5 Interesting Facts About CDPAP People Don’t Know

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is an home-care program. Medicaid initiates it for people living in New York state. When you need assistance with activities involving skilled care or daily chores CDPAP is best for you. If you have a stable medical condition, getting help is best for you.

5 Interesting Facts About CDPAP People Don't Know

Here are 5 of the most interesting facts about CDPAP:

1. Choosing Who Cares for You

One can avail health care services and home care for either short or long term. This is different from the traditional home care systems that are in place. With CDPAP, individuals or close relatives like cousins or children are allowed to get paid to deliver personal care. As long as they are not the spouse, compensation is given.

The personal assistant does not have to hold a license or hold a special certification. The training is offered on-site with the help of the consumer’s doctor and himself/herself. The patient’s insurance company decides the hours the consumer is eligible for.

2. Care at Home

It is important to know about CDPAP when you wish to be a part of it. A little background helps build trust in the program. In CDPAP, care is always offered in one’s own home. It makes it easy and comfortable for the person who needs the support and care. It helps you reduce stress and pressure of staying away from home. A familiar environment is always better to feel at ease.

3. Easing the Workload

For the people who need support, seeking professional home care is the best way to ease the workload. You would get help in taxing daily activities such as showering, dressing, and eating. It is a good idea to go for professional help when you are having a medical condition.

4. Finding Out the Needs

It is important that one should be medically assessed with the help of a physician or any qualified professional before one decides about the home care hiring process. If you want a caregiver to be with you every day around the clock, it is important that you mention it in your application. This would help the agency to offer you split duties amongst its home care workers.

5. Consumers Don’t Pay

When you are on Medicaid, you will be eligible for the home care service without paying anything more. Once a person requests for a personal assistant from CDPAP, all that they have to do is to prove that need care. The doctor’s assessment document will be collected followed by a nurse’s visit to set your home care. There is absolutely no additional cost to the consumer.

Unlike the classic home care, CDPAP attendants can do more for you. They can administer oxygen or inject insulin to the consumer if they need it. With CDPAP, home care is more efficient and good for the consumer. With time, healthcare is constantly changing. The needs and concerns of the consumers have become more complicated, but with CDPAP, it is more accessible and easy to suit the needs of an individual.


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