7 Tips for Staying Sober on Vacation

7 Tips for Staying Sober on Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but that is not always the case, especially for those trying to stay sober. These kinds of trips could become stressful since it can be hard to avoid the bars and hip places where you are supposed to have fun when you are vacationing. The following are a few tips to keep you sober without disturbing your peace. 

1. Beyond the Drink 

One thing you will have to figure out is how you can drink without going to bars or any place that serves alcohol, which can be a little tempting for you. What you want to do is participate in outings where the drink is going to be safe for you. Those who love coffee could simply hit one of the trendy coffee houses that continue to pop up all over the place. You could also consider going to health juice bars where you can enjoy a smoothie or raw drink. Some of these health juice bars may serve kombucha drinks, which taste like sodas but are much healthier. 

2. Treat Yourself, it’s Okay 

Everyone knows how expensive drugs and alcohol can be. You no longer have to worry about this expense since you do not have to budget your vacation money to afford the substance you were having trouble with. Now that you have additional money to spend, you could spend it on other activities like a spa or massage. You could also enjoy the outdoors, which can be quiet calming. Keep in mind that stress can be a trigger. The manner in which you choose to enjoy yourself is really up to you, and you’ve worked hard enough to pamper yourself. 

3. Think Outside the Box a Bit 

It is important to think outside of the box regarding what you are going to be doing during your vacation. Regular tourist activities like bar hopping will likely expose you to people who want to enjoy a drink or two. Depending where you are go, there may be other people who are hoping to explore other drugs. You do not want to be exposed to these kinds of tourists, which is the reason you want to explore other sites or activities while you vacation. It would be a good idea to get involved in some cultural activities like quilt making, foraging, or ceramic work, which can be enriching activities that do not involve exposure to addictive substances. 

4. Rethink the Night Time 

Nightlife could expose you to alcohol if you are not mindful. Do not fret, you can get away from that scene by simply getting a little creative; for example, you can hit a murder mystery show instead of going to a bar or club. You can also go to the theater, or attend a live show where you can still get dressed up. Those who want to do something a little romantic may want to consider a moonlit boat ride, which are sometimes offered in vacation spots, or you can simply go kayaking at night to soak in the sounds of the night. You can join night time hiking groups who like to explore the creatures that wake up when the sun sleeps. There is a lot you can enjoy without succumbing to venues where drugs are available. 

5. Explore with Your Taste Buds 

Perhaps you can consider a taste tour. This means exploring the city or town that you went to for different culinary experiences. You can go to prestigious restaurants and also try some locations that look like holes in the wall. You never know where you are going to have great food, and it is best not to judge a book by its cover. 

6. Get Traveling Companions 

Another thing you need to do is find a traveling companion who is sympathetic to your situation. This person is going to be there to help you stay sober by monitoring your actions. You may do everything you can to stay sober, but that does not mean it is impossible to be weakened by a trigger at any point, which is when your companion is going to come in handy. Besides, things are usually more fun when you are not alone. 

7. Do Not Forget Your Routine 

Make sure you do not forget the things that have been helping you stay sober. For example, if you have been using tai-chi or yoga to stay strong, you should definitely continue those activities. You should also have the numbers of your sponsors or people who can offer sound advice in times of need. 

Hopefully, these tips help keep you sober during your vacation. Ask your sponsor for additional tips just in case there is something else that can help you.

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