A Child Support Enforcement Agency Helps Parents Get What They’re Due


There are plenty of factors that may influence the chances of divorce. Money, education, and even genetics have been identified as the reason behind many marital splits. Whatever the cause may be somewhere between 40 and 50% of all marriages end in divorce. For some, separation is amicable and there are no issues over dividing belongings and sharing custody. For a far greater number of divorced couples, the process of separating is stressful. Many of these difficulties arise when the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) fails to contribute their share of child support.

A Child Support Enforcement Agency Helps Parents Get What They're Due

It’s a shame to learn that fewer than 50% of child support recipients actually receive their monthly payments. But if you count yourself within this statistic, it’s not particularly shocking. NCPs can fail to provide support with very little repercussions, as many of the state-funded child support enforcement agencies lack the resources to take care of tricky cases. That doesn’t mean you’re destined to provide for your child without their help. There are private child support enforcement agencies like Support Collectors that can help you track down the NCP and get what you deserve.

A private child support enforcement agency has several benefits over the public sector. Timeline is certainly one of them. A government office is inundated with a huge number of files that come through their organization, but they lack the staff to provide sufficient attention to each and every case. While they have the power to garnish wages, intercept tax income, suspend licenses, restrict passports, and even hold NCPs in contempt of court, they don’t always have the resources to follow through with these methods in a timely fashion.

A private company, on the other hand, is much more efficient and therefore effective as they have greater access to resources and they aren’t burdened by bureaucratic red tape. The crew that makes up an enforcement agency like Support Collectors consists of lawyers fluent in the legal side of your issues, investigators that will locate the NCP’s employers, friends, and family, and enforcers skilled in the art of negotiation in order to wrangle your ex-partner out of the money you’re owed.

When searching for private assistance, keep in mind the company should have straightforward, no-nonsense contracts free of burdensome fees. They should be licensed, bonded, and members of the Child Support Enforcement Council. Confirm the agency is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business with a high rating for customer satisfaction. Their past track record should be an indicator of their future success, so only sign up with one that has a long history of securing overdue child support.

Don’t remain in the less than 50% of single parents who don’t receive payment while you wait for your government office to locate the NCP. Speak with a representative at a private enforcement organization to see what your options are. For a nominal fee, you can finally get the small fortune you’ve been waiting for after all these years.

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