Help For Low Income Families

On this page, you will find help for low-income families and organizations that help with things such as: rental assistance, food assistance, holiday assistance, car repair assistance, energy assistance, housing assistance, financial help, government programs, where to find jobs and more. Just click any of the links below.

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  1. Tammy Bruegman says

    Hi I am in dire need of Car repairs. I lost my home of 3 years right before Christmas 2016. The Housing availability is horrible here 2-3 years waiting list that I’ve been on. In April of 2014 I had a Heart attack caused by a childhood illness I or my family didn’t know about. Also I had a large blood clot in my lung. Luckily in May 2015 I had open Heart surgery and received 2 new Valves. I’ve always worked often time 2 jobs since I was 14. I’ve paid into Social Security for 38 years and have been fighting them siworkDay 2014. I am on a program through DSHS and the State of Washington since May of 2014. I receive $194 in foodstamps and $197 from this program through DSHS. Don’t get me wrong In very grateful for what I get but trying to pay rent and all other bulls is immposible. A loan for car repairs is about $450 . Being homeless and losing every thing I’ve worked so hard for isn’t right. Please anything you could help me with would be a Godsend.
    Thank you
    Tammy Bruegman

  2. William Bagby says

    Yes I in need of car repair, I dont have the money to get it fixed myself being a Single Parent of a Teenage girl. I need to get it fixed so we can get back and forth to Doctor Appointments and so I can go look fir work. If there is any way that Angies Angel can help me out Id be more than Thankful.

  3. Rebecca Wilson says

    I live in Vancouver, Wa. I am a senior, but wont turn 65 until Aug 2017. Even then, I still cant retire. I am looking for work but I am also a pt student trying to finish what I started years ago. I am currently in a jam. My cat desperately needs car repair. I have been told its transmission related but not critical. But it will be unless i get this done. Problem is, I cant afford it. I would do babysitting, pet sitting etc in return. Hopefully someone can help. Thank you

  4. i need help my furnace just broke down was told i need a new one. the estimateis $6,300 that i dont have . my vehicles need repairs and i am behind on my bills

  5. Dean Bradbury says

    My wife and kids are now Homeless in n.las vegas looking for somebody to help us with assistance on donating vehicle and with rental assistance if you have any ideas who can help us let us know please

  6. Victoria Coupal says

    Hi my name Victoria Coupal I have guardianship of my 2 grandsons Ethan price age 9 and Michael Garguilo age 2 blood brothers their mother died Aug 2,2016 of suptis their dad is in jail we live of my ssi no outside help food stamps exctra it has been real hard I am being evicted victim of resent domestic violence my grandson Ethan hospitalized 3 times since mother died trama odd adhd and bipolar we lost everything their apt condemned due to filth mice and rats everything had to be thrown out they have nothing toys ect I am trying my best I know it’s late but could you please help us I just want to see smiles once again I pray a lot life as I knew it isn’t anymore I don’t know what tomorrow will bring anymore I pray we find a apt a place to call home and smiles on their faces its so hard I am praying you can help us God bless

  7. Hi my name is Debra and I have lots of bills and I am on lots of medication soon to be scheduled for neck surgery. I would like to ask for help which is really needed. I never reach out for help and just hope and pray that we can make it through somehow. My request for assistance in helping with vehicle repairs is for me to be able to continue in assisting my daughter who gave up two jobs in Louisiana to come and be my live-in aide. I’ve had to separate from my daughter for about 10 years due to personal reasons which means she had to survive on her own working 2 jobs and not being able to complete School. I have my daughter here with me now which is a blessing in itself and I told her when she comes this way I want to make up for the Lost Time that she was not able to get her education. I have been successful in bringing my daughter back and forth to school getting her to pursue her desired dream of being in the medical field. My car has absolutely no shocks struts and my back rotor and brakes are gone but I cannot give up and stop helping her pursue her career so if there’s any way I can receive financial assistance in repairing my car it would be very much appreciated and in saying this would rather that no cash or checks will come to me but that you would deal with a mechanic repair shop directly. Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate all you do. Happy holidays to all.

  8. Roxanne g. Reed says

    Please my son daughter n law an two granddaughters really r need of a Christmas I have their Christmas tree armaments an a few things they were not able to take ciz of shortage of room they have no car I live n law tell la they live in iota la if there’s any way yall could help them have a safe warm Christmas please im pleteing with yall to help my son daughter n law an two granddaughters an the two year old was born with two brain disabilities

  9. Hi my name is Earline Jackson and im 28 i have 3 small kids i moved to vegas and i applied for welfare i didn’t.qualify i applied for housing but they said i didn’t live. In vegas long. Enough. To get there. Assistants i have a job but I. Am still homeless I only work 1 day a week I want my kids to have a nice Christmas
    Callie 2yr old girl
    Caleb 4yr old boy
    Brianna 7yr old girl
    I don’t stay wit my mom she hates me I need help my car is sitting at repair shop they want 1400

  10. Janice Smith says

    Any help i would be grateful for

  11. Doris Roberts says

    Hi my name is doris i live in ohio not very many programs to help low income famlies me and my husband sevive on social security disablity due to he has leaky heart valve disease. I have to be full time cargiver for him as he cant hardly get out of bed things are rough tight now because the cost of his medicine has went up and somethings are not covered by medicare i was wondering if any place could help with winter coats for my kids thanks

  12. James Owens says

    Hello my name is James I am not in to asking for anything but this year has been pretty rough. I am a married disabled vet and father of 5 great kids i am not very good at operating web sites. I was wondering if there is a program i could sign up for, for some kind of assistance this year. Thank you for your time. And have a good holiday season

  13. john murphy says

    i am john murphy of Pasco County Florida back in 2015 i was in a bad vehicle accidents win my pickup throttle cable got stuck try to stop a good night it had a lot of sand on the road my truck slammed into a concrete barrier on the overpass at 19st and 49st 2 more inches I would not be here today i am in need of a pick up i jest had liability on the pickup insurance company gave me nothing I went to court to sue that did not work out the attorney got all the money i jest got 578.00 everything i got went to doctor bills and the attorney !! i need help

  14. Lanae Evans says

    Hi my name is Lanae and I am stuck in a financial crisis and in search for assistance, im 3 months behind on rent and bills and I also have a freshman in college who has tution payments. I am trying to juggle everything with little to no income. And still manage everyday living expenses. I live in Philadelphia, PA

  15. Rebecca Crenshaw says

    In June of 2015 I left my abusive husband with only $60. I’ve worked hard and made a quaint Lil home for me and my daughter. I saved and got us everything we needed including a vehicle. I even went back to school. So I’m a single mom going to school full time and work weekends. I manage to pay for daycare, rent, phone, and insurance working on weekends alone. It doesn’t leave much for any extras. Two weeks ago my engine blew a head gasket. The repairs are $1896. I had $300 saved for christmas and my Lil ones birthday which happens to be christmas eve. She will be one. I need $1596 to get my car fixed. It’s about to be getting cold and I hate having to drag emma out in the cold to catch the buses. Inborder for us to get to school and daycare on time with the buses we have to leave our house at 5 am and walk a mile to the bus stop. Then it’s a mile from the bus stop to the daycare then another mile to my school. I do this 3 days a week. Its almost $25 for a cab and i can’t afford a cab everyday. We really need our vehicle repaired before it gets colder. And I hate that every penny I have is and has had to go to this so now it’s looking like the baby isn’t going to have anything for her birthday or christmas if I don’t get help soon. Anything is greatly appreciated

  16. Eugene Harris says

    Hello my name is Eugene Harris. I live in warner Robins Ga.31093. I recieve around 1098.00 per month disability. I am the father of four at home. My 10 year old daughter was diagnose with(NMO),which is neoromilitis optica. it has caused her to go completely blind in her right eye. She can still see a little out her left eye but is classified leagally blind by her eye doctors. it also affects the spine. it is a auto immune disease that is very close to (M S) muscular dystrophy, well i am writing cause i need help in obtaining a large i-pad for her to use at school. she refuse to stay home as long and she can still walk and function normally. i makes trips to Alabama to the kids hospitat to see a specialist which is scedule for the 9th of november 2016. my car is in no shape to drive that far so im asking for help. At this present time i do not have a cell phone.cannot afford 1 anymore.

  17. Shorletta Lewis says

    Hello. I’m Shorletta Lewis I’m a single mother with a baby on the way due Jan.18. I have nothing to start her life with. I receive SSI for my son and am not able to work right now. I’m having to sacrifice Christmas this year to at least try and have something to start with fory unborn. I’m in need of car seat, stroller, babybed, pampers, wipes, girls clothes 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 months. Asking for any kind of help.

  18. Jacqueline Schaffer says

    I’m on Social Security Disability and I’m only 38 years old also have a daughter that’s 11 years old!! Because I only get less than one thousand a month and pay rent that takes half my rent!! It’s very hard to get a car with insurance and paying bills also trying to put clothes on our bodies is not easy!! Please Help Us!!
    Thank You,
    Jacqueline Schaffer

  19. Heather Barrington says

    lookimg for a carseat for my daughter. Does anyone in in citrus Heights have an infant care she is low income just got into a place through Salvation Army

  20. Hey my names is heather i have 3 kids and was just wonted to see if i could get help with christmas

  21. My name is Ms. Woods my son just turn 19 yeas old he was doing so well. He got a car then he was laid off .Now hes behind on his car payment and our cellphones are off.He’s been working for Starbucks for 6 months now as they are giving him 12hrs.for the whole week he can’t pay his bills …. Please help us 323.731.1864

  22. I want to find out about help like this in Arizona can you email please

  23. Tiana Wilson says

    Struggling grandparent that works very hard to take care of them and just need a little bit more help with a 1 year old grandson and 2 year old granddaughter.

  24. My name is julie, i have four daughters. Their ages are 18, 14, 12 and 11. We have been homeless for 2 years now, i work a full time job. I walk to work that is 2 miles away one way. We have been living in a motel, living place to place. We live in the great state of texas, which has no funding to help with anything, no funding with housing, no help at all. Life is so hard and i refuse to give up, i keep going for my babies. Im in constant pain, i have had problems with my back and hips for as long as i can remember. I still work and walk. I have no family who can help us. I dont do any drugs, never been into any of that. Just need a little help in the right direction. I know us going thru this is hard on my children. Thanks for reading my story, god bless and have a great day.

  25. My name is Dana Dugas. I am from Denham Springs, Louisiana and I, along with my daughter were severely affected by the Great Flood of 2016. I am disabled and need to have surgery on both of my feet, my neck, and my left hand. I am desperately seeking help having a wheelchair ramp built so I will be able to access my home. We lost all of our bedroom furniture as well as most of our personal items. My daughter is autistic and has started to regress and is extremely traumatized from these turn of events going on in our lives. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance!

  26. Joshua Rohde says

    Hi, my name is Joshua. I currently work a full time job that pays 10$/hr here in Texas.
    I am 19 years old and my wife is 20 years old. We just had our first born son.
    She was enrolled in school using her father’s post 9/11 G.I. bill. If your aren’t familiar with the program, they pay you a housing allowance so you can go to school at the same time. It comes out to about 1800 a month.
    Our newborn had a fever of 101 so we had to go to the hospital. Any newborn under 30 days old with a fever is required to be admitted for at least 3 days in the hospital. Were enrolled in medicaid so most of it was taken care of.
    With that being said, while we were in the hospital my wife had to miss a few days of school. They dropped her financial aid and classes, essentially losing over half of our income. Her college won’t budge and we can’t do anything about it. It is likely we will owe all that money back to the school, coming to over 13,000 in debt. An eviction notice is expected next month. I am extremely stressed out.
    My job doesn’t pay enough and I can’t get enough hours. I have contacted the companie’s charity organization, they won’t do anything for us. I have already taken loans from family and ex roommates still owe us money. Asking family for money isn’t an option. My credit is terrible. We’re doing everything we can. My wife is solely breastfeeding and cant work due to that until she gains enought supply to store it up.
    All I’m asking is someone points me in the right direction for state benefits and any help I can get involved with. Thank you.

  27. chrystal Rodriguez says

    My name is chrystal rodeiguez i am 24 years old
    I have a son he is 4 years old
    I had a domestic violence case it just closed on August 22 2016
    I am in need of a car . i have a restraining order on my sons dad
    He embarrassed me put pictures of me explicit photoa in. Social media and thank God he is in custody looking at time
    I hage to go back and forth to court hecause i am the victim and its so hard aaking people for rides ..for giving gas
    And i want ro put my son in school pre school. .and i have a job for me already but requires so much transportation. .i am a hard workiing mom and want to provide for my son . its hard being a single mother.
    I went thru alot with child services and so proud that its all over with but i want to provide for my son
    A bigger home a car.
    We live in a garage fixed like a mini house my son needs his own room ..he is getting older. ..Please if you can help My son and I it will be soo appreciated. . God Bless You.

  28. Edith Hinkle says

    My name is Edith Hinkle, me and my family are about to become homeless on August 21, 2016 and I just replaced the radiator in my car yesterday, and now I’m having a problem with my transmission and need help with the cost of a rebuilt transmission, I received a quote of $1400 I need my car for my move and Dr.’s appointments as me and my family members are all disabled.

  29. Samuel Donaldson says

    Hello my name Sam and I need help ,I am an army vet ,I moved to Tn to help a friend I moved in with him and his wife then 3mo later she left him leaving bills to be paid by my friend and I then a month ago he just disappeared with my half of payments leaving bills in me then my vehicle broke down on me but it gonna cost $450 which I don’t have and now I just received an eviction notice please Angie I seriously need your help .my # is 9315389479

  30. Meyaka Long says

    Hi im meyaka long i have 2 kids im wrking 2 jobs just make ends meet i tool all my tax momey paying my bill and got my car fixed now tfan have went out i need help not asking for no money in had someone please help 7314264621

  31. Bobbi Coon says

    I am trying to get back down to CA to be with my 3 little children. I’m stuck here in WA because I need to get some repairs done on my 97 Honda Accord along with new tires because they are not street legal they are so bald. I also need some help paying to get my drivers license back which is under $300 to get my license back due to an unpaid ticket. I need to be able to drive so I can get a job to get the money to get my car fixed and my license back but I can’t get the money to get my car fixed so that I can get a job to earn the money so that I’ll be able to go back to CA. It a horrible mess and where I live they do not offer public transportation at all and the nearest way to catch any type of transportation is well over 5 miles of walking. It’s pretty frustrating.

    I feel that it would be so wonderful to get this money so that my children will be able to have at least one of their parents back with them considering they recently lost their father and will never be able to speak to him again until they are 18 years old and that’s if they ever want to speak to him ever again. He is currently in prison for raping my two daughters one who was ours together and she was just a baby when it started. Because of what he did I had no choice but to take my children down to CA to be with family because I knew I would have to move out of my home because I quit my job to stay at home with all my children while he was the sole provider. Big mistake…. I don’t want my children to suffer any more pain and loss because of what their father did and I just can’t stand the thought that my children possibly lay in bed at night crying for their mommy and wondering when she is going to return to them, it’s killing me to know my babies are hurting for their mommy. I just want to get back down to my children, get a job, and live a “normal” happy, healthy life with my babies and do my best to make sure they get all the help love and support they need from being sexual assault victims so that they don’t have any long term negative effects that could cause the cycle to repeat when they are adults. I just want to be there for my children so they know they are so loved. Thanks for your time and consideration. I don’t have a cell phone but can be reached at

  32. Brian Brothers says

    HI! I am a veteran in need of help to repair my vehicle . I have not been working and just got a partime job and my car had some problems I took it to be looked at and its $400 to repair . I have no money for this repair and need the car for work . Can you help?

    • Phillip May says

      Hello, My name is Phillip May, and I am a veteran and disable and in need to repair my vehicle. I been working a parttime job and my car started having problems. I took it to be looked at and it will cost about $ 300 to repair the wheels bearing and brakes. I have no money for this repair and need my car to get to work and to the hospital for medical reasons. Can you help me. My email address is or you can contact me at 608-5201342.

      • Angela Harris says

        Use the Car link above to help you find information in your area to possibly help.

    • Angela Harris says

      Above you will find a link to help with car repairs. Please click that to see if there is something in your area.

  33. ScherilanVanZant says

    My car is broke down I am currently living in my car cannot afford to get it fixed just need a little help

  34. If you could help us with a car would really help us im disabled an have three kids an disabilty check dont go far my van on its last leg so please get back with. Me Christmas isnt good for us this year I have a six. An seven year old daughter an one year old son

  35. Adam T Boegeman says

    Good Morning

  36. I’m in need of assistance for christmas is here I am a single mother who recently got laid off my son is 17 years old and 3 years ago he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. It would meant the world to me to have his Christmas to be special like every other year before I got laid of. I don’t want him to be more of an outcast then he is already,especially when her peers ask him what he got for Christmas. Thank you for your time and have a Happy New Year.

  37. Andrea farmer says

    Hey I am a single mom with two kids and don’t have any help from there dad he is in and outta jail I am trying to make christmas and don’t have the money was just in a car accident so all the money I did have went to getting a new car…. I would really appreciate it…. I have a 3 yr daughter and she loves elsa from the movie frozen and her shoes size is 10 toddler and 4t in clothes… She loves barbies and anything fun… My son is 10 and is into sports his shoes size is 6 in men’s and wears 10 in clothes.. He also is into video games and stuff like that…. My number is 5413156658

  38. sallena pritchard says

    Plz call I don’t have internet all the time 2699447196, I’m in need of help with Christmas plz help us we have nothing

  39. I’m in need of assistant for Christmas I of four children on low income have a two-year-old a four year old boys a7 and a 10 year old girl I’m also in need of shoes size 5 girls size 13 girls size 11 boys size 6 boys clothes size my 11 year old girls and of 16/2 + or adult small my 7 year old girls in a size 7 my 4 year old boy is enough I fix my tail boy is in a size 3 I must go in desperate need of diapers and wipes size five and pull ups for my 4 year old son who what’s that I must sound desperate need of Christmas toys thanks a lot

  40. My nane is Anna im a mother if 6 kids i just had my baby he is 2 months old my husband left me and i just found out my 16 year old is 5 months pregnant i am in disability and i am financially stressed if i could get help with diapers formula baby clothing and food i would be so blessed if i could get some help i have trouble paying my rent and utilities i am struggling single mom that needs help please


  41. Laquita Payton says

    HI I’M LAQUITA A SINGLE MOTHER OF 5 just asking is there any help for me please I want my children to get the best Christmas ever because they really deserve it .

  42. Samantha torrince says

    I am a single mom wit five kids3 boys an 2 girls its kind of hard being a single mom wit no help its hard trying to get the kids what they want for Christmas pay the bills an try to keep food in the house it hard if u can help please email me back thank u all an have a blessed evening

    • Thank you for reaching out to me. I research information to help those in need and then post that information that I find for others to use. I have that all listed right above.

  43. I have 2 children and lost my husband last year. I am 30 years old and children are 14 and 1 year old. I am not working at this time and in need of any kind of help. My mother is disabled and is limited to the help she provides. We have no car and would be a great asset because son has many Doctors appointment due to his disabilities. If there are any programs to help with Christmas clothing etc would be appreciated. My Son needs tutoring and I don’t have income to hire one. Anything out there would be a help food pampers furniture car etc. Thank you for taking the time.

    • Angela Harris says

      Well you have come to the right place. The links are right above where you have commented. Just click Christmas help.

  44. Hello I would really appreciate if I could get help for Christmas,I have 4 smalls kids .I lost my job last month due to sickness.Its been a struggle since I apply for social services but I pay market rent 900.00 so I would like help if possible

    • Sorry to hear that. While we don’t help people with Christmas gifts I do offer information on how to get help. I research information to help those in need and then post that information that I find for others to use. I have that all listed here ->

  45. Single Mom just got out of a DV relationship a month ago. I’m struggling bad. I need help with my vehicle repairs. My kids are Shawn, Christionna, and Juliette. I don’t have any financial help. 6093317599 Please pray for my family.

  46. Lisbeth barrera says

    I’m a single mother of 2 I have a 2 years old daughter and 3 month old baby girl I need any help I can get for Christmas anything will do. Thanks

  47. Im a single mom n a new state starting all over again with a new baby thing’s are very hard with the other lil ones i jus wish times could b better #pray for me

  48. Siueti Tupou says

    Hi! I’m a single mother to 3 children 10 yr old son 7 yr son & 5 yr old daughter. I was recently laid off and denied unemployment. I need any help I can get with Christmas. Not to mention my daughters bday is a week before Christmas. Anything will help. Thanks

  49. Natalie Warde says

    Dear Sir / Madam I am writing to see if you or any other organisation might be able to help me in my hour of need. I have 2 children and have just moved into our new council home and my nerves are going again at the thought of Christmas not to mention my car broke down today and I really need one as so far from schools, we have no money for food this week cause I had to pay for removal and I just don’t know what to do. My children are angels and ask for very little and we’ve had a few rough Christmas’s now can ye please help me make this a better one thanks Natalie xx

  50. Melissa Arreguin says

    Hi im a single mother of two wonderful gifts 6yr old son & 7yr old daughter. I need help with a lot im ashamed to metion because its a long list. But after i lost my job i dont know what to do. Please help me or help me find help in my area i live in Aurora, il i just want the best for my children. I dont even have a phone or money for gas. Im so stressed.

  51. iesha hollowell says

    I am a single mom i have four children i need help with Christmas by the lords will

  52. I am a single mom and need help with Christmas for my 9 yr old daughter

  53. My name is Victoria an I need Christmas help for my 8 year old daughter Kayla.. Thank you

  54. My name is LaDonna Christmas help for my kids jedidah is 2 and Isaiah is 12 thank you

  55. My name is LaDonna and I need help with Christmas for my kids a 2 and 12 years old jedidah and Isaiah

  56. Im name is LaDonna help with diapers and wipes and car repair and financial help you can call me at 224-572-7859 thank you so much my granddaughter is 2 her name is Jedidah and my son name is Isaiah he is 12 they need clothes thank you

  57. Hi my name. Is Jennifer I need help with Christmas for my kids william and layla myka 4192695063

  58. Hi my name is Jennifer any help with Christmas my number is 419-269-5063 thank you

  59. Andrea Myers says

    hi my name andrea Myers , and im a single parents and I need help wit my babygirl clothes , pampers , car seat, baby crib & baby milk

  60. Diane ransom says

    I’m in need of a baby seat or actually a lot of things for my babies . my husband is in jail for 3 years and he was our only income. I need help for an 1 year old girl a 3 year old girl a 4 year old boy and a 12 year old boy. I would so appreciate any kind of help get . thank you so much.

  61. Janese miller says

    My mother and her 5 kids have no clothes ,and its get around school time and they also have no money or help getting school clothes, could you plz help us,Thank you

  62. james johnston says

    Me and my chhildren are homeless. I just got a job at dominos. Found a home and wondering if anyone could help me with a deposit

  63. jamicka r price says

    Hi my name is jamicka i wanted know is there a way i can get some help with Christmas toys for my kids for Christmas 2015

  64. i need help with bills. I’m behind almost 5000. I support my mother and grandmother and my wife and kids. I have a 15 yr old daughter who has a son that turned 3 today. I lost my job in May and because of a spiteful boss spreading lies about me I’m having a lot of trouble getting a job in my field. Please anyone who has info on a direction I can go I would be grateful. I have a go fund me campaign but have gotten no donations.
    Just go to the go find me site and search the link above.

  65. Lisa Peters says

    My name is Lisa peters and I live in carlisle,pa. Area. I am in need of a mechanic, my car is due for inspection at the end of the month. I need a exhaust manifold pipe, 2 motor mounts, a lower control arm bushing, and reverse lights. I am a single woman not even working 40 hours a week and supporting myself. I need this car to get back and forth to work. I can not afford all these parts let alone labor cost. I can make payments, just need some help desperately please.

    • Hopefully you can find a service above that can help in your time of need.

    • Kristin Jenkins says

      Hello my name is Kristin and I’m a single mother of 4 and was wondering if there is any assistance with getting a crib for my 9 day old son…

      • I would suggest checking Craigslist, I have seen many free cribs and toddler beds listed there. Also, infant care centers sometimes throw stuff out because it is old and extra, you may want to network with the local ones, who knows, maybe a connected family would have something you need. Good luck.

  66. Louise rohr says

    Hi my name is Louise maria rohr and i am on a low income every month. And i can’t get a car to go to all of my appointment

  67. Melissa Gooding says

    I’m inquiring for my daughter. She has 2 small children and is in a ptetty desperate situation. Father of girls has left and not helping them at all. She has no computer, and not able to do much with her smartphone. Her phone number is 480-414-0457. I would really appreciate your help, as Im on social security and cant help as much.

  68. Christina says

    Hello i am a working mom of 2 young boys who needs a little help until payday. I need food and gas in my car to get to work to get a pay check o never done this before or asked for help but i have no where else to turn i live in Kissimmee fl area. If anyone could help it be gratefully appreciated ty

  69. Marsha Britt says

    Hi. I am going through divorce mother of three. Ages 3, 5 and 7. I’m trying to find assistance with a down payment on a car. I’ve been approved for the vehicle loan, but I have no way to come up with the down payment. Any assistance or advice would be truly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Marsha Britt

  70. Patty E. says

    Another fantastic, helpful list! Great job!

  71. This is an amazing list! It is truly generous of you to come up with so many resources!

  72. kelli sanders says

    i think this is a great thing you have here. i reposted this and will be doing so.