8 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants

Everybody loves Mexican food, especially during Cinco De Mayo. If you are always craving for Mexican cuisines, then you have most likely eaten at a Chipotle restaurant before or even passed by it. In San Diego, California, you might even pass by various popular restaurants and hotspots.

8 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants

They have some of the best Mexican restaurants that you must try before leaving the city.

1.South Beach Bar and Grill

This restaurant is known for its amazing ocean views and fish tacos. Its famous dish is the Mahi Mahi tacos. They also offer discounted tacos and drinks. It’s a great place to bring your friends and family to enjoy both the food and the wonderful ocean view. All their tacos are less than $5, so you wouldn’t be breaking the bank.

2.City Tacos

Located near the trendy North Park, this place is known for their refreshing Mexican beer or local craft beers. They are also famous for their smoked portobello con vegetables taco or the Puerco agridulce taco, which graces the plates with pork tenderloin. They have wonderful service and high-quality food at affordable prices. Taco Tuesday is the best day ever because of its crazy discounts where all the tacos are $3.50.


This restaurant is near Seaport Village, and it’s known for is tamarindo shrimp tacos. The special part about the dish is the limed flavored rice. Happy hours is around 3 to 5 PM, which is a perfect time to catch the beautiful sunset and waterfront view. Their taco Tuesday presents amazing discount of $2.50 tacos and $3.50 Modelos. During dinner time, you can make 3 tacos for $15.

4.Tacos el Gordo

This amazing restaurant delivers authentic Mexican cuisine. They make their own corn tortillas served with fresh top graded meat and ingredients. They are located near Chula Vista, and their popular model is every customer is a family to them. Their popular dish is the adobada which is the spicy pork and the lengua which is the beef tongue. They also serve Mexican soda, and the tacos cost around $2.50.

5.Rolando Taco Shop

This is a low-key restaurant that will impress your cravings with authentic Mexican food. It’s located in the downtown area of San Diego where there is a large Mexican community. They are known for their Mexican Hass avocado which is freshly made by the restaurant. Their handcrafted avocado is the main ingredients that people often crave for. There Asada fries is made of decadent ingredients, authentic sauce, and melted cheese that will dance in your mouth. The service is fast and friendly, and their taco is around three dollars.

6.Cafe Coyote

They are known for their freshly made chilaquiles, menudo, or a chile relleno omelet for breakfast. This restaurant also makes a mean Margarita. They have excellent Tamales and Carnitas for dinner. The portions are huge, and the prices are just right.

7.Lolita Restaurant

This own family restaurant has expanded to over 5 locations and has been operating for over 20 years. They have delicious Carne Asada fries and shrimp burritos. The atmosphere is very festive with amazing, decadent food.

8.Ponce Mexican Restaurant

The restaurant is near the Kensington area and have been running for over 40 years. They are known for their chicken carnitas, green salsa, and flan along with excellent customer service and relationship with their employees. Thee restaurant always support local organizations and are always busy majority of the time so it’s best to get a reservation beforehand.

If you happen to be around San Diego and craving for Mexican food, these restaurants will leave you satisfied and craving for more. Some of these restaurants are also shown in the food channels to attract more people. After All, it’s a great tourist attraction with a wonderful view, community, and excellent food. These restaurants should be on your list of places to visit with your friends and family.

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