5 Cool Animals To Keep That Help Educate Your Kids


Pets are great, especially for kids. Most of us will remember our first pet, whether that was a dog, cat, rabbit or hamster, the relationship we had with them as children will have shaped us as adults.

For children, having a pet help develops certain areas, including:

  • Physically: Motor skills when running with our pets.

  • Social: Children learn to interact with pets, just as they would with other people.

  • Emotional: Kids will develop a natural sense of responsibility, as well as self-esteem.

  • Cognitive: As your children will grow up with your pet, they may take a special interest in them, meaning they will want to know more, which is a great attribute for any child.

The cognitive area is a great aspect of having a pet, especially for children. As parents, you want to help shape your kids into well rounded adults.

If you are thinking about having a pet, have a look at these five, rather cool, animals that will help educate your kids:


Rather than just belonging at the farm, Chickens have become an increasing popular pet. They teach kids about taking responsibility. Whilst they may not be as high maintenance as other pets, they certainly require quality housing. Eggshell’s hen houses provide Chickens and Hens with a safe environment, and where children can also watch and learn.


The UK’s number one pet, found in more homes than any other animal, and it is easy to see why. Most dog breeds are great for families with children, and it is because children can learn so much from their four legged friend. Having any pet is a huge responsibility, and especially having a dog, but your kids can learn and develop lots of physical, social and emotional aspects of their own.


Having a smaller pet, such as a hamster can be extremely educating to a child. A hamster, being the small creature that it is, will teach your children just how fragile life is and how some creatures depending on the love and care from others.


You may cringe at the very idea of having a spider, willingly, in your home. But it can be an extremely educational pet for your child. Apart from the responsibility element of keeping a pet, it will also teach your children not to be afraid of such things, and will encourage them to find out more about the species. Even though having a spider is pretty cool, it may not be the best pet if you have smaller children. Some species, like the Tarantula, are not recommended if you have


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