Adventure Time: Jake the Dad Review

Cartoon Network Gives Fans a Must-Have Jake Hat in the All New Adventure Time DVD. “Adventure Time: Jake the Dad”.

“WHAT TIME IS IT?!” Time to snag your very own Jake Hat! That’s right Adventure Time lovers, this September not only will Cartoon Network introduce to you the newest DVD release in its top-selling franchise from its massive hit series, buy it will toss in a Jake Hat, to boot.

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad Review

“Adventure Time: Jake the Dad”, the all new compilation DVD release, features 16 popular episodes from seasins four and five of the series, plus the must-have Jake Hate included as an on-pack bundle. With nearly 3 hours of episodes and the included Jake Hat is a $20 value!

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad Review

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad Review

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad Review

The included episodes are:

  1. Jake the Dad
  2. Burning Low
  3. Gotcha!
  4. Sons of Mars
  5. BMO Noire
  6. The Hard Easy
  7. I Remember You
  8. All the Little People
  9. Mystery Dungeon
  10. All Your Fault
  11. Five More Short Graybles
  12. Vault of Bones
  13. Simon & Marcy
  14. Puhoy
  15. One Last Job
  16. BMO Lost

Each episode is filled with funny moments and comedy scenes, your child is sure to love this combo-pack. My younger son and daughter are big fans of Adventure Time. They love the animations and character personality. My sons favorite eepisodes were actually all of them from what he told me. Haha! This little bundle is great for gifts for kids. I highly recommend this DVD pack ti anyone a fan of Adventure Time!

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