Cars and Car Repairs for Low Income Families

There are many programs that offer free cars for low income families, and free car repairs for low income families. Sadly they don’t tell people who need this most. I am not sure why they keep these things such a big secret with so many people in need. Everyday things are a hassle such as: making it to work on time, grocery shopping, picking up your child from school when they are sick, Dr. appointments, the list goes on. Public transportation is scary especially with small children. Not only that, it takes up a lot of time. With that being said I have decided to take it upon myself and find this information and share it with the world in hopes to help people who truly need a car.

There is help out there if you qualify. Please take the time to make phone calls, write letters and search all the resources I have listed for you. I have spent countless hours finding as much information as I can to help those in need, because I know what it’s like to be poor and not to have a car and other important necessities. Car distributions are reserved for households without a car, not families wanting a second car or young adults considered as dependents.

Free Cars For Low Income Families

With so many people in need these days and a car being a very important necessity they now have more and more programs popping up to help families get a car who otherwise could not afford one. If you qualify for a car from a charity, you don’t have to pay for the car.  It will be donated to your family free of charge. If you are a low income family you may be eligible to receive a free, discount car and/or car repairs from a nonprofit organization or car charity organization.  If so, the car you will receive will be absolutely free because someone special with a huge heart has already donated it, just for someone like you.PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them. Common Qualifications for a Free Car from Charities:

-Low income

-Victims of natural disaster

-Families living in transitional living shelters

-Families transitioning from public assistance to work

-Victims of domestic violence

-Medically needy

-Military families in need

-Non-profit organizations

If you know of any resources you would like to share please let me know and I will be happy to add it to the list. I will continually add to this page as I find more resources. I wish you all the best in finding the help you need.


  • Online Car Donation – has provided thousands of free cars to families in need as well as social service agencies and numerous charitable organizations. DO NOT CALL TO ASK FOR HELP! If you would like to apply for a free vehicle click here and explain your situation in the provided form. If they select you to receive a vehicle they will contact you.
  • With Causes Charitable Network offers vehicles to those with low income and other qualifications. DO NOT CALL TO ASK FOR HELP! Complete their form and they will get back to you. Click here.
  • 1-800-Charity Cars provides free vehicles to a wide array of clients such as: victims of domestic violence, medically needy, natural disaster victims, families transitioning from public assistance to work, families living in transitional living shelters, the working poor, non-profit organizations, and more. Click here to apply.
  • Modest Needs – helps with assistance for car repair. Click here to sign up and find more information on this program.


  1. Caring Cars Program Alabama (Madison County) provides cars to low income families for job transportation. This program is for families who cannot afford to buy a car or cannot qualify for a traditional car loan. Each family receiving a car will be charged a small down payment and small monthly payments at 0% interest to cover program costs. Approval is based on need. Applicants must meet all of the requirements to be eligible. Click here.


  1. Irvine Car Ministry (Irvine California) helps to create hope to deserving persons with a donated car. Supports those in need through the various Mariners Outreach Ministries. Click here for more information.
  2. The Benevolence Program Mike Rose’s Auto Body, Inc. has joined with other members of the community along with their insurance partners, to present the Benevolence Program. The Benevolence Program is a community relations program whose mission is to: Present refurbished “new” used cars to deserving individuals or organizations during the holiday season. Click here for more information.


  • Good News Garage program of Lutheran Social Services with operations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont provides affordable and reliable transportation options for people in need. Click here to read more.
  • Cars for Charity (Non-profit organizations only) is a non-profit organization that helps other non-profit organizations to have an in-house vehicle because they financially are unable to spend the money. Click here.


  1. Florida Citrus Cars (No Link) addresses transportation needs for people who are leaving welfare for work. Only qualified residents can will be able to lease a good used car for a small monthly free. They are required to retain employment, and maintain automobile insurance, and after two years of successful participation they gain ownership of the car. To qualify, you must apply at one of Polk Works’ One-Stop Career Centers in Lakeland, Winter Haven or Lake Wales, meet income requirements and prove that not having reliable transportation is a barrier to getting a job. For more information call 863-683-5627 ext. 130.


  • CAR MINISTRY in Georgia  Volunteers from McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church in Powder Springs, Ga., repair cars for needy people once a month.


  1. C.A.R.S. Ministry over the last 20+ years, the C.A.R.S. (Christian Auto Repairmen Serving) Ministry of Willow Creek Community Church has provided reliable transportation to thousands of qualified single moms in their community. Reliable vehicles and auto repairs free-of-charge, helping single parents and their families gain independence and opportunity. Click here for more details.
  2. Car Ministry (Chicagoland ,IL Area) distributes donated vehicles to needy families in the Chicagoland area. Click here for more information on this program.
  3. Heartland Cars Ministry helps those in need receive dependable transportation to help them get to work, church, doctor appointments, school, and daycare. Click here for more information.


  1. Cars 4 ChristmasFor Veterans. Cars 4 Christmas is a not for profit that provides FREE basic transportation to disadvantaged individuals. Application are be kept on file for 3 years, you will not get status updates. If you are chosen you will be notified. For the application click on Apply for a Vehicle at the top.
  2. Cars 4 HerosFor family of a Veterans. Cars 4 Heros is a not for profit that provides FREE basic transportation to disadvantaged individuals. Application are be kept on file for 3 years, you will not get status updates. If you are chosen you will be notified. For the application click on Apply for a Vehicle under Forms at the top.


  1. Vehicles For Change (Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC) receives car donations and then award them at affordable prices to eligible families in need in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area. To qualify for a vehicle, you must meet their basic criteria. Click here to find out more on the programs they offer.


  1. Good News Garage operates car donation programs giving cars to low income families in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Click here for more information.


  1. Auto Technical (Scott, Carver and Dakota Counties) helps to provide low cost cars for low income families. Click here for more information. Scott, Carver and Dakota Counties areas.
  2. Wheel Get There program supplies low cost vehicles to people with low income from vehicles they receive as donations. Click here for more information.

New Jersey

  1. CARS  Ministry is a self-supporting ministry of Princeton Alliance Church designed to provide vehicles to single moms and families in need. Click here for more information and how to apply.

New York

  1. Wheels to Work (Otsego County, NY) is a transportation assistance program designed to support income eligible households in acquiring safe, reliable transportation. Click here for more information.

North Carolina

  1. Car Ministry helps provide low income families a suitable vehicle. They consider application letters from people in the community who are going through a challenging life situation and are without a vehicle for transportation. Click here to apply.
  2. Wheels For Hope is operated on a volunteer basis and provides low income families with reliable, affordable cars. Click here to apply.


  1. Community Auto (Allegheny, Butler or Beaver Counties) NHCO’s Community Auto program makes vehicle ownership affordable to low-income individuals and families experiencing economic hardship. Applicants must be residents of Allegheny, Butler or Beaver counties in Pennsylvania and work a minimum of 25 hours a week or have a hire letter in hand, dependent children in the home, need a vehicle for work and perform basic, daily functions such as grocery shopping and getting children to school, day care and medical appointments and so on. Click here.
  2. Grace Car Ministry (York County, PA) donates cars to needy families within York County. They only place between 10 and 15 cars each year. They help typically, single mothers with one or two children trying to support a family on a minimum wage salary. People who have lost their job and are looking for a job but their car has died and they have nowhere to turn. People who are just starting to see the light at the end of the financial tunnel, but their car seems to consume any extra cash due to repairs. Click here to find out how to apply.


  1. The Car Ministry offers low income, full-time ministry workers like pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other Christian workers to obtain a car. Click here.

West Virginia

  1. Good News Mountaineer Garage offers donated cars to low income families. Click here for more information on how to apply.


  1. WINR Donated Wheels Program provides donated vehicles to income eligible families who need reliable personal transportation to gain, retain or improve their employment status. Call 920-236-0131 or email at

Here is a very long list of places that may or may not be able to help. If they can’t be sure to ask if they know of anyone who does offer cars to low income families.

YOU MUST LIVE IN THE AREA OF THE LISTING OR SOMETIMES BE A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH. Please DO NOT contact anyone if you do not at least live in the area of the below listing.

    1. Action in the Community Through Service(ACTS), PO Box 74, Dumfries Va, (I kid you not)22026, Phone 1-703-369-5292
    2. Akzo Nobel’s Acoat National Benevolence Program, Akzo Nobel Chemicals Inc.,300 So. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, Il. 60606 Phone 1-888-238-1558
    3. Allegheny Center Alliance Church, 250 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh,Pa. 15212 phone 1-412-321-4333
    4. Auto Lease Program (run by So. Minneapolis Workforce Center), 777 E. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN. 55407 phone 612-821-4000
    5. Auto Technical, Inc. Minnesota phone 1-612-571-3680
    6. Car Donation-Project Self-Sufficiency, 375 W. 37 St.,#200, Loveland, CO. 80538, phone 1-970-667-3232
    7. CareerScope, One Mall North, 10025 Gov. Warfield Pkwy. Suite 216, Columbia, MD phone 1-410-992-5042
    8. Car Ownership Program, Schoharie, NY Dept. of Social Services, Association for Retarded Citizens and Private Industry, Schoharie NY, phone 1-518-295-8130
    9. C.A.R. Program C/O Tricap, 1139 Franklin Avenue NE Suite 3, Sauk Rapids MN 56379 phone 1-320-202-7824 or 1-800 909-9339
    10. Cars Ministry, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 10390 SW Canyon Rd., Beaverton,OR. 97005 Phone 1-503-644-9148
    11. Cars for Careers, Delaware Division of Social Services phone 1-302-577-4880-Ext.117
    12. Cars for Christmas, Kansas city, 1-816-897-0621
    13. Cars for Work, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, PO Box 668768 Charlotte, NC 28266 Phone 1-704-372-3434
    14. Catholic Charities 3838 Cathedral Lane, Arlington, Va. 22203 phone 1-703-841-2531
    15. Charity Cars, 105 W SR 436 Suite 2064, Altamonte Springs, Fl.32714 phone 1-888-558-4122
    16.  Community Auto Repository(C.A.R.) The Cooperative Ministry, 1928 Taylor St., Columbia, Sc. 29202 phone 1-803-799-3853
    17. Community Auto Repair and Redistribution Service(CARS)Minneapolis, Mn. 1-952-881-1115
    18. Dignity Project Auto Club, 1125 SE. 4th St., Suite B, Gainesville, Fl. 32608 phone 1-5352-371-6792
    19. Donated Used Vehicles, Illinois, phone 1-312-793-2342
    20. Earn A Car, Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corp(CHRIC), Chautauqua County,NY1-716-363-4650/4185
    21. Emmanuel, 408 E. 23 St., Bryan TX.77803, phone 1-409-822-0441
    22. Esperanza Unida’s Vehicle Donation Program, 1329 W. National Ave. Milwaukee, WI. 53204 phone 1-414-671-0251
    23. First Wheels c/o Families First Project, Tennessee Resource Conservation and Development Association phone 1-615-736-5472
    24. Fond du Lac Gift of Wheels, Fond du Lac Area Career and Job Center 349 N. Peters Ave., Fond du Lac, WI. 54935 phone 1-920-929-3924
    25. Freedom Ranch Prison Ministries, 4455 camp Bowie Blvd.,#114-59, Fort Worth, Tx. 76107
    26. Getting  There Program In Minnesota, 712 Canterbury Road So., Shakopee, MN.55379 phone 1-952-496-2125
    27. Giziibii Resource Conservation & Development(RC&D) Association, 3217 Bimidji Ave. No., Bimidji, Mn.56601 Phone 1-218-751-1942, Ex.5
    28. Gifts from God, PO Box 1300, Osprey, Fl. 34229 Phone 1-941-485-4707
    29. Good News Garage, 1 Main St., Ste.214, Burlinton, Vt.05401 Phone 1-877-448-3288
    30. Good News Garage Massachusetts, 630 Main St. Ste.2, Sturbridge, Ma.01566 Phone 1-508-347-1277
    31. Good News Garage Hampshire,325 Merrill St., Manchester, Nh. 03103 phone 1-603-669-6937
    32. Good News Garage Connecticut, 3580 Main St., Hartford, Ct. 06120 Phone 1-860-566-5774
    33. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work, 1620 E. Polk St., Phoenix, Az. 85006 phone 1-602-254-2222
    34. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work, 4622 W. Indian School Road, Suite D-7, Phoenix, Az. 85031 Phone 1-602-245-9545
    35. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work, 1940 E. Silverlake, Suite 308,Tucson, Az. 85713, phone 1-520-622-7173
    36. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to work, 820 E. Fry Blvd., Sierra vista, Az. 85635 phone 1-520-459-7026
    37. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to work, 423 N. Florence St.. Casa Grande, Az. 85222, phone 1-520-836-0073
    38. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work , 813 Hancock Rd., Bullhead city, Az. 86442 phone 1-520-758-7265
    39. Helping Hands/Membership Assistance Ministry, Sagemont Church, 11323 Hughes Rd. Houston, Tx. 77089 Phone 1-281-481-8770
    40. Independence Through Transportation Program, 14th Floor, John H. Mulroy Civic Center, Syracuse, Ny. 13202 phone 1-315-435-3516
    41. Interfaith Services of Henrico and Volunteer Services, 8600 Dixon Powers Dr., Richmond, Va.23273 phone 1-804-501-4091
    42. Kingdom Cars, York County Christian Women’s Job corp, 434 Museum Rd., Rock Hill, Sc. 29732 phone 1-803-327-6077
    43. Lutheran Social Services of New England, 17 W. Central St. ,Natick,Ma.01780 phone 1-508-650-4406
    44. Minnesota’s Family Loan Program, Family Service America phone 1-800-221-3726
    45. Neighborworks Community Garage, St. Francis of Assis Catholic Church, 2150 Frieze Ave., Ann Arbor Mi. 48104
    46. New Leaf Services, Georgia, phone 1-404-289-9293
    47. Northwest Michigan Works/Goodwill Industries Car Program, 2194 Dendrinos Dr.,Traverse city, Mi., 49685 Phone 1231-929-5000 & 1-800-692-7774
    48. Peach on Wheels Program 624 Green St. N.E.,Gainesville, Ga.30501 phone 1-770-536-1221
    49. Peninsula Community Foundation, 1700 S. El Camino Real, suite 300, San Mateo,Ca.94402 phone 1-650-558-9369
    50. Per Scholas, 1231 Lafayette Ave. Bronx, Ny. 10474 Phone 1-800-877-4068
    51. Rahima Foundation, 1987 Bellomy St., Santa Clara, Ca. 95050 phone 1-408-297-0178
    52. Rivertown Car Care, Minnesota
    53. Serve(Securing Emergency Resources Through Voluntary Efforts), 10037 Nokesville Rd., Manassas, Va. 22110 Phone 1-703-368-2979
    54. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Car Donation Program, 210 N. Ave.21, Los Angeles,Ca. 90031 phone 1-800-97-HELP
    55. Southwest Car Care Center Ministry, 82-573 Indio Blvd. Indio, Ca. 92201 phone 1-760-342-4876
    56. St. Croix Valley Christians in Action,(Car care Ministry) Lake Elmo, Mn. phone 1-651-430-0751
    57. 2C8 Corp(Ministry to those in need of a car), 10520 Main St. Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Phone 1-703-538-4388
    58. 2C8 Transportation Ministry, Falls Church, 1-703-237-0058
    59. Trade-In Equipment Exchange(for disabled individuals), 1 Empire State Plaza, Ste.1001, Albany, Ny. 12223 phone 1-800-522-4369 or 1-518-474-5567
    60. Wheel Get There Program Minnesota Valley Action Council phone 1-507-345-2400

Wheels to Work and Wheels for Work Cars

    1. Wheels for Work, Anne Arundel County Dept. of Social Services, 80 W. St., Annapolis, Md. 21401 phone 1-410-269-4603
    2. Wheels to Work, East Second St., 139 rear, Berwick, Pa. 18603 Phone 1-570-759-8203
    3. Wheels to Work Transportation Program, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, Equitable Bidg., Atlanta, ga. phone 1-404-656-0939
    4. Wheels to Work, c/o United Way of Bartholomew County, Inc., 522 Franklin St., Columbus, In. 47201 phone 1-812-372-3419
    5. Wheels to Work, Combined Community Services, 110 E. Prairie St., Warsaw, In. 46580 phone 1-219-269-5531
    6. Wheels to Work, Forsyth County, Nc. phone 1-336-727-8311
    7. Wheels to Work, 7 Junkins Ave., Portsmouth, Nh. 03801 phone 1-603-431-2911
    8. removed
    9. Wheels to Work, Fort Worth, Tx and Expanding to other Tx cities phone 1-512-463-2668
    10. Wheels to Work Program,Central Wisconsin community Action Council, 205 E. Lake Ave., Lake Delton, Wi. 53940 phone 1-608-254-8353
    11. Willow creek Community Church, 67 E. Algonquin Rd., South Barrington, Il. 60010 phone 1-847-765-5000
    12. Winnebago Interfaith Needs Response( WINR), Winnebago county, Wi. phone 1-920-236-0131
    13. Wisconsin Job Access Loan Program, Dept. of Workforce Development, 210 E. Washington Ave., Madison, Wi. 53707 phone 1-608-266-3131
    14. Work and Ride Program, Catawba County Work First Plan, Catawba County Department of Social Services, PO Box 669, Newton, Nc. 28601 phone 1-828-326-5625
    15. Workers on Wheels Car Donation Program, Wexford-Missaukee County Family Independence Agency, 10641 W. Watergate Rd.Cadillac, Mi. 49601 phone 1-231-779-4500
    16. Work First Employment,NC Commerce Work First Project, 4301 Mail service Center, Raleigh Nc. 27699 phone 1-910-727-2175
    17. Working Wheels, Central Vermont community Action Agency, 195 US Rt.302, Berlin,Barre Vt. 05641 phone 1-800-639-1053


Find out what’s wrong with your car or how to fix it? Click here for more information.

Auto Zone has a program called Loan A Tool where borrow tools. You can also get free repair booklets at Auto Zone. Also check out their Repair Help page.


FREE Gas USA is a nonprofit gasoline grant assistance provider. You must be low income and are a United States citizen in need of gasoline to drive to work, medical appointments, school, grocery shopping, etc. Grants are awarded monthly to pre-qualified candidates based on your level of income, need, circumstance and the availability of grant funding.

If your information is above and you would like it removed or modified. Please email me at angie(at) with the subject line PLEASE REMOVE. Thank you. -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

©Angela Harris and Angie’s Angel Help Network, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used with written permission from this blog’s author, provided that full and clear credit is given to Angela Harris and Angie’s Angel Help Network with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


  1. Christine Huff says

    Hi, I am disabled and I am caring for my granddaughter, she was removed from her mother because of neglect and abuse. A car would mean the world to us, I need to go to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, the pharmacy. She also is ADHD and needs to see her doctor. Thank you

  2. I’m a 57 year old woman near Tucker, GA, I haven’t had steady work since August 2016, I allowed my daughter to use my car 1 time on a rainy day and yes there was a fender bender. She’s ok but my car isn’t. The way it was hit knocked the wheel off something on the right side front causing it to drive extremely wobbly, not safe to drive. I dont have the funds to have it fixed or even get it to a garage. I need my car a 1998 Toyota RAV4 with 285,000 miles on it but it drove great before this. I need that car to go on interviews and do errands. My home is already on the pre foreclosure list. I’d appreciate any help but most of all for some angel to fix my car so i can find a job and save my home. Thank you.

    • Seems to me you don’t understand that you need to get in touch with the organizations she has listed, the applications are not going to be done for you.
      If you have a social worker they may help you fill out forms, or maybe at the church you go to some one can help you fill out the forms

  3. Lynn Abutaha says

    Thank you for making this list. I’m hoping to find a way to get my car repaired so I don’t miss any more work. It’s very hard for some of us out here who are alone and working hard to keep a job. I really appreciate all of the information you have compiled for people. Have a wonderful day 😀 ♡♡♡

  4. Demetrius C Bean says

    Thanks for this info..I will share this with many, and test the waters with those available to me.

  5. Steven Stack says

    I live with my girlfriend currently in mankato, MN and I just bought a 1994 Chevy s10 with only 74k miles and runs great and great gas mileage. However I decided to go to church for the first time in like ten years and my starter stopped working and we have no other working vehicle to get to and from doctor appointments local and non local. My girlfriend has epilepsy issues and I’m getting my license January 24th 2017 and am on disability and it took everything I had to get a working vehicle and make the repairs I was able to make however I do not have enough to get a starter for my pickup which is $70 including the core charge. Any help would be greatly appreciated we are desperately in as my girlfriend has medical appointments that she needs to attend sometimes in Minneapolis since her brain surgery.

  6. Karen Schiefler says

    I need a car donated to me. I am the victim of domestic violence and had to go on disability due to mental and physical problems because of the abuse, subsequent divorce bankrupting me and job loss.

  7. Hello i live in tulsa oklahoma where there arnt many people who help people in need i am a single mom i have lost my car with my boyfriend when he left me he took my car kicked me and my 7 yearold daughter out on the street we are living from hotel to friends back to hotels i cant get a job with no stability im so stressed and sad its almost christmas and we have nothing i want to show my daughter life can be good and not a struggle tulsa has so much crime its scary being all alone

  8. Mercedez Mesquita says

    Hi, my name is Mercedez. My car was just repossessed yesterday. I was behind on payments because my fuel pump had gone out on it so it was hard to do my job because I used my vehicle to deliver things to the city. I had just barely got it fixed a month ago and was starting to get my hours back but dealership did not wait for payment. He said he would hold for 10 days if I were able to come up with $1,175. If there is anything you would be able to do for me, it would greatly be appreciated. I have 2 boys who depend on me. Thank you for your time.

  9. Christina Ashmore says

    I have been diagnosed with cancer stage 3 and my chemo treatments are every 3 weeks my car has been broke down for 6 months I have income and my hospital is 65 miles just there I’ve been unable to work due to the effects of the chemo can someone help me plz get a car we have no public transportation where I live I need a reliable vehicle

  10. John Davis says

    my name is john davis I’m 38 single father of a 5 year old son with autism and adhd. my car recently broke down and don’t have the money to fix it right now on my own due to injury at my recent job I’m still fighting work comp.I have not found any resources to help fix it. I’ve never ask anyone for help before but in my son’s case I’m reaching out asking for it

  11. mrs. shontel Jones says

    Can someone help us please,we are behind on bills,and now no car.

  12. My name is Marlene I am in need of a car or help to fix the car I have that iOS broke I had a car for 13 years and I had to go and get a different one this year it has several issues and now the head gasket has to be replaced even though I have only had it 4 months and have taken it to the place I bought it several times to be looked at and did every thing they told me to do it is the only way I have to get to work I am a CNA and I do home care . So I barely make ends meet. I have had some illness with no ins but I have managed to stay working doing what I do. My problem is now I have a car note on top of everything else and a car that is not able to be drive. I have called several places for help with no luck because they say they do not have funds if you can help in any way please. Intact me at 615 347 6900 thank you

  13. Mrs. Cynthia Britton says

    I just lost my Beloved Husband on Sept. 10th, 2016 & am searching for a way to obtain a vehicle to get to & from work. His passing has left me slightly desperate to get everything in order. I want to thank you so very much for your time in compiling these lists. Means there is hope out there for those of us struggling just to get over life’s bumps in the road.
    Mrs. Cynthia Britton

  14. vanessa garcia says

    I need help with a minor repair for a 200 Toyota Corrolla I’m in California Orange County I just got this car and ts not passing smog I got estimate and it will cost me $250.00 that I don’t have please help

  15. Amanda Barbarow says

    I need more information on Alabama please.

  16. Lashay Dickey says

    Louisiana is the lowest paid state why we can’t get help? I’m a single mom trying to make ends meet. My car broke down so I have to find a ride to work working ten hours a day for 7.25 the repairs are 400.00 I need help. Where can I go

  17. Angie,

    I want to thank you for putting all these resources in one place! You have given me a place to start my search for car repair help, and I thank you.

  18. I am very sorry, in my other comment it was supposed to be December not September.

  19. Hi, I am in Florida, a couple of months ago the transmission went out in my SUV and I wasn’t able to afford to fix it. At the time I was living with my daughter and her family. I am 60. My other daughter asked me to move to Georgia so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me since I would have a way to work. Due to unfortunate circumstances we had to come back. A couple of days later I became ill and ended up in the hospital. Had to have surgery and came back to my daughters then ended up sick again a day later and had to have surgery again. After I left hospital my daughter could not afford for me to stay but a week so my cousin was kind enough to let me stay with her 4 hours away. Now I have no job and no car. I feel having a car is vital in my situation because I could already be working now since I am well. I really miss my family too and can’t stay where I am only to the end of September, but I want to be back where my family is, so a car is vital for work in order to find an apartment. There is just me and no other income. I need a car badly. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  20. Any information about car repairs in WASHINGTON STATE wold be greatly appreciated. My mother is disabled and low income. She uses her car to go to the doctors/get medicne and get groceries. Any information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
    Thanks from WASHINGTON!

  21. Kimberly Smith says

    I’m in OKC, OK & didn’t see my state listed above. However, I did apply to the ones listed before states came into play. You’re an Angel! Thanks Fir All That You Do & All You Have Done! ❤

    Here’s my story…..

    I’ m a single mom & nursing student working 1 part time to job and 2 PRN (as needed) jobs make ends meet. I had to take a leave of absence from college and I was only 3/wks from finishing but I had to due to transportation issue. I back in now and last day will be 12/12/16. I am in the process of transferring from government assistance, Thank God. I was doing ok for myself until my transmission went out in my car. I’ve owned it for about 8/yrs. After tranny went out (no longer have the car) my boyfriend at the time took all as much weight off me as he could and did his best to carry it. Well…after so much of that and him loosing his truck one day while taking my son to work. Shortly after that I started to slowly lose him until he just slipped away. It hurts my heart bad, I know my weigh is heavy at times but I never intended or even thought I’d lose who I tthought could have been my future husband. Every nurse deserves a husband right, every good woman that is…. Well, I’m on my own now with God leading and now doing my best to keep from falling aparr.. I get pinned in November & graduate, Walk The Stage, Yaaaaay, on 12/15/2016. Has it been rough and tough? Yes!!! Is it worth it? YES!!! If others only knew where I come from they’d understand my drive and determination. I know hurt, pain and hunger etc all too well. I want to take part in helping change lives of others one heart at a time. I’m very private so when my big sister found out I had been catching the bus to school, work and to interviews she Made me take her car even though her transmission is going out too, what are the odds. Hers is still running good but slips like it’ll go any day now. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and she now depends on her boyfriend for rides until I get myself together. She has no children so she said, “Take it for now and get yourself together.” Only thing is that I have no way of getting another vehicle right and I’m huring so bad for my sister….I pray she doesn’t lose her better half becuase of me & my situation. Now if what she has done isn’t PURE LOVE I ain’t never seen it before. We had a rough upbringing and made a pack as kids to Never leave the other standing alone. We’ve lived up to that through the Grace of God and are now in our late 30s aiming to do better for ourselves simply so we can help others. I’m still diligently working hard as I can to get settled. I took a car loan out on my car before tranny went out and I still pay on that every month too. I don’t mind working hard, bettering myself and doing what it takes to make sure we not only survive but het to better grounds & stay there. It just gets a little overwhelming at times. I do more laughing and joking to hid the pain from my children and others. So much that I don’t think anyone realizes that I’m really in a lot of pain but my big sister ,Shacopie/Guardian Angel, and those who Truely know me. I’m a believer in Christ, he keeps me level headed to keep pushing through my journey. I’ve had a many of blessings bestowed upon me, many being just the joy of being happy and what I call supernatural peace and many being just what we needed in the nic of time we needed it. Even through my struggle I know whiteout a doubt that we are blessed. I love God, Jesus, my children, family & friends, life and people in general. A car would take a huge load off my back right now. I feel blessed, if you only knew where I come from….I’m blessed to be where I am today and blessed because of where God is taking me. It’s taking sweat, tears, dedication, determination, Hard work, alot of Love and journeys to get me here and to keep me going. I’m not finished yet, far from it. I have alot of work myself to do out in the world for others, my time to do that is near and I want to be ready. I have so much love to give, that’s why I chose nursing. ❤


  22. Jennifer Padilla says

    I’m looking for help with my car repairs. The check engine light read 3 transmission codes and my car won’t drive over 40 MPR. I use this car to take my son to and drop school as well as work. I don’t know how I am going to fix it. I live in Sacramento any Inormative would be greatly appreciated

  23. Jordan S Green says

    Looking for help with car repair in Tulsa Oklahoma. The company I was working for ran out of work and my truck broke down. It lost all compression on cylinder number 4 and needs new lifters for 1200 dollars. The oil pressure sensor went out to and I put it in in the dealership to habit done because I thought I’d be working and got let go. They are charging me 530.40 for that. I found a mechanic to do the lifters for the above price but have no way to pay. It is extremely hard to find a job and get back and forth. I also use my vehicle to do the kind of work I do which is construction. I have no one to help me and I’m in desperate need. I’m an ex addict in recovery in veterans court in Tulsa oklahoma. I attend N/A meetings weekly and work an active 12 step program with a sponsor. I’m doing everything required of me and more. I also live in an Oxford house that I opened that is also a re-entry house for people coming out of prison. I help people all the time usually with rides to job interviews and meetings and getting setup so they can restart their lives. So any and all help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  24. Looking for auto repair in New York City. My husband has MS and need our vehicle to get around. Our ac stoppes working mid summer and we also have no heat which worries me since winter is around the corner. Called 211/311 and they had no information. Thanks in advance.

  25. I dont see anything for help with car repairs in Missouri…specifically Jefferson County. I was living in my car and was in a wreck that totaled it. I managed to use the left over money for a car but It needs quite a few repairs, and I have no money. I relocated to my home state after getting no help in AZ from domestic abuse.

  26. tiffany Shuman says

    Hi I’m a disable perman i just get ssi and don’t get enough money to pay for car repair u my car need repairs see i don’t have anyone to take me around like to doctors,church,and shopping i need my car can someone please help me het my car fixed.

  27. I am a single mother of 2, recently had a job as a EMT here in the state of AZ, and was fired 4weeks later because my head gasket blew in my 99 Plymouth breeze and I couldn’t afford to fix it. I was a ward of the state( I have no family I can lean on for support or help.) My children’s father is in prison and has never helped or been around to help with anything for my kids. I am now receiving food stamps and unemployment and looking at eviction soon. I have been on countless interviews and I continue to run into the same issue of not being able to get to work on time with the use of public transportation, or the bus routes are non existent to the location I need to get to and I would have to walk more than 6miles total getting to and from work. (not that I’m complaining because I’ve always been very athletic, but during the monsoon/ dust storm season or during the hot summer months when it’s as hot as 120 degrees out it is just once again setting me up for frailer. I’m not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me, or give me anything for free because we all know the world does not really function like that. What I am asking for is any resources available in PHX AZ for reasonable car repairs.Taking a Uber is no longer an option because my bank account was closed from all the over draft fees from all the direct auto pays that I had set up from when I was working. I literally busted my tail to get through going back to school, working 80hours so I could afford all of the expenses associated with being a student. I am proud to say I am both State and Nationally Certified, but sadly after only working as an Emt for a little over a month will now never be able to work in the field again because I was fired from the biggest and now only EMS Corporations in the state, not because of poor performance but because I had no way to get to my scheduled shifts on time!! So frustrating, but life moves on I guess. At this point any resources that anyone may have would be more than helpful. I have tried going on YouTube and just watching tutorials on how to replace a head gasket, as I normally just teach myself to do my own car repairs by watching tutorials because I have never have the extra income to cover the cost of getting things fixed. this job is way over my head, and would be another huge expense just trying to purchase all the tools needed to complete. I am mentally exhausted, but wont give up my fight. I have 2 sets of eyes watching and waiting for me to get things back to how they use to be. IF ANYONE reading this has any knowledge on how I can be informed of recourses that will help my situation, I would really really appreciate it.

    Thanks for taking the time to read!!


  28. Terri J Stephenson says

    Hi,are there any agencies in the Saint Louis metro area that help with auto cost repairs.Thanks

    • Im Rachael….Im in your same situation…if you find someone that helps with auto repairs for homeless please reach out to me. Good luck

  29. My sister lives in Rhode Island is low income. Her car needs repairs that she can’t afford. She also takes care of her 90 year old Mom who has Alzheimer’s. So she needs a reliable cars to take her to doctors appointments, grocery shopping etc. can you offer any advice as to a solution for repairing her car or getting another one that is reliable? Thanks in advance, Dan Powers

  30. Does anyone know if there are donations available in stark county, Ohio? Going on 2 years with out a car. I have children, own my home ( i try to make ends meet, some monnths im short), work. However I am unable to get better paying job with out reliable transportation. I don’t live on a nearby bus line. I walk to closest bus stop with my children and drop them off most mornings if I can’t catch a ride. Weather changes are rough! I need help.

  31. James Berry says

    Is there any help for auto repairs for people who dont make a lot of money in California resident’s

  32. sherry dennis says

    My son and his wife are both disable and they need a relieable car to get to doctor appts this is so improtant and its a must

  33. Sherri McCullough says

    Hello my name is Sherri McCullough I live in Pontiac MICHIGAN my son is a adhd autistic bio polar opposition defiant disorder and I have serious medical issues my mom just lost her husband my dad on my birthday on April 17 1915 no one in this home can drive but me I’m handicapped I have a handicap plate I can’t always get us to the doctors when we need it that’s why my dad died he was 68 yrs old my mom is is 72 I only have food stamps and my son’s social security to live on its 492.00 we still have to get toilet paper and essentials or we can’t make it my mom’s entire pension goes for the mortgage we believe in God and the power of prayer so please find it in your hearts and help us we are well below low income please please help us we don’t know where else to turn our eyes are focused on God but even God uses people down her my addresses I below Sherri McCullough @670 south Stirling street in PONTIAC MICHIGAN 48340 my number is 2483927759 I got bad news from the doctor I need more visits I got something wrong with my pancreatic its serious so is my whole family’s condition and my beloved son please have mercy and God be with u and have mercy on us please find someone to help us or whoever reads this let God use u to help us please please thanks for ur help God Bless u always and throughout eternity. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(:'( please help us please!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot work filing for social security but need a vehicle now they said they want meeting with me please God have mercy and somebody please help me I know God will multiply it hundreds thAnks for listening let me know that someone out here besides God and Jesus my son and mom care please don’t ignore this message its our life and if I could make a difference for someone else I would do my best God Bless and thanks for helping I’m standing in Faith God always here’s our prayers and comforts us even in our darkest hours keep my FAMILY in prayer thanks again four everything………..your sis in Christ Sherri……….God Bless U All

  34. Aaron Lee says

    I have a friend she’s having a rough time her daughter has autism and needs to be at her doctor’s appointment but my friend car is broke down she needs it fixed that way she can take her daughter to her doctor’s appointments I really appreciate it with my heart if anyone could help my friend

  35. Shuquin Foster says

    I live in Northern NJ (Essex County) & I am a single mom of a 7 yr old I am in recovery I once was on drugs but thank God He bought me out of that life. I am a part-time employee w/ Chrill Care as a Site Congregate Coordinator I am in desperate need of a vehicle I take public transportation 7 days a week and I walk at time because the bus takes to long. I am in dire need of a vehicle because I need to get my child to doctor and dentist appointments, food shopping, & just to be able to do things w/ her. I see it’s barely any help for low income families in NJ the 2 that’s listed I definitely know I don’t qualify for 1 because I have to be in their shelter and the other program I don’t live in the counties that’s listed. I need help like every other woman but how can I get the help if it’s none in my county?

  36. blanca meza says

    Hello my name is Blanca Meza im 28yrs old im a mother of two wonderfull boys, unfortunatly for the last two years we have be going thru the worst economic trouble ever i lost my job as a medical asisstant and living off calworks i have a 7and 2yrs old i share custody of my 7yrold withvdad and no car so taking him to our drop off or pick up site is hard i sonetimes dont have money forvthe bus so i dont make it please pl ease if anybody could help me with a car or other transpotation i would be so greatfull i live in los angeles,ca call me at3107223612

  37. hello my name is tracy am 48 and have a 13 year old chid we need help getting a car mine is messed up and dont have money to find out what is wrong with it can you help

  38. Hello
    I am 31years old mom of one five years ago find out i had a deadly illness but im still able to work but im living pay check to pay check some day i will go with our so my son is well taking care of. Now my car acting up i use it for work so if i don’t go work no money

  39. Norma Garses says

    Hi I’m a 31 year old widow who (like a lot of others) is struggling to make ends meet. I have 8 kids who I don’t have custody of because I am unable to care for them.They live with their grandmother and are well taken care of.But I myself need help.I am literally at the end of my rope to where I can barely cling on & I just feel like giving up & letting lose. Do you know of any programs in San Antonio Texas that will be able to give me a helping hand? Thank you so much for your time. May GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS.

  40. Hey my name is Sam I’m from Dayton Ohio my motor blew on me I need help getting it please call 9372706845

  41. Samantha Centers says

    I am in desperate need of reliable transportation. I’m 31 and just now getting my life back together from my poor choices and unfortunate situations. I’m a recovering heroin addict, almost a year clean now. I am almost finished with my legal troubles I had in the past, except for fines and costs. My only family I have is my sister who is state’s away. I have been a victim of domestic violence and I’m just trying to get back on my feet again. I could go on with my story but we all have one.. Some worse than others. I don’t like asking for help but, figured why not try. My number is 513-913-7273. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. If anyone can help I’d forever be grateful. Thankyou for your time.

  42. Hello, My name is Nancy G , I live in Lebanon NH, I am married to the greatest guy ever, my husband Vic. We live in a two room apartment with our kitty Blaze, which is fine by us. You see we met each other at a turning point in both our lives. We were both going through divorces, my husband had just recently gone through his a couple years prior to us meeting, but was still in that transitioning phase. Me I had just left a 7 year ….what I call a hibernation period in my life where nothing seemed to go any where in our marriage ,so I decided I wanted what was left of my life to be joyous and peaceful as I have many health issues. Vic and I have been tested a lot by the stresses of life, we lived in a hotel for our first year together, we tried to stay positive and look at it as our honeymoon :-)we have come a long way, we now have a two room apartment, and a 1999 Volvo that is dire need of repairs. We would love to be considered for help to repair our car. I believe it needs roughly $500-750 worth of work ,stabilizer link , struts? front tires, ect. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.Nancy &Vic G

    • Jason Sandifer says

      Dear, Angel Help Network

      I would like to express and acknowledged that I am very glad that there exist a vehicle program which have taken into consideration the necessity for vehicle transportation families

      On Friday, I received a call for employment, the opportunity was for over forty hours a week, with the possibility of overtime. However, I was unable to accept the available employment opportunity, due to not having a vehicle to drive there. I do not have anyone to drive me to this location. I am currently unemployed as of just over a couple of weeks ago. I currently utilize the public transportation (Bus) to travel, however, the public transit system does not travel to the location where the employment was offered. I have also just began to utilize a bicycle in conjunction with the transit system to broaden my employment options, and availability. I have simply needed a vehicle to explore various employment options which are available.

      I had my own vehicle, however, after my vehicle was inoperable due to engine malfunction, I paid over two hundred and fifty dollars to repair my vehicle, and it had malfunction and stalled while driving it only a few miles after leaving the repair facility.

      Moreover, later consequently because I had No where to store, or park my vehicle for a extended period of time, consequently my inoperable vehicle was towed away.

      In addition, I had No person to Help with the very minimal fee to retrieve my Vehicle therefore, it was sold at auction, also there were still a few personal items leftover in my vehicle this occurred over a couple years ago or so, I have been without a vehicle since this occurred.

      I currently commute via the public transit bus system currently, and I even more recently have begun to utilize my bike in conjunction with the public transit system during the last couple of weeks to maximize my availability and employment options, and opportunities.

      I have an College education
      I am a Publish Author of a Crime Prevention book

      I Do Not use any drugs of any kind, nor illegal drugs and never have, because they have the ability to impair cognitive activity, reasoning, and mental focus, and I prefer to maintain cognitive ability for memory, focus concentration etc.

      I would appreciate any information that you may provide to locate a vehicle assistance for employment program within my general local area of Oakland, Michigan.


      Jason Sandifer
      Oakland/Michigan-6/8//2016-1:35 pm
      Message Reposted and edited amended today for spelling errors

      Message resent today-1:50 pm

  43. Richard Joseph Ginocchi says

    Hi, I’m 34 years old and a recovering drug addict. I’ve been clean and in a program for almost 10 years now. I’ve been going back to school and only have 1 semester left to receive my first degree in GS and 2 semesters left for my Political Science degree. On top of that, I’ve been hired at my dream job. It required an F.B.I background check and I start the day I am cleared which will be any day now. I have a car. It’s a 2003 Toyota Camry. It overheated and I’ve paid every cent I had saved changing a thermostat and a radiator, but now they say I need to change the Head Gaskets. I’ve found the parts for $40 but the labor they want is insane. I would be willing to do anything at this point to help fix my car. If anyone anywhere has any suggestions please let me know. I live in Las Vegas NV. We are consistently rated the city with the worst public transportation in the country. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions.
    Richard Ginocchi

  44. Claudia Benavides says

    need help getting my car repaired because I don’t have the money to repair the mechanic said it cost2500 dollars to fix I’m a mother who is trying to look for work and can’t do nothing without my car I need help getting my car can you help or can recommend some resources that can, I live in Homestead Florida

  45. Elizabeth Edwards says

    Hello I’m a single mother of one 1 but I actually have two other kids. On Monday the 18th. It flood real bad and my only transportation was under water it going to cost me about 2500 for part for my 2000 Ford explorer. I really don’t have the money to fix it. The only income I had was my seasonal tax job. And now I really need help to repair my vehicle. If there any help out with there can anyone contact my with an email.

  46. I am a single mother of a two year old boy suffering from autism he is currently being treated at kaiser permanente in rancho Cordova and where we reside there is no busses or light rail station within 10 walking distanc so we have been reaching out to family and friends with little to no help we really need a safe reliable vehicle so he can continue his treatments we appreciate your help in advance

  47. Shelly Pennington says

    Hi. My name is Shelly and I’m a single mom of an 8 &12 year olds. I have stage three cancer and I am on disability. We don’t have s car and we desperately need one. I have trouble getting to my doctor and getting the Kids to where w
    They need to be. If I can’t get as car, i t could litterally life or death. If I miuss my chemo, my children could end up with no parent. Please help us get a car. I’m on disability and only get 800 dollars a month. There just isn’t enough for a car.

  48. Helllo I am a single mom of two kids one is a special needs child I am also relocating because of some domestic violence problems I have a poniac in need of repair where I live is dual and it’s a mile to the bus stop.I love in indianapolis are there places here that can help

  49. My name is Jolee Graham I am a single mother of 3 and also a student in college my car broke down 2 weeks ago and I am living off of tanf right now trying to finish school I’m in need of a car really bad if anyone has any information of how I can get one of those really appreciate it God bless you can get ahold of me at 309 300 0826

  50. Jamie Mitchell says

    Dear Angels of Mercy: My name is Jamie Mitchell and I’m unemployed with 2 boys in high school. I am 52 years old and I have Type 1 diabetes as well as my 15-year old son. Our medications are very expensive even with assistance. The complications from 42 years of my chronic disease has given me chronic MRSA and limits my work opportunities. I have been struggling for for more than two years after my former employer got rid of me because of my diabetes and while it is in legal arena, I am losing everything. I am not gonna give up, though. I am currently driving a 2003 Kia Rio which is nearing 200,000 miles, but I have already put in $2,400+ into it after only paying $800. It is getting old and rigor mortis is days away. I am currently seeking assistance with repairs of another $300+ so I can drive at night as the lights stopped working recently. My check engine light has been on four times in a year and a half causing the thousands of dollars in repairs! I just cannot afford them anymore with not having steady income coming in. I recently had a wreck as a result in getting (4) new used tires for $110 and I sure did pay for that. My car fishtailed in the rain and I slammed into the guardrail on the entrance ramp causing major damage to the front rim and blowing out the front tire. I was going about 45-50 miles per hour and this was frightening to say the least. When will this season end. This will cost another $400-$450 to repair. The mother of my sons will not let my boys come and see me as she is afraid for their safety in this car and so am I. Currently, I cannot drive my vehicle at night, with my boys nor on the interstate or long distance(3 hours away) to see my sister who is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. I have no friends or family, with additional funds, as times are tough for many people. I am hoping and praying to receive some help at this time. Is there some your company can do to assist me? If not, can you refer me to a company that can? I can be reached at 931-548-9949. Please call me as soon as you are able! Thanks and God Bless!!

  51. Leah Stewart says

    I just had to reply to you and this awesome site you have made here. You are a wonderful lady, and I appreciate all the time and research and work you have put into this, free of charge. Just out of the kindness of your heart! If there was even 1/10 of the people out there that were ad kind ad you, this world of ours would be such a better place. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! My name is Leah, I’m almost 51 years old, and I have a 16 yr old daughter still at home with me. I’m on SSDI due to severe arthritis & PTSD. My car is a wreck, I don’t know if it’s even repairable, but I’m in desperate need of transportation to Dr appointments for myself 2 times a week and to get my daughter to school & home. Hopefully I can find some Assistance with this here in Janesville Wis where we live. Agan, thank you for all of this information!! Have a Blessed Day!!

  52. Jenny Duke says

    Hello I’m a 52 yr old disabled single lady. I’m on a very fixed income. SSI and need help in finding a nice sm truck for free. My old truck breaks down leaving me stuck in my chair in the dead of winter.
    Your info is a God send to a lot of people but I saw nothing for the state of Washington are we just sol..pardon..or did I just miss it? My eyes are as bad as my truck . no joke.. Please any info would make an old lady day, RSVP to jenn c/o.
    And thank you and tell your mother thank you for raising a kind and caring soul As you are .. GOD bless you.

  53. Dionesia Waldon says

    I am so happy for this opportunity to ask for assistance for my family. We have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the engine locked on us a week after we moved into our new Section 8 home it’s going to cost a lot to get it fixed and we are seeking help for my husband who works 2 jobs . Please we need your help

  54. I’m a single disabled mom looking for help have no car and need to get to doctors appointments

  55. Thank you for all this wonderful info and taking your own time and putting it into giving people helpful resources your awesome! Thanks again

  56. Angela Money says

    Thank you so much for your time, effort, and dedication to collecting all this information. I’ve surfed for last 2 days trying to find help for my daughter and grandson. Wish I had came across your site first; would have saved me a lot of time. Not to mention, I hadn’t collect a fraction of programs that you have listed here. Thank you again

  57. Kimberly Williams says

    I’m so in need of help fixing my jeep life has really been hard for me n my 14 daughter cause pretty much my jeep was our shelter plus I need to get doctors appointments n she need to get to school In Jesus’s name can somebody please help me

  58. Kimberly Adams says

    I am in need of many car repairs. I have MS and a limited income. Could you please help me find an organization that could help?

    Thank you,
    Kimberly Adams

  59. W. Mori-Ramos says

    Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you! What a great resource. You are so right, this information is not readily available, and is such a huge need. Thank you for spending the time, energy, and perhaps even money to put out this information that is helpful to so many.

  60. jilisa obrient says

    I am single mother of four kids and in need of a car. I’ve been struggling this past year. Lost my job, my home and my car. It’s been so hard trying to get to interviews, doctor appointments, go to grocery shopping and other business on the bus with four kids. Not having transportation has been hard to get my life back on track. I need help please.

  61. Theresa Straehl says

    I am 44yo Single Mother & Grandmother. I have an extreme emotional (psychological) disabled daughter 16yo who has been in & out of inpatient hospitals 13 times over past 3yrs. She can’t attend regular public school, therefore she attends an Alternative H.S. and is working hard towards Graduating in 2017. She is currently a Junior (11th grade). The school she attends in NOT in our District. I live in a rural area of Wisconsin & the local school district doesnt offer Alt Education. The school my daughter has been attending since Sept 2014 is about 20miles away. I have paid friends & family to transport her to & from school since Feb 2015. My car was salvaged after the engine block cracked in February. I am the SOLE caretaker & Legal Guardian of my 3yo granddaughter. Her mother is my oldest daughter who is 25yo. She has been an Addict, in & out of jail or rehab since pregnant with my granddaughter. I have raised my granddaughter since birth & became obtained custody 2yo after her Father died from Heroin overdose at age 23. My granddaughter has nobody else to care & provide for her since her mother is unable to, her Father is deceased & his side of Family won’t accept my granddaughter into their lives. She has NEVER met any family members from her Fathers side. She has been diagnosed as Severe Developmental Delay. Physically she is fine. She has learning disabilities & behavior problems. Nov 30 she will attend Early Child Education within the Elementary level of local school district. She will attend 5 days week, 3hr each day. The school provides transportation, however my granddaughter has extreme Sensory issues, where sounds (that most ppl don’t even notice) will throw her into full-blown meltdowns. The driver isn’t trained to handle such issues. My fear is that when the weather becomes colder, I won’t be able to provide some basic needs for BOTH my girls. I won’t be able to walk thru mounds of snow, carrying groceries & pushing a stroller with my granddaughter strapped in. I don’t have family to depend on, they passed away from Cancer. My only brother lives in Tennessee. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor myself. I HAVE worked ALL my adult life. Until the needs of both children came between work & having to care for them. I don’t regret having to give up very well-paying career. I would do anything for my Angels. Even asking for help, when I am so accustom to taking care of them on my own. My family is desperately in need of transportation. There is NO public transportation in my area for 30 miles. I contacted local County Agencies. There is no help for us, since the need for a reliable vehicle isn’t for getting & keeping a job. I DO WORK. Just not outside my home.

  62. Daneen Phillips says

    Interested in a free low income car. I am homeless due to domestic violence. Thank you

  63. Dominique Pace says

    Good morning, my name is Dominique Pace and I’m unemployed with 3 kids. I have been struggling for a while now just trying not to give up. I’m currently seeking assistance with repairing my vehicle to pass inspection. The check engine has been on for several months and I cannot afford the repairs. The back brakes went out yesterday as I was returning home with the kids from their school. We were terrified as the car slid all over the road. I was able to regain control and make it home safely driving very slow. I have no friends or family able to help at this time. Is there some your company can do to assist me? If not, can you refer me to a company that can? My phone number is 214 714 8689, please contact me asap!

  64. Single disabled mother with ssi and ssdi but on secretly fixed income if I work around 20 hours a week. I live in Colorado and need new tires or even decent used tires as mine are illegal at this time. I need help before the snow flies. Any one know of help for me?

  65. Bailey Bigham says

    I’ve added the contact info for a young, single mom that is hard working, and needs a reliable car for her business and her 11 month old.
    Thank you so much for this list. This is the third person for whom I’ve needed to help find a car.

  66. Low income single mother or 4 kids only one working car and its about to breakdown had check engine light on and can’t afford repairs on my own looking for program to help

  67. Dotty simpson says

    Hi I live north Iam a senior need to found help getting some work on my car. Few items need fixing I have no air or heat.for one thing. Winter is coming need car for cancer doc plus others.
    Fixed income have no extra moneyreally need some help

  68. Hi my name is amber and I live in phoenix az as I was reading threw I didn’t see anything for car assists for Arizona I was wondering is there any program here that will help

  69. I just wanted to let you know that the Syracuse, NY “Independence Through Transportation Program” is no longer active. I am currently looking for a vehicle for my two young children and myself and looked into that program and they said it is no longer active. Just giving you and others in the area a heads up! ?

  70. Janet Gulliford says

    I live in Beaverton Mi 48612. Is their anything around me that helps out on free cars? I have a disabled daughter that lives with me along with her 5 year old son. I am receiving only $464 a month widow benefits. I also been going to the doctors allot for my back pain. Muscle and none degenstive disorder. . Thank you. . I really hope you can help me. .

  71. Shelley Reaves says

    Where can I get help in NC. Wheels for hope only helps people on disability working or drug rehab. Does Apex UMC help. On disability. Car needs $1200.00 worth of work. My income is $750. Have back injuries but drive n get around. Lots appts. 919-225-4549. If no answer. 919-824-1748. Thanks. Really need help

  72. My family really need a car

  73. aileen gomez says

    Hello im looking to see if someone in riverside ca area can fix my car im low income and single mother of 3 children my oldest starts school soon and i dont have the money to fix my car by myself to get around town and take my kids out if you kniw any information can please email me back thank you

  74. Hi, I am a 27 yr old single mother of 3 children. Twins boy and girl who will be 8 years old in october and my little boy will be 4 end of November. I have been a single mother now for almost a year and it is rough. We live in las vegas,nv and their dad moved to georgia. I dont have really any family or friends to help. I greatful because after being a stay at home mom for 6 years and in an abussive relationship, ive got a job but unfortunately im not working a lot of hours and it is so hard to find another job. With it being soo hot as well my kids complain about walking. My oldest son has epilepsy and we are constantly going to the doctor. Which is on oposite side of town as well. So with school work and my little one its hard to manage time.I did not see any resourses in las vegas at all. If anyone knows of any please i would greatly appriciate if youd email me. I look around constantly for any resource for help of any sort because i really am struggling. Ive come a long way and i thank God for that. I just would love to be a better mom and not struggle as much. Thank you for taking time to hear my story. God bless!

  75. Keith Steine says

    I am a combat vet who lost his wife and now my only car with a family of 5 and school right around the corner I could really use some help in either getting my car fixed or help in getting something that will get me and my children to the Doctors and to by food. I am in a very hardship situation and will take any advice prayers anything to help me keep my children in school. I am begging for help for me and my children. I don’t care what I have to do in order to do for my children.

  76. Sandra Dee says

    I am a social worker working with someone who owns a car, but cannot drive it because he cannot afford the registration fees. Are there any programs that would assist with this? Please let me know. Thanks!

  77. Fay Henderson says

    I am a mature single mom with a young teen living in Atlanta. I have recently started a job I love ,which will go great with my second seasonal hospitality job. Sadly,it takes me 2 hours on Marta to make a 15 to 20 minute commute by car. It is very stressful and costs more than the gas my old Saturn used. I am in need of a vehicle. I would appreciate ANY suggestions ! I am willing to agree to a Realistic payment plan.
    Please call Fay Henderson @ 404 454 6990

  78. Jane Gladfelter says

    I am a therapist working with a family in Franklinton, NC. This family has just moved into an apartment after being homeless and living in shelters. The family is mom and 3 kids..12, 14, 15 (1 girl, 2 boys). The mom left the abusive dad, who has drug/alcohol problems about 9 months ago. One of the boys is my client that I see 3x’s a week to help him understand what happened in the past is not his fault. The client is making progress in accepting what happened is wrong and no one’s fault. Mom is so invested in her son’s treatment, she is trying very hard to be settled in a home, provide for her children and have a car so she can get a job. The bills get paid monthly and then the family has no money the last 10 days of the month.

    I am hoping you can help me find a car for the mom. Currently she has 500.00 to put towards a car. Please let me know what you find. I appreciate it your efforts.

    Thank you!
    Jane Gladfelter
    NC Mentor
    3125 Poplarwood Ct.
    Raleigh, NC 27604

  79. Jesus Anguiano says

    I really need help getting a free car, my life has been crazy the last year and half with 3 Surgerys. To my right foot and Ankle, almost loosing my foot to a bad infection, I lost 2 jobs because I could not work due to slowing down to my Disabilities. I live in Victorville Ca. 92395 and would like to go to the nearest location to get a free car please help because trying to get to the doctor, Store etc.. Is Very tough. Thank you Cell 760-261-9626.

  80. Janene Gomillion says

    I need help getting my car repaired because I don’t have the money to repair because it cost 400 dollars to fix I’m a single mother who is trying to look for work and can’t do nothing without my car I need help getting my car can you help or can recommend some resources that can

  81. tim nerebout says

    Hey I need help to Fix my car to pass staftey an emmisions it just smokes a lot were can I get low fix income to fix my car in utah

  82. Amy sawyers says

    Hi. I am needing help. I’m a low income family AMD need four tires for my car. They are size 14. They are so bad that the wire is coming through half of all the tires. I am so scared to drive it. I’m looking to find where I can go that will help me with these tires. Please amd thank you..

  83. hello im trying to find a program that will help me get my car fixed so i can get it inspected. My inspection ran out in march. I need front brakes and 2 new tires for it to pass inspection. Can you help me out with this at all?

  84. anonymous says

    Hi I have a question for you do you give the cars for free.

  85. crystal sims says

    I’m in need of some help with getting my car fixed I’m a single mom of a 9 month old little boy if anybody can help me please reach out to me at 407 535 3551 thank you

  86. Mark English says

    i need a car to find work i am on ssi rent a room in a house don;t have low income housing and i desperatly need a car to help find work and do things with my daughter whom lives with my dad

  87. Ozell Ward, Jr. says

    I’ve lost my job and my car needs a wheel and tired. It’s my only way to get to a job and I live to far away and there isn’t any public transportation this far out. I need help. I’m losing everything because I can’t get to work. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  88. I can’t find help with a car ANYWHERE!!! I want to work but can’t save for a car because I can’t get to work and the bus runs twice a day where I live. I feel so hopeless and ready to give up.

  89. Joan Quarles says

    Thank you for publishing helpful info. I’m a 70-year-old woman w/COPD , among other stuff, who has a dying ’04 Focus (FORD=Found On the Road Dead) and a very low fixed income. My senior housing is literally in the hinterlands where there’s no transportation. I’m afraid and depressed, but your site has given me hooe that perhaps SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will/can help me get my car repaired.
    Blessings to you.