6 Tips to Move Out Without Stress

It’s a rainbow of emotions that you’ll go through when moving out from one apartment and moving into a new one. From the nostalgia of the memories you had in your old apartment to the excitement of creating new ones in your next one, there’s no denying that the number one emotion everyone goes through is stress. And perhaps frustration. 

Packing, moving, unpacking, and arranging requires time and patience. So how do you do it with less stress? Here are some tips to help you get through it all:

  • Move some things early

Depending on when you start your lease, the goal here is to work backward. From the date, you get to move in, decide what objects and items you can pack away, and move to your home in advance. Check with the current tenants to see if you can get this done and if it’s a yes, pack things into suitcases or boxes and send them away to your new home. You will have fewer boxes to move on moving day. 

  • Start packing early 

It matters how early you start. It’s not about getting things packed as long as everything is ready to go by moving day. If you do the latter, you’ll end up getting stressed out because time is pressing upon you and if you’re not someone who works well under pressure, you’re likely to pack haphazardly or miss things out. Starting to pack early means getting the right amount of boxes and the right sizes to get your things packed property. Packing early also means that you can declutter, donate, sell, discard things as you go. 

  • Stay organized

Maybe you do work well at the last minute but some things are worth the extra time and effort spent doing it earlier and one of those things is packing. Why wouldn’t you want to start early especially if you have plenty of valuable things- valuable in a sense of how much money it costs as well as the memories that make these objects and items your treasure. The Harry Potter collectors edition series you waited in line for or the Pokemon cards you’ve been collecting or the vintage crystal vase you purchased at an auction- all of these items deserve extra time and care to organize into boxes, labeled and ready to move. 

  • Prioritize your packing

While it’s good to be organized, not everything needs to be packed pristinely well. Save time by prioritizing which items need more attention to detail and which items can be dumped into garbage bags and taken into your new place. It saves time, saves hassle, and saves you stress. 

  • Utilize existing materials

Look around your home and put aside items and objects that can be used as packing materials. Items such as baskets, wicker boxes, empty jugs, containers, and even empty plant pots work great as packing containers to put other things. Use huge blankets to store clothing, pillowcases, and bedsheets to buffer fragile items. You can save money and the environment by purchasing bubble wrap. 

  • Get help

If you’re moving from one space to another, then asking for help is a great idea. To clean, get help from cleaners such as Texas Xtreme clean or from moving companies to help you pack and move. Get friends to help earlier on when you start packing early and then as the day draws closer, hire cleaners to clean your home at least three days before moving day. 

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