10 Reasons Why You Should Own an Automatic Litter Box

Imagine if each time you went to use the toilet, someone else had already used it and left a mess behind. That is what happens to your cats each time they use the litter box. Now imagine there was a device out there that could clean your kitty’s litter box after each use, leaving it fresh and new for them to use. There are such devices out there, and they are called self-cleaning litter boxes. They are game changers when it comes to litter hygiene. It will not only change your cat’s life but yours as well.

10 Reasons Why You Should Own an Automatic Litter Box

Here are 10 reasons why you should own an automatic litter box:

1. It Cleans Each Time They Go

You never had to scoop the poop again. These robotic boxes clean up after your kitty each time they go. If you have a cat that hates when their litter box is dirty, or, if you have multiple cats, these automatic litter boxes are definitely something you should invest in.

2. It’s Healthier

A clean litter box leaves your cat healthier. It’s more sanitary and will keep them happy and comfortable. A healthy cat will cost you less at the vet. Moreover, a clean litter box will keep them comfortable for a long and happy life.

3. There Are So Many Options

FelineLiving does an excellent review of all the types of litter boxes that are available. There is something available for everyone, and all different budgets. There are even boxes that hook up to your plumbing and wash the litter after each use, allowing it to be used over and over again.

4. It Saves Time

When you don’t have to spend time scooping, you can use that time for something else. Empty out the traps a couple of times a week, and you are good to go. You can spend this extra time cuddling with your kitty.

5. It Pampers Your Pet

Imagine if someone cleaned your toilet after each use, you’d feel pretty special. These boxes do just that for your furry friend.

6. It Reduces Odor

Automatic litter boxes significantly reduce litter box odors in your home. Each time your pet goes, the litter is sorted, and the waste is stored in an internal bin. This bin will contain all the odors.

7. Less Waste

There is less waste with automatic litter boxes. Since the waste is scooped out, it leaves the remaining litter in the box for your pet to use.

8. Empty Once a Week

Automatic litter boxes are designed to store the used litter in a bin for up to a week. You can set these devices and forget about them until your garbage day.

9. Save Money

By using an automatic litter box, you will save money on cat litter each month. The boxes are designed to hold less litter, and there is less waste each time it is scooped. While they may cost more up front, the savings will come over time.

10. Your Cat Will Love You

By having a clean box each time they go, your cat is going to be both happier and healthier. In turn, your cat will probably love you more. A happy cat is a loveable cat.

Automatic litter boxes are the way of the future for cat care. They will lead to healthier, cleaner cats who will be very happy with their new boxes. Your home will be more sanitary as well, and a reduction in litter-box smell will leave your family and visitors pleased. You will also save time scooping litter and from cleaning the pan. While these may cost more to get started, the benefits of having an automatic litter box significantly outweigh this added cost. Moreover, the savings in litter costs will eventually make up for the initial price.

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