A Guide to Rocking the Sports Luxe Trend

The sports luxe trend is a more fashion forward, classy way of wearing sporty pieces of clothing. Anybody can pull this look off, you just need to make sure you go by a few specific rules. If not, you could end up looking more Vicky Pollard than Cara Delevingne. This guide will tell you all you need to know about making this trend work for you, so you can wear jogging bottoms, trainers, and other sports related items confidently. Read on…

Throw on Some Heels

By throwing on a simple, barely-there pair of heels, you can make a plain jumper and some boyfriend jeans look awesome. This outfit will make you look confident but feel comfortable at the same time. You could even wear some nice trainers with a wedge to keep the look all sporty while adding height.

Keep an Eye on Sporty Details

Rather than wearing your best workout leggings with your favorite heels, look for sporty details in the items in your wardrobe instead. You can find dresses that have a football kit style neck/sleeve combo, for instance.


Don’t carry your stuff in a handbag if you want to channel sports luxe. You need a backpack. Not one with your favorite football team’s logo on it though; a luxurious backpack, like one made from faux leather (or real if you have the budget).

Leather Shorts

Shorts are usually a sports wear essential, but they’ve had a leather makeover when it comes to sport’s luxe. You can afford to style these up however you like; a plain t-shirt and some wedge trainers, or some heels and a boyfriend jumper.

Leather Joggers

Leather joggers can be worn in exactly the same way as leather shorts, except you can afford to wear a more revealing top with these as they don’t show off as much leg. A crop top can look awesome if you have a flat stomach.


If you want to wear trainers with the sports luxe trend, you can. You just need to make sure that the rest of your outfit is a little ‘glam’ to balance it out. For instance, a fur coat will add contrast while giving a glam feel. You could still wear joggers and a jumper, but the key is to make sure they add something special to the look. I’d go for a metallic jumper, leather joggers, and some trainers. You could even wear a skirt to make the look more girly before throwing on your jumper and trainers. A puffa jacket thrown over the top of this combo will work. It may not sound like it on paper, but it will. This is a great way to sport this sporty trend!

The main thing about sports luxe is to have fun with it by mixing different textures and fabrics. The aim is to feel comfortable while still look stylish, and not like you just couldn’t be bothered to get dressed this morning. It’s the best way to mix casual pieces and glam pieces. Enjoy!

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