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Sunlight. Pollution. Stress. Worry. Time. Whatever the cause, it all takes its toll on our skin, manifesting as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

Ageless Derma is the product line developed based on scientific research and effective ingredients coming together to fight the signs of aging. The products are the brainchildren of Dr. Farid Mostamand, a leading skin care expert. He is the author of hundreds of articles and a book titled Ageless Skin Obsession, all about providing great skin care and preventing early aging. He is the founder of the Focus Medical Spa in Anaheim, California, and the website, which provides skin care advice and over 4,000 anti-aging products.

Dr. Mostamand’s team of scientists, biochemists, researchers, and estheticians with over 30 years of combined experience work together to review research done by institutions and universities to determine what ingredients really work and which are just filler. They also look at concentrations and formulations to be sure the products can work at the cellular level. These scientifically formulated products are designed for maximum absorption and enhanced effectiveness.

Ageless Derma is made from plant products and extracts, never from animal products. It is also free of artificial perfumes, detergents, alcohols, and mineral oil. It includes belides, made from daisies. This extract helps reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. Swiss apple stem cells help the skin to heal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Ageless Derma is the only skin care line to use plant stem cells. Vialox powder is a peptide that reduces the electrical signals in the facial muscles so wrinkles are less likely to form.

Ageless Derma also contains vitamins like vitamin K and a form of vitamin A called retinol. Retinol is well known as a restorative product that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin K helps reduce the appearance of dark circles through comforting stressed blood vessels under the eyes. CoenzymeQ10 is not a vitamin but it is a naturally-produced antioxidant that works to help collagen production in the body. It is included as an ingredient as amounts in the body tend to decline as we age.

Ageless Derma is packaged to keep the product fresh. It uses a pump dispenser to keep the product shielded from light and air, and so it can be kept free of artificial preservatives. The company provides a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with their first purchase.

There are four main products in the Ageless Derma line – Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Ageless Derma Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream, Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener, and Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup. All of the products are made with healthy peptides, vitamins, plant stem cells, and antioxidants, created to improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark circles and age spots, and smooth wrinkles. The mineral makeup also contains an SPF to help protect the skin while the vitamins help it heal. For more information on the full line of Ageless Derma products, click the links below.

1. Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream

2. Ageless Derma Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream

3. Ageless Derma Intensive Skin Brightener

4. Ageless Derma Mineral Makeup

Here is what clients are saying about Ageless Derma:

“My age spots faded right before my eyes after only three weeks! I couldn’t believe how much younger my skin looked!” Laura Adair, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I watched wrinkles around my eyes disappear and my skin looked firmer and smoother in such a short time. Ageless Derma has changed the way I look and feel!”Jessica Owens, Los Angeles, CA
About the author:

As founder of Focus Medical Spa in Orange County, California, Dr. Mostamand is accustomed to hearing glowing feedback from thousands of grateful clients. For the past 10 years, his medical spa has offered non-invasive aesthetic procedures and physician grade skincare solutions to women seeking to rejuvenate and restore their damaged or aging skin.

In an effort to expand his ability to assist clients seeking to restore and maintain their youthful appearances, Dr Mostamand founded a skin care website. Since 2006, has been dedicated to providing complimentary skincare consultations as well as easy access to more than 4,000 of the most effective, physician grade anti-aging skincare products available.


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