6 Notable Ways A Pet Can Support You Emotionally

Pets are a notable asset and companion in many people’s homes, and some may wonder about the emotional support that they have to offer, considering that they are so dependent on us. Despite this, your pet has a vital role to play in your life because they can lift your spirits. Some doctors may even advise that some people keep an emotionally supportive pet around when they have a mental disorder. 

So what are six critical ways that pets can impact us so much emotionally?

Anxiety Relief When Flying 

For people with anxiety issues, flying with a pet could benefit you. Some individuals find traveling to be difficult and may only travel when it becomes a necessity, such as during family vacations or when seeking medical treatment. A pet can make the trip fun and easy considering that it will offer you a support that operates differently from those tactics you are used to. Licensed mental health professionals at https://therapetic.org/ often advise anxious travelers to register for a screening test before traveling. Such a step will bring you closer to acquiring an emotional support animal letter; therefore, you can feel free to travel anywhere with your pet. Anyone having anxiety issues during a flight can remain focused on the pet instead of being overwhelmed by their fear of height. Despite that, pets come in handy during trips given that patients who have mental illness deserve a chance to fly, and they can’t do it without a pet around.

Besides, during those times when the world appears troubling, the pet will be with you every step of the way. During those moments when you are feeling anxious, fearful, agitated, or you are down, your supportive and affectionate pet could divert your attention from those troubling thoughts. Considering that the pet is neither agitated nor depressed, you will recalibrate and reset your emotions.

Pets Work Hand in Hand with Other Types of Treatment

Pets can be integrated into some types of treatment to bring relief to the owner. Pets have long been used alongside cognitive-behavioral therapy, and they have helped facilitate the lifestyle that an ailing person needs. If other forms of therapy are unsuccessful, doctors have found that including a pet in the care plan can be an efficacious treatment. 

Facilitate the Production of Neurotransmitters

Pets tend to increase certain neurochemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin. These are closely associated with bonding and love. Certain studies have revealed that dopamine is produced when the owner looks into the dog’s eyes. The effect is that it increases your love capacity and caring nature and reduces depression and anxiety. In case you are always lonely, having a furry companion can reduce feelings of isolation. 

The Offer Unconditional Love

For people who may be socially isolated, a pet could offer the unconditional love they have been searching for for a long time. The love shared between a mentally ill person, and their pet can be a means to get those affected by mental illness back on their feet. The relationship could end up improving a person’s physical health, and it may also reduce the symptoms associated with their illness. Having a loving relationship with a pet could even be a stepping stone to improve social interaction with other humans. 

They Help in Regulating Feelings

Patients who have been diagnosed with a mental condition may experience challenges when handling daily issues. However, research studies have shown that the presence of a pet, as well as petting an animal can regulate psychological stimulation, improving a person’s mood, and helping to reduce anxiety. The pet offers genuine connections and quick attention when demand, and during this time, human emotions tend to stabilize. 

They Offer Social Support

Some people see their pets as a member of the family. Such pets can help improve a person’s health, given that they are perfect social companions. When a pet gets psychologically close to its owner, they tend to offer benefits that are similar to a friend’s companionship. A recent study revealed that the social support established from a pet helps improve immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular functions. This would mean that the support offered by the pet should be necessary for jogging or regulating blood pressure; the relationship between the pet and its owner is a healing process.

Pets are great companions and have been at mankind’s side for thousands of years, it’s no wonder that they have such a large impact on our emotional health. For some, the emotional support that animals offer can be akin to medications used to treat mental disorders. 

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