Why Music Education is Vital for Our Children

Encouraging your children to learn new things is a great way to help them discover their passions and grow as people. From baseball to ballet, exposing your children to a variety of activities can help them better understand their strengths and find new ways to express themselves. You can hire piano teachers, sign your kid up for painting classes, or enroll your child in a local sports team. But getting your kids involved in these activities … [Read more...]

Great Little Affordable Car for Teens/College Students

Summer is here for some, and for others there is still a few more final exams until school is out. Teens are going to want to be out every day this summer hanging out with friends, going to the movies, beach, concerts, sleep overs, some might even take up a summer job for some extra cash. All those activities will be much easier to do with a car of course. But for new drivers, taking up a big suped up truck or fast sports cars is a no go. Teens … [Read more...]

Escape the Minivan Rut

Being a parent is hard enough. Especially since life doesn't come with instructions. Parenting can be wonderful and rewarding at the same time. There’s a lot of information and opinions in this world on how we “should” and "shouldn't" raise our children. In the end when it comes to parenting we need do what we feel is best for our own families.  Having children changes our life in so many ways. If you have a … [Read more...]

Make This Summer Worth Talking About

Schools all over are already letting out, kids are home for the summer, some may go off to summer camp, stay with relatives, or just stay home. But to avoid having your kids  in doors all summer, how about a fun family vacation, or if you do decide to stay in have a great fun-filled night in, like ordering pizza, watching movies or playing board games. Give them a great summer to remember, and when they go back to school in the fall they'll … [Read more...]

After Pregnancy Health: What Nobody Tells You

Women are usually prepared for the many changes that come with pregnancy, but postpartum body issues often come as a surprise. Few women are able to give birth and get right back to their old self. Typically there are months of recovery as your body transitions from pregnancy to new motherhood. Here’s a closer look at six body issues many new mothers aren’t prepared for because they aren’t aware the problems are a possibility after … [Read more...]

Free Diapers For Low-Income Families

Diapers are not a luxury item, they are a basic need low-income families are struggling with. This is a silent crisis with many parents and caregivers who often will find themselves trying to decide whether they should pay for rent, food or diapers. If you or someone you know is in need of diapers, please use our directory,"Free Diapers For Low-Income Families" below to find a diaper bank in your area.  It saddens … [Read more...]