Looking for a new cartoon for your kid? Here are the best ones to stream right now

The digital age changed the game in numerous areas, but it also improved things when it came to children’s entertainment. Kids nowadays probably don’t know, but in the before times, children used to watch whatever it happened to be on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and in the majority of cases, it was some obnoxious show trying to sell an overpriced toy. Instead, at the moment, adults have better control over what their kids watch, as they will find plenty of alternatives with just a Google search. However, that leads to another challenge, as you might not know what to pick because you have so many options.

But don’t worry, as we got you covered. Here are the best cartoons you can encourage your kids to watch, which they will surely love.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is a fantastical anime you can see on Netflix that follows the life of Kipo Oak. Kipo is a 13-year-old girl forced to leave her underground city to face the dangers of a dystopian world. The series has three seasons, and all the episodes are creative, clever, completely wonderful, and seriously weird. If your kid is a sci-fi fan, this show will undoubtedly be for them.


This wildly creative Netflix show follows the life of a friendly little girl, Hilda, as she moves to a big city from the elf-laden woods of Scandinavia. Thanks to her love of nature, she succeeds in creating bonds between the magical kingdom and the human world. Hilda finds herself in various scary situations, but thanks to her bravery and commitment to understanding, she can see both sides of the conflict and handle the peril.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls has a little bit of Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, The X-Files, and Scooby-Doo, but even though it contains some adult influences, it is a show that will surely capture your child’s attention. The animated series presents the life of a pair of twins and their uncle, Pacific Northwest. The show is suitable for both children and adults, thanks to its compelling storyline, fantastic beasts, and whip-smart jokes.

Miffy and Friends

Miffy and Friends is a cute, adorable preschool series for small kids. The show follows the life of a young rabbit called Miffy and the everyday activities around her. This animated show is based on the books written by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The books have attracted many fans, selling over 85 million copies worldwide. Thanks to Miffy’s timeless, distinct, and versatile nature, she has become one of the most beloved characters around the globe.

If your little one loves Miffy, you need to know there is a special place, Miffytown, where kids can play, learn, and discover several interesting things with Miffy. Here, children make plenty of friends, jump, relax, and laugh as they meet an environment that makes them feel happy and free. Moreover, they will have plenty of activities and can even plant their own flower bulbs, thus taking the first steps into gardening.

Ask the StoryBots

Netflix’s StoryBots is one of the best shows you can encourage your kids to watch. The episodes focus on Boop, Beep, Bang, Bing, and Bo, who respond to important questions like: Why do we recycle? How do our eyes work? Why do we catch a cold? The storytelling is fun and goofy, but the answers are scientifically sound, so it is no surprise that the show won multiple Emmy awards.

Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor is the first Disney Latina princess (so far the only one) and the main character of this series. The show headlines the princess’s endearing and vivid fantasy adventure as she balances her lust for new experiences with royal duties. The storyline will surely appeal to your kids, so give it a try.

SpongeBob SquarePants

This yellow, porous, and absorbent character is one of the most beloved figures worldwide, and the series has withstood the test of time, bringing SpongeBob underwater and wild adventures to kids of all generations. We absolutely love the action of this show, from the driving lessons at Mrs. Puff’s boating school to the dinner at the Krusty Krab. However, if we were to choose a thing we could do well without, that would be Squidward’s clarinet.

Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls focuses on three cute little sisters with unique superpowers ready to battle all their rivals both in the rebooted and original versions. The girls were created by the Professor, who combined some spice, sugar, and everything else he found nice with some chemical X, and thus, the powerful trio came into being. These fantastic three girls prove that not all heroes must wear capes, as sometimes they can also wear colorful dresses.

Doc McStuffins

Dottie wants to follow her mother’s career and become a doctor when she grows up. Still, because she has much time until that moment, in the meantime, she chooses to start studying. And truly, what’s the point of waiting if you can always begin practicing on your stuffed animals? This is an excellent show for your kid, as it will offer some healthy habits that will be good to follow.


It is never easy to fit into a new environment, especially if you happen to be a vampire who moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania with your supernatural family. So, can little Vampirina, called Vee for short, fit into a world of mortals? Well, obviously, yes, as this is the series’ storyline. Your kids will be mesmerized to see her macabre-lite culture come to life in this Disney series.

Which of these series do you think your kid will love?

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