A Guide to Creating a Cosy Reading Nook

Creating a cosy reading nook in the house can be a great place for the family to relax. Adults and children alike can benefit from having a nice reading nook there. It doesn’t take much effort to create, but it all depends on the kind of look you want to go for. This guide will help you with some ideas you can use:

Make Sure There’s Natural Light as Well as Artificial

Having natural light flooding in through a reading nook can look really pretty and stops the space from feeling like a cave. This might not be possible if you don’t have a window nearby, but if you do have a window available you should always try to create your nook there. Obviously you’ll need artificial light for when the sun goes down. Make sure you invest in the right level of lighting so that you can read comfortably.

Add Fairy Lights

Fairy lights might not help you to read any better, but they can definitely help you to create an atmosphere. They can look especially good in children’s reading nooks, but you aren’t limited. Put lots up for a cosy space!

Create an Atmosphere

Create an atmosphere that makes you want to relax and read. You can have candles, incense, and decorations that make you feel warm and cosy. It’s the best way to feel when you’re settling down to read a good book.

A Guide to Creating a Cosy Reading Nook


Choose Comfortable Seating

You need somewhere comfortable to sit, so explore your options. Some people like a small sofa with lots of different cushions. Others prefer beanbag chairs. Read about comfy sacks to see if that could be the seating you’re looking for.

Put Up Shelves

Put up a few shelves to show off some of your favourite books. Many people use e-readers these days, but having books on show can make the space feel more cosy. Especially if you show off your prettiest books!

Have a Side Table

A side table will be useful for your tea, coffee, a lamp – whatever you like to have close by when you’re reading.

Use Colour to Create a Mood

When thinking of the colour to use to decorate the space, think of the mood you’d like to create. Blues and greens can create a tranquil feel, while red can be quite energetic. It all depends on how you want to feel when you sit down with your books. You can even use pattern if you like.

Get Creative

You might think you don’t have room for a nook, but sometimes all you have to do is get creative. Try setting up your reading nook with your bay window. You could even use a tipi and plenty of cushions in the corner of a room!

Creating a cosy reading nook can be done so many different ways, it all depends on your personality and tastes. Work with the space you have, get creative, and you can end up with a totally unique nook where you love to read your favourite books. Enjoy!

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