3 Places to Visit on Your Next Trip to Colorado

3 Places to Visit on Your Next Trip to Colorado
One of the great things about living in Colorado is that you don’t have to fit all of your trips into a specific time of year. As a Coloradan, you already know the wide variety of attractions for visitors of all ages year round. Colorado, after all, is known for its natural beauty, dramatic landscapes and outdoor activities.
Where to start? There are the Rocky Mountains, the high desert, wild rivers and streams to explore. Hikers, skiers, mountain bikers and climbers alike will find the perfect landscape to challenge and inspire them in Colorado.
Preparing for your road trip in Colorado
Colorado offers expansive roads to drive on making it the perfect state for road trips. The breathtaking landscapes ought to keep you awake as you drive along any of the state’s highways to your next destination. 
The state is also relatively safe for drivers. Colorado State Patrol recorded a total of 21,637 crashes in 2015. With a population of a little more than 5.3 million, the state has a low fatality rate of 1.0 per 100 million miles.
Even though the state’s roadways are fairly safe, it’s no time to take the risk of having inadequate coverage, or worse, letting the policy lapse altogether. Colorado auto insurance laws require all drivers to have some form of coverage.
The good news is that policies are quite affordable. In 2013, the average insurance cost was $777.74, ranking 23
rd among all U.S. states.
Be sure to update your car insurance before you set out on the road. You’ll avoid fines and penalties and have peace of mind knowing your liabilities will be covered. 
Places to visit in Colorado
If you’re tired of sitting at home and watching TV, hop in the car and visit some of Colorado’s most famous attractions!
Here are three Colorado trips that are sure to knock your socks off.
Rocky Mountain National Park
The Rocky Mountains are probably the most famous of all Colorado’s attractions. The Rocky Mountains are the state’s trademark. They are situated in one of the most popular national parks in the United States, the Rocky Mountain National Park.
You don’t have to be an expert climber to enjoy the awe-inspiring views from the peaks of the mountains. The Trail Ridge Road is one of the most popular driving routes in the park. The road will get you up to 12,000 feet and allow you to enjoy the expansive views, all from the comfort of your car.
If you’re feeling energetic, you can park the car and hike part of the way up. It’s an easy walk.
The park is a great place for hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, climbing and viewing wildlife in the summer. It’s also a great site for winter trips!
The Million Dollar Highway
Fancy driving? If you love to drive, then the Million Dollar Highway will inspire you. The highway offers a scenic drive that stretches from Silverton – an old mining town – all the way to Ouray. The 28-mile highway takes you along mountainsides on one side and a jaw-dropping cliff edge on the other. If you’re afraid of looking down, look up to the spectacular mountain peaks of the mountain ranges. 
Colorado National Monument
You can’t claim to have visited the top attractions in Colorado without visiting the National Monument. The monument consists of a breathtaking landscape of cliff walls and rock spires that are larger than anything you’ve ever encountered and canyons. The surrounding desert is spotted with small trees and bushes. You can access the Monument by driving along one of the most scenic roads in the State.
Colorado is a haven for road trip enthusiasts and day trippers alike. There’s a lot to do and even more to see; all you need to do is hop into your car.
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