detailed page I wrote that I will be adding more information to regularly as I find it for you. Great page with lots of resources and more to come.
  • 2-1-1 – Call your local United Way by dialing 211 on your telephone. Let them know you need a car seat for your baby and are unable to provide one.
  • WIC – This is a great place to check for a free car seat. Go to your local WIC (Women, Infants and Children) office if your already enrolled with them, and ask if they have a free car set program or help with car seats. If your local WIC office doesn’t offer free car seats, ask them if they can refer you another place that may offer them.
  • Food Stamps – If you get Food Stamps ask your worker if they know any programs available for car seats.
  • State Police & Fire Departments – Stop by your local police and fire departments and ask them if they offer free car seats.
  • Hospital – If you have the baby before you get a car seat ask the hospital if they offer them.
  • Insurance Policies – Mostly all health insurance companies, Medicaid included, offer car seats for free to insured pregnant or new mothers. The easiest way to find out if your insurane policies cover car seats is to check out a summary of your policy or call a customer service agent from a number on your insurance card.
  • Church – Call your local churches and ask if they have any or know of any programs.

FREE Diapers:
National Diaper Bank’s Network a current list of independently operated diaper bank organizations in the United States. If you need diapers, please use this directory to find an organization that distributes diapers in your area. Click here for more information.

Food for You and Baby:

  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) offers nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families and provides economic benefits to communities. SNAP is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net. Click here for more information and how to sign up.
  • has a list of food banks  across America. Click here to find your local food bank.
  • has a list of local food panties. Click here.
  • has a list of soup kitchens and other places offering free food. Click here. works hard to gather the best government and non profit subsidized grocery resources on the Internet. Then provides food resource hours, details, websites where we find them.
  • HSD has a list of Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries and Food Banks across America. Click here.
  • Mobile Pantry Program – Some America food banks operate a Mobile Pantry Program. A mobile pantry utilizes a dry/refrigerated vehicle to provide food that traditional pantries do not normally accept or distribute to people in need. Use the Food Bank Locator here to contact your local food bank and find if they have one in your community.
  • Kids Cafe programs provide free meals and snacks to low-income children through a variety of community locations where children already congregate during the after school hours such as: Boys and Girls Clubs, churches or public schools.  All Kids Cafe programs also offer nutrition education throughout the school year.  please, email the programs team for more information.

FREE rewards, gifts, samples, welcome bags, coupons and more:

Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program offers  points for purchasing Pampers products. Then you collect these points and use them to purchase products likes toys and more.  Get your first 100 points if your new. Click here if you have any trouble Click here or sign up to both links to make sure it works.  Also when you register to Pampers website they send you coupons in the mail and diaper samples. You can also print even more coupons on their site once you register. You can find those here.

Luvs Diapers – Sign up for free coupons and samples sent by mail. Click here.

Huggies – Sign up to receive coupons and free samples in the mail. Plus they have a rewards programs. Use the points you collect from purchasing Huggies product to redeem for rewards such as: gift cards, toys and more. Click here.

Playtex Baby – Receive exclusive savings, samples, helpful tips and reviews, expert advice and special announcements. Click here to sign up.

Babies R Us – Create a baby registry online at Babies R Us and receive a reusable gift bag full of samples and coupons. Click here.

Lansinoh Samples – Lanolin soothes and protects mom’s sore, cracked nipples from breastfeeding. Click here to sign up.

Free Prenatal Care and More:

  • Local Health Departments will help you to find prenatal care clinic in your area. If you have a Health Department in your area they can help you find free or reduced prices on prenatal care depending on your income level. Call 1-800-311-2229.
  • HRSA health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Get checkups when you’re well. treatment when you’re sick, complete care when you’re pregnant, immunizations and checkups for your children, dental care and prescription drugs for your family and more. Click here to find a center in your area.
  • Planned Parenthood provides sliding scale prenatal care and other free services. Click here to find a service in your area.
  • Medicaid a government funded program offering healthcare for the needy. Click here for more information and how to apply.
  • FREE Prenatal Vitamins – Check with all of your local grocery pharmacies, because many of them offer prenatal vitamins. You can find out by calling, looking online or asking the next time you visit.

 NEW! I will add more here each time a reader shares. When sharing make sure you let us know the city, state, name of program, and what they help with. So that I can easily find it online, and know what to say when sharing with other readers.

Metuchen N.J. (Only) – Reader Share. , please call or email to set up appointments or for information on how the program works. Reader below states they help with baby items. Click here for thier contact page. 

Union N.J. (Only) – Reader Share. MomsHelpingMomsFoundation , please call or email to set up appointments or for information on how the program works. Reader below states they help with baby items.


The Original Christmas Help Site – offers a huge list of resources for you to find help for Christmas and possibly Thanksgiving. 

Text4baby – offers pregnant women and new mothers information to help care for their health. Women who sign up for the service by texting BABY to 511411 (or BEBE in Spanish) will receive free SMS text messages each week, timed to their due date or baby’s date of birth.

FREE Child ID Safety Card – Sign up and receive a FREE Child ID Safety Card and learn more via email about The Grow-Up Plan from Gerber Life Insurance Company. Click here.

Freecycle is a great way to get free stuff for your new baby. On Freecycle people post stuff they don’t need or want anymore. Click here to signup and start looking for baby stuff. is another great way to score lots of free baby stuff. People post stuff they don’t need or want anymore and sometimes. Click here to signup and start looking for baby stuff.

P&G Coupons to help you save money. As a busy mom, you always want the best for your family. Now, P&G Everyday is here to help. With tons of great coupons for the best P&G products such as: Pampers, Tide, Bounty, Crest, Always, Mr. Clean, Cascade, DAWN, Charmin, Gillette, DURACELL, Swiffer, Old Spice, Febreze, and IAMS. Sign up here

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  1. Danielle dmeza says

    i am currently working with this mother that have a one year old son that was born premature, cranial stenosis, birth defect,that is now home on trach,ventilator and break my heart to see this baby sleeping condition,this baby ,this family need help,i try to do my part by helping when i can.i am asking please to help him be comfortable to get a good night sleep and his conditions .thanks an advance .sincerely yours.

  2. Faith white says

    Hi i am due in august a couple months away my baby doesnt have anything yet i cant work if u can help with anything i will appreciated thank u

  3. I’m 8 months pregnant and don’t have anything for my daughter… had to stop working because there was nothing light I could do at my job. was going to adopt but jus can’t imagine doing so ..I’m having night mares about it…. so if as my one could help with anything thanks

  4. Tequayla Devereaux says

    I’m 18 first time mom in need of car seat and diapers and any thing else

  5. Jessica garcia says

    please contact me I am a new Mommy to be and it was an unplanned pregnancy and I don’t have anything for my baby yet I need everything I don’t have any income and I’m 7 months

  6. Siyani Sweeney says

    Hello , my name is Siyani . I’m pregnant and 18 doing this by myself no family what so ever .I’m due in September 5 2017, I need help getting baby\infant items ( baby crib , diapers , wipes , stroller , car seat) I’m 16-17 weeks . anything will help thank you .

  7. Hi I’m in need of baby girl clothes 0-3 months and a crib. I live in Virginia if anyone can help me out. I’m a single mother.

  8. hello my name is mary regans and I Need help getting a baby bed and car seat im 31 weeks pregnant and 6 days im due April 28th

  9. I have a baby girl that’s 18 months that’s is in need of a rear facing carseat just moved to Milwaukee from TX if anyone car help that will be great

  10. Hi I am do on the 22nd of May and am in need of many supplies one including a car seat I am not sure what else to do so I am leaving this on this website if you could please help me with that or any other items that you help me with pamper Swaddlers or breast pumps or anything I would be extremely grateful but I originally looked at your website because of the car seat so if you could please get back to me that would be wonderful thank you very much

  11. Queen K. Atkinson says

    I am a single Mom, ( seoarated from an abusive husband) with 5 children (one is a New Born(2/14/17). I need help with clothing, crib, diapers, children’ beds, linens and a LARGER APARTMENT or HOUSE. We are presently living in (basically) a Studio apartment. Please help us until I’m able to return to the workforce. Thank You!! God Bless You.

  12. Cherrelle Barrow says

    I am having my baby in July 2017 and I’m in desperate need of supplies please help me

  13. In Murfreesboro, TN there is a place called Portaco. It offers lots of free services, including free ultrasounds. Attend classes and earn “baby bucks” which you can use towards many baby items they have in their “store”. Twelve years ago we needed help and they were great. We earned enough baby bucks to get a nice baby bed that had just been donated (we got the bed for 10 baby bucks).

  14. Sally bolduc says

    I am a single mom to a six-month-old I am desperately need uppababy stroller I am raising her on my own I don’t have much money but I do what I can if you can help please reply

  15. Please am currently pregnant and need help for my unborn baby due by March 2017 a girl don’t have anything yet. Thanks

    • My name alicia I just moved to Murfreesboro tn and have a baby girl Jan 30. I don’t have nothing for my baby I really need a car set .it hard for me find a job cause I am pregnant.

  16. I am wondering if anyone could help with car seat. I am due february 13th. Its a boy

  17. I’m a new young mommy my son will born in February of 2017. I need help with everything for him. My boyfriend works at Hardees. But he doesn’t make enough to take care of both the house and our family. He is the only one besides my younger brother who has a job. We live with my family and just having a hard time with everything.

  18. Melissa J Sturgis says

    I have a 25 year old daughter that needs furniture for her unborn baby boy due in Febtaury or March of 2017. She also need baby boy clothes and pampers.

  19. Hello, I am Christine. Please, help me- I need a stuff for baby. thanks

  20. carly oquendo says

    hey there i am 24 single mom of a 5 year old and soon a baby on the way i dont have enough money to proved for me and my son and a baby i work but it not enough to keep me alive at the moment staying at my mom house so i am just looking for stuff for a baby and a 5 year old kid

  21. Hey, i’m Areyonne i’m only 16 and i’m pregnant. I’m 5 months and have yet brought anything for my baby because i have the help from NOBODY. I’m here to ask for the help from anyone willing to help me PLEASE, i’m trying my very best to get a job so i can afford the items I need for my child but unfortunately nothing is working. MAY ANYONE BE WILLING TO HELP ME PURCHASED ITEMS ? Yes i’ll accept used baby items , Thanks.

  22. Shevon Ramirez says

    Hi, I am a single mom due in 3wks..IAm starting over, I need everything for a girl…I am starting over with nothing, single mom , and am not working at the moment…Please
    I will take items you may have that are in good condition, please contact me actual due date is oct. 29…I need everything from clothes,blankets,carseat,stroller,crib…baby toys,bottles diapers ect,,,anything you have would help!

  23. Cheyenne Calahan says

    Id love to get a carseat, im pregnant & 16, i don’t work, & have no money. Im pregnant with a boy, & im due Jan 7th 2017. If you want to text my number, do so. 6064855268. Because i have no email. Thank you…

  24. Lisa Jackson says

    Hi, I’m Lisa from New Caney TX. The car seat that was given to me is expired. Baby is due December13. I need help getting one. Thank you.

  25. jessica hoyt says

    Hi, I am a single mom due in 6wks..IAm starting over, I need everything for my son…I am starting over with nothing and I am not working obviously at the moment…Please and items you may have tht are in good condition,please contact me actual due date is oct. 16…I need everything from clothes,blankets,carseat,stroller,crib…baby toys,bottles diapers ect,,,anything you have would help! I AM IN TOLEDO OHIO 43606

  26. Hi my name is crystal I’ve lost my job way before I can complete my two weeks I need help looking for a carseat and crib I’ve lost everything when I lost my job I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m having a girl

  27. Stephanie Seeward says

    We are having twin boys and in need of 2 of everything. I live in waretown nj. If anyone has anything or knows where i can get help please let me know.

  28. Amanda fear says

    I am 28 years old and 6 months pregnant with a little girl due December 24th 2016 we need help getting baby stuff my husband’s job is to slow it’s pays to get bills paid not enough for baby stuff.

  29. Giselle Gomes says

    I have newborn and up baby clothes – mainly girl stuff to be given to anyone who wants it. I live in Long Island City, Queens. Reply to this message if interested.

  30. Veronica cortez says

    My name is veronica I’m 18 years old and 6 months pregnant soon to have a baby boy i lost my job and I have no support please help I have nothing for him

  31. Alicia Coles says


    My name is Alicia Coles.
    I’m currently employed but am still having financial difficulties acquiring all the basics that my new born child needs like health insurance through my employer, a car seat, crib, stroller, a baby swing, a reliable vehicle so that I can get to and from work in. Any help you all can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

  32. gabriela huerta says

    My name is gabriela i have 4 kids about to have another baby and we are a little tight on money we cant afford a crib for my baby if i can get any help i gladly appreciate thank you

  33. Stephanie Seeward says

    My name is Stephanie. We are a low income family that just found out we are having twins. I still need everything besides the cribs. If anyone could help us out that would be great. My phone number is 8482107583. Thank you

  34. Twana Johnson says

    I need help wit baby stuff ima single parent n have no help short on cash I have 4 kids days he a n I’m pregnant wit 5 child please if U can help I would be very grateful

  35. Ashley Lane says

    I need help getting my daughter a crib. And carseat with stroller

  36. Rusty vanvacter says

    We need help by monday give me a call at 417-633-4761

  37. Jessica vogel says

    Hi my name is Jessica. I have a 15teen year old daughter having a baby. I am a single mom I work hard but can’t get everything. The baby needs a bed. It’s a boy I have nothing for it I just got my job at Olive garden. Please help me. my number is 785 783 3963.if you would like to calm me

  38. Eileene Robinson says

    My 4 gradbabies live with me Nana and papa we are unable to work and we need help with a bounce seat for our 2 month old we don’t want a walker something he can sit in while we do house cleaning and cooking and just rest our arms and feet our other kids are in need of uniforms boys are twins size 12 they are 10 years old and granddaughter is size 8 tan and dark and light blue clothes and socks never can find 2 socks that match thank you for your time

  39. I need help getting my son a baby walker

  40. Heather Hines says

    I really need help buying a stroller that holds my 52 lb baby boy he has to go to a endocrinologist, geneticist, and a nutritionist. I am a disabled mom of 4 struggling to get him a stroller because all the strollers that hold up to 75lbs are $300 plus. I’m on SSI and it is a very limited income. does any know of anyone that can assist me with this? Thanks

  41. I need alot of help with diaperswetones r anything for a baby n i need help with a car n getting a computer im disable can yall please help me

  42. Hi I work for a non for profit agency servicing young women at child bearing age to decrease child mortality. I am a senior case manager and I was assigned to redo the emergency diaper kit. We are giving them 16 diapers once but we have noticed the moms need more. Your site was helpful but, do you know of any organization that will send pamper vouchers?

  43. Shirrel jones says

    I live on the west side Chicago I need everything for my baby

  44. Patrice says

    Hi there, I’m looking to donate baby goods to someone in need. I have a cot pram, bassinet change table. No mattress.

    Do you pick up, if not what service does? I’m in Lara Geelong.


  45. Lakeshia watson says

    Hello my name is lakeshia 33 year old with 4 children currently 7 1/2 months pregnant with a boy my income is very very limited and I absolutely need help with everything I live on the south side of Chicago if anyone can help please call 7737074128 thank you

  46. Jackie Wojciechowski says

    Hey everyone there is a place in Metuchen nj called life choices helps with a lot of baby stuff nd also different resources for different things ask for Carolin say Jackie told you about it the number 7325160911 also just found a place in union nj tat helps with a bunch of baby stuff to its called moms helping moms

  47. I am a nurse who works with low-income moms & babies. I have a young lady who has no vehicle & walks wherever she needs to go. She has two daughters (15 months and 1 week old) and could really use a double stroller to get them around. Know of any resources to help this family?

  48. Paola Cerino says

    Hi, I have a 2 month baby the formula I get from wic is not enough. Does anyone one have any Similac advanced (blue can) that I can get. Please call 316 2993365 thank youa

  49. summer robinson says

    hey i am in need of a car seat i am due june 7th i am having a boy let me know if you can help

  50. Martha Dejesus says

    Hi my name is Martha I’m a single mother 2 daughters and 1 baby girl on way ..was wondering if you could help with any house furniture or baby stuff .I jus moved into a new home with the help of a good friend jus really hard times and desperate for help please contact me at 3135237258 thank you and have a blessed day

  51. Shanta spencer says

    Hello..I am a single mother & this is my first child it has been rough & right now I can’t afford a stroller for my baby girl…if someone could point me in the right direction for help on getting my daughter a stroller or either could bless her with one …I live in Philadelphia thank u…

  52. Hello, I am a single mother expecting 2 twin boys very soon. I am currently in need of everything for my boys on the way. If anyone on here has anything that they don’t need anymore please feel free to email me at to let me know what you have and how we can work it out for me to receive it. All help is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  53. Eileene Robinson says

    Hello I am Nana of twin grandsons one is special needs and I have a granddaughter who is 7 and the boys are 9 in 2013 my life was turn upside down first my daughter gave birth to a still born baby girl named her forever that was March then June 19 my other draughts birthday my oldest son was driving a work truck and smelled gas he got into the back and the generator exploded with him inside it was all caught on someone cell phone and yes it was sent to me he was on life support for about a week we spent our 30 the wedding anniversary in UVA praying he would survive and god answer then my daughter who lost baby in march was putting twins on bus and a lady late for work flew threw bus stop and hit my daughter her right side was crushed but she lived thank you god each accident the lawyer was able t find a way out of any lay suit but got is good we are survive now my daughter is having a baby boy march 39 and they have to do c section due to her hip and with 3 gradbabies and my husband now on disability and I am also due to Chrons disease and MS we are in need of help for basic stuff for new baby my daughter and kids live at home with us now and it has been hard but we make it the baby is a gift and I need help with getting him things he needs I have a mobile for bed and a sleeper I got it was so cute but that’s it let god lead your heart thank you for your time

  54. Crystal franco says

    Hi I have a car seat was for my son when he was a newborn but he has outgrown it I live in Brooklyn ny please email me at if you don’t live to far it’s a black car seat so can be used for either a boy or girl

    • do you think you can send it to me by mail?
      i am a single mother and i get allot of baby clothes from.
      churches and things i just need a car seat for my baby which is due next.
      month if you can please text me 8569822972..My name is brintney

  55. Hello! I am taking in my sister in laws 3 month old baby boy and I already have his 9 year old sister and my husband is in prison for a year …She has stuff but I have no income and living at my uncles house and I need help finding a crib and pretty much EVERYTHING. could any one point me to the right way I would be so happy thank you.

  56. Hi my name jossy I want know that now I m 2 months pregnant can I abe to get wic

    • you can get wic your entire pregnancy but some offices do require that you bring proof of pregnancy from your doctor while other offices will give you a pregnancy test

    • Yes you get on wic when pregnant they give you food to help through pregnancies then when baby is born if you breast feed they up your food or give you formula if you don’t. I just called my local wic office and they ask you your info, and make an appointment. Very easy and they care too

  57. Brittney Merritt says

    Hello I’m 32 weeks pregnant I need help getting stuff for my baby boy I’m due march 8th my dad just passed I had to pay for his funeral so I really need help getting my baby set up.

  58. Hi I am a mother of five who recently had a baby girl I also have a one year old baby boy . In which I can not carry either of . I am looking for a twin or at lease one baby stroller for my little ones . I am in need of either doesn’t matter I’ll even find a way to pay for shipping if there is anyone that is reading this and can help me out . Thank you for your time and may God bless you all..

  59. Hello my name is meghan and im 23 years old, I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and am due February 23rd and really don’t have much for the baby I’m having a boy, due to loosing my mother in October and grandmother on Christmas eve I had to do most of the funeral stuff, so I’m beyond short on any kind of money my fiance hasn’t worked since thanksgiving and it been really hard is there anyway you can please help me


  61. Christina Grant says

    Hi im in need of help. me in my husband moved from tx to clemson sc we have 3 little girls in we have a baby boy on the way he will be here soon we been here for 4mo how in my husband still has not goting a job because he a little person and he is handicap. Im just asking for a little help for a car seat in a babybed in a little financial help please someone that is godly please help use.

  62. I went into early labor I’m stuck in the hospital till our daughter is born I’m on complete bed rest my fiance is taking care of our twins and had to take off of work we live in yucaipa and have nothing for our baby we need help please

  63. Hello my name is AJ I am currently 8 months pregnant the last few months have just been so difficult, we really need help. My fiancé was laid off before Thanksgiving, and I don’t work, we are practically homeless, no help from my family, his mother has done all she can we can’t ask her to give what she doesn’t have. She’s due in a few weeks and we have nothing for her, I am just so embarrassed I feel like a failure at this point. We’ve spent most of our money on motel rooms just to be able to sleep, but now the moneys all gone. I really don’t know what else to do. I have been trying to hold on and keep the faith but it is just getting even harder to do that. Things had looked brighter months ago, but now it’s completely different and we need help a lot of it, and I am not the one to even ask for help unless completely necessary but I don’t really have much of a choice right now but to do so. Where in need of a job, a place, a car, baby stuff, so many things right now its ridiculous, but anything would be appreciated.

  64. Twins boy and girl are coming any day soon! Really looking for a double stroller, and diapers anythings is appreciated. I am located in Mississippi

  65. Single mother of soon to be 3 fr hemet CA unemployeed and strugling on welfare to make it in desprerate need of stroller and carseat any advice welcomed greatly

    • I have a single graco stroller that is still nice just a little dusty from being outside if you find away to come get it you can have it

  66. halim chowdhury says

    hi my name is halim ,my wife due 01 /2016 i need help with diper ,strollre,and cribe and carset

  67. tiara suitt says

    Hi im in need of stuff for my baby boy due December 12 2015 how do i get in touch with someone for help

  68. Hi everyone I need help for my baby boy he is 9 months I need help for diapers

    • michelle says

      hey u should try to found out where in ur area were theres diaper pantry or diaper bank call 211 information speak to someone and they’ll give u locations where to go

  69. Jessica Denuccio says

    I’m a single mom a rape survivor low income Quincy ma .i need assistance getting a crib for my daughter and she is 4 months old…any help greatly appreciated

  70. Jennifer Bothello says

    Hi My name is Jennifer and I am residing in India. I am 30 years old. I have a baby Boy 2 years old. Im looking for old boyish clothes in the age of 3-5 years, also old toys. i am ready to pay for the shipping charges. Please contact me on 777-400-4913. Thankyou

  71. Amber Fulton says

    Hello I am currently looking for a car seat for my son that is due 12/3/15 but I am having a csection 11/30/15 so I need something soon. I am unable to afford a new car seat. I tried so many places and no one is getting back to me. If you know anyone that is giving a car seat away please keep me in mind.

    • Paige Webster says

      Hello you can call 211 or go to a church for help. Also call every child succeeds they could help if it is your first baby. you could do parenting classes at pregnancy west in price hill after you get done they give people a car seat coupon of 65$ when done with the classes at childerns. If you need baby clothes call old saint mary’s, birthright, pregnancy east, if you need baby formula they could help depending what your baby would be on. if you need any more information just comment. 🙂

  72. hello, im trying to find help for my sister. she has 3 babies and is in need of baby supplies (diapers, milk, and other baby things) anyone know how I can help here.

    • Paige Webster says

      Hello you can call 211 or go to a church for help with baby food the food store bank and other places just call them and talk to them 🙂

  73. Hello My name is Tana. Im a mother to a 4 year old daugther. And im now expecting my second daugther in January 12, 2016. Im in Desperate need of help. Im a single Mother of them both. Im homeless dont have a place to live at the moment. I need help im still in high school. Im a senior.

    • Yes i still got a couple of my baby girls clothes. No longer need da clothes. She’s my last pregnancy. One pair of shoes

  74. In need of baby bed just had baby two days ago. Taking donations on all baby furniture if available. Single mom in need of help.!!!!!

  75. Hi,
    I have a girl that is 5 months I need a crib for her and diapers. I cant work because I have no place to put her I cant afford to put her in a day care. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My husband works and the money he gets is not enough for us. I would love if someone could give me enfamil or similac milk, diapers, crib, clothes or anything else that would be fine. I would also take books or toys that you don’t need. Please let me know if you could help me. I don’t have a bed to sleep in we both sleep in a twin bed that doesn’t fit us.

  76. Brigitte Jenkins says

    Hi I am a new Foster mom and I just recieved three beautiful girs. ages 2,4,6. I am in need of a car seat for my 2 year old, and oull us for my 2 and 4 year. Also voucher for clothing. Any suggestions.


  77. Hello all

    Im currently pregnant with a boy. And recently moved to modesto, Ca if anyone knows of resources (housing, baby items, etc). Please feel free to email me. I have had a difficult time adjusting due to the sudden move. And any help is much appreciated.

  78. Hi I’m 20 and I had my premature daughter at 27 weeks I wasn’t working while i was pregnant because i was high risk and I’m currently not working because Im constantly in the hospital with her I really need a four pound car seat but anything else helps my email is

  79. Savonnah says

    Hi im Savonnah, im 21, lost my job in January and recently became a single mother of one and another on the way, im due Oct 6th 2015 with a girl, and im not finding much help online or from local resources, I live in Battle Creek MI, and I need help with newborn items, ive signed up with pampers, huggies, and any other places for free samples to help out a little, if anyone knows any websites that are truly free like pampers, I would appreciate it, or if you know anyone near the area that could be of some assistance. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  80. Hi I’m 20 years old pregnant with my second child expecting a boy any day now and I’m in need of a lot of things such as a playpen/bassinet, a car seat, diapers, bottles, clothes, blankets, and everything under the sun. I am located in the metro Detroit area and anything that can help is greatly appreciated.

  81. Tuesday Walker Hodges says

    Hello all, my name is Tuesday Walker Hodges and I am asking if you or anyone you know have some items that we may be looking for. I work with low income women and children, although, I can not provide you with a tax donation I can pick up new or gently used items for some very needed families. Items we are looking for:
    Unopened formula
    Baby and toddler clothing up to and including 2T
    Carseats/Convertible or booster
    Thank you so much for all your help. We are located in Pennsylvania.

  82. erika long says

    I have custody of my 10 month granddaughter her mother has been on hard time and we are a disabled couple who lives on ssi and ssid i have no clothes for her I live in cincinnati / Price Hill area 45205I just got of the hospsital and i’m in need of 12 nmnth old baby girl clothes my address is 824 McPherson ave cincinnati, ohio i don;t have the engery or transportation to get to churches in m my area or the resources to get around to these places if there is anyone in your network that can help me i am homebound and can not leave the home I just was released from the hospital yesterday and we are in need of food , clothes for her 12 months , housewares and pot and pans etc erika long 513–917-6755 Please we neeed a blessing for her

  83. Hi, I’m due in July 12 and all I have for my baby girl is some few outfits so I wanted to see if anyone could please help me out with a crib or Moises and baby clothing they won’t be needing anymore please thank you. By the way I’m from Utah.

  84. Hi, I have a beautiful baby girl and in badly need of a vehicle. Something to help me get to and from work. If you are able to help, it will be greatly appreciated. God bless you.

  85. Hi im 15 and having a litle boy in june and all i have is a couple outfits for him some new born diapers and a baby bath i live with my dad and we dont have money for really anything we really need help

    • I have lots of baby boy clothes that are looking for a good home. I live in the Los Angeles area. Are you near here? I could get them to you somehow. Email me with your info and I’ll see what i can do.

      • Hi i would love to have some clothes for my little boy baby that will be born on august. I can come to Los Angeles to pick it up.

  86. How about you don’t get pregnant if you can’t afford stuff for your baby?

    • That was such a nasty comment – obviously by someone who is just ‘perfect’ & has never had anything unplanned happen to them… EVER!
      My daughter is 25, had a full-time job and was on birth control when “oops” it failed….
      It happens. And it is hard enough just to make ends meet for most of the world – nearly impossible to afford the extras that a new infant life requires. So, what would you suggest, Sami? Abortion??
      You shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    • Yvonne Miler says

      It was an unplanned pregnancy and the father I was with left after i told him I was pregnant so now I don’t have help they won’t let me work so i now ivant afford anything cuz of me being pregnant my family would of helped me but they r no longer around ok and it wont happen again cuz 1 this had happened before but I had help but not now I don’t and 2 I can’t afford it anymore so I’m getting them tied after I have her I don’t believe in abortion so that is once thing I will not do I’m take care of what I got weather I got to scratch and dig to get what she and my family needs

      • My baby girl is 6mos old & she has clothes hardly worn cuz she was born a lil big than normal so she hardly wore newborn to 3mos clothes. Got a couple of outfits & shoes that she no longer fits into.

        • If anybody is close to Visalia, Ca. Is more than welcome to have my baby girls clothes plus shoes & a couple of baby boys outfits plus some puma shoes & UGG booties. I never throw away any baby clothes i alwayz donate them to someone who really needs them

        • Nataly Cruz says

          HI NORMA, I’m having a baby girl in October and I’m need of clothes for her since right now my husband aND I are having some money issues due to some car payments, etc.. Right now im not working due to some problems that i was having due to the pregnancy, it would be nice of you if you could donate those clothes or if anyone could help would be great. I would really appreciate that. My email is thank you.

          • Hi nataly r u close to visalia. Got a couple of baby girls clothes that would help you out alot. I rather give them away than throw them away .My baby hardly wore them

        • do you still have them?? I’m in need of babygirl clothes.

    • How about you don’t go to website that is clearly for people in need and them criticize them for being in need? Who do you think you are?

    • Yes Sami that’s horrible to say why are u even on this site to critices poor women for unfortunate times in their life that’s wrong nobody asked for what you think anyway

    • veronica ruiz says

      That was rude. You need to keep your comments to yourself… things happen and everyone goes through something. I’m sure your not perfect yourself, otherwise why are you on this website?? 🙂

  87. Yvonne Miler says

    I am 21 weeks pregnant I’m having a little girl I don’t have anything ready for when she arrives I’m in need of baby clothes furniture car seat bottles pampers anything that a baby needs I haven’t took care of a baby in 8 years all my kids are in school now I really ain’t working I stay in a low income housing I could use what ever help I could get

  88. Iliana Martinez says

    Hello! My name is Iliana I live with my 18 yrs old boyfriend and Im 17 yrs old and Im pregnant with twins. Me and my boyfriend dont make a lot of money and we really cant afford much. I barley even have a bed to sleep on I dont make much and I really need help.

  89. Charles Elkins says

    My girlfriend soon to be wife. Finlly got paper work so she can come in July. I love her and her family. I meant my wife to be in prison. She was in not me. They said we could get married and her stay here. Then 911. She was deported but can return afterv5 years which is up in June.
    My problem. Her sister Abby has a 1 year old girl ( small) and a baby boy any day coming. I have bought baby clothes and sent. I also am sending a double stroller the 1st with some papers stuffed in the box and a few more surprises. Could you in anyway help me in used baby clothes for a 1 year old small girl and a newborn any day baby boy. I will pay for all shipping plus donate to your cause for helping. I have looked for baby clothes and can not find enough without costing me 600 to 1000 and I cannot afford that for new. I am 59 years old. I ask people about hand me downs they laugh. Please any help at all 1 outfit to 50 would be so appriciated. Please help me if you can.
    213-304-7518 I surely hope to hear from you, even if you cannot help you may be able to point me in a promising direction. Thank you for your time. Charles Elkins

  90. Hi im am a mother to be of a lil boy in three month my son she be here
    and im in need od a carseat and newborn clothes

  91. my baby was abused by her father last year at 2mnths old. trying to get anything usefull for her she is disabled now. god blessed me with a new baby boy. anything helps.

  92. Hi I’m m in need of a car seat

  93. Im not really sure what is need yet. However, Im pretty sure I could use help getting the basics for now.

  94. Hi I’m in need of a car 714,3410709

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