7 Ways Multivitamins Can Be Beneficial To Your Dog

7 Ways Multivitamins Can Be Beneficial To Your Dog

Getting your full day’s worth of nutrition can be easier said than done. But you can make things easier by taking a comprehensive multivitamin. So, how about giving your canine companion the same benefits? There are a variety of multivitamins on the market especially formulated for dogs. To choose the right one, you’ll need know your dog’s specific needs, based on their breed and health. We’ll look at 7 ways your dog can benefit from multivitamins

Fight Aging

As your dog ages, they often need increased nutrition. The body’s metabolism decreases from aging, resulting in less efficient processing of food. A comprehensive multivitamin can help supplement your dog’s nutritional needs. A liquid multivitamin can be easier for your pet’s system to process.

Non-Processed Food

Most commercial dog foods are highly processed and contain an assortment of added nutrients. If your dog eats all natural or homemade food, they won’t be getting these addons. A comprehensive multivitamin can add these benefits to their diet.

Shiny Coat

One of the classic signs of a healthy dog is a shiny coat. Your dog’s fur requires an assortment of vitamins. If your dog isn’t getting enough sunlight, they may become noticeably duller. This is especially likely in the winter. Using a multivitamin can help ensure their coat’s lustre and health.

Treat Allergies

Just like you, your dog can develop allergies. Many develop issues with dry skin which cause itching and irritation. This will not only make your pooch uncomfortable, the excessive scratching can result in more serious damage to the skin. This can often be solved with an omega-3 supplement. They help reduce and prevent inflammation that results in skin irritation.

Ease Joint Pain

If your dog is experiencing joint pain you may notice a decrease in their activity. Your dog may seem to be getting lazy, but it’s inflammation in their joints making every movement uncomfortable, or even painful. Dog multivitamins can help reduce this inflammation returning your pet to their normal condition.

Brain Health

Your dog has the same mental health needs as you do. Vitamin deficiencies can starve their brain, making them feel lethargic and irritable. Multivitamins can help to maintain their normal brain function, preventing accelerated deterioration. In your puppy, proper nutrition is needed for normal development of the brain. Ensure that they are getting everything they need to develop their brain cells.

Specific Medical Condition

If your dog has a diagnosed medical condition, vitamin supplements can often help. Conditions could involve any number of vitamin deficiencies. Even if your dog isn’t deficient, improving their general health should help with symptoms. Your vet should be able to recommend a multivitamin for the circumstances. Make sure your vet agrees with any multivitamin you’re considering for a sick dog.

Your dog has the same sort of health and nutritional needs as a person. Ensuring they are receiving proper nutrition is important to their health and their happiness. Adding multivitamins to their diet can ensure that they receive everything they need. Be sure and consult your vet before making any drastic changes to your dog’s diet.



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