5 Tips For Training Your Dog

There is excitement in the air when you are bringing home a puppy or a rescued adult dog. You would be able to train any dog regardless of its age and breed. It is important to train your dog to have harmony at home. It helps your dog understand what is acceptable and what is not. For some breeds, training is essential as it might result in embarrassing moments.

5 Tips For Training Your Dog

Here are the top-5 tips for training your dog in the right way:

1. Make a list

First, compile a list of things that you would like your dog to do. Make a parallel list of not to do things. Basic commands like ‘come’, ‘go’, ‘sit down’, ‘fetch’ are ideal to be on your list. You might want to add ‘licking people in the face’, ‘begging for food’, ‘making a mess’ to be on the not to do list. This list will help you train your dog as it would suit your household.

2. Be consistent

When you want your dog to understand you, consistency is the key. Changing your ideas often might confuse your pet. When you want your dog to be in its bed, insist upon it every day and do not encourage it to climb on your bed for a day or two. Being consistent is the right way to have your pet trained effectively.

3. Pay attention to the behavior pattern

There may be times when you find your dog unwell and unsettled. It is important to pay attention to your dog to understand what it wants. It is tricky when your dog is in pain or feels sick. There are many supplements available in the market today to help your dog stay healthy and strong without pain.  

4. Encourage good behavior

Although giving treats is a good way to encourage your pet, do not make it a habit. Giving more attention, scratching the ears, a word of praise and a cuddly hug are better ways to encourage good behavior in your dog. Balance out treats vs attention to encourage your dog to behave well. It holds true when you control your dog from behaving in the wrong way. Do not traumatize your dog but be patient and encourage it when it behaves right.

5. Be patient

Patience is the key to grooming your dog. There would be frustrating times when your dog wouldn’t listen to you. You might want to take your dog for a walk and it might misbehave seeing other dogs. Be patient and allow your dog time to understand and adjust to your home. Some dogs may show extreme discomfort to cats or other dogs. Do not force your dog to behave in the way you want it to.

It is a fun and rewarding experience being a pet-parent. Be careful not to overstep when you train your dog. When you train older dogs, they would have some behavior patterns learned in their previous homes. They might take more time fitting in your new home. It is comparatively easier to train a puppy than an adult dog.

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