Air leaking areas of your home

Air leaking areas of your home

Normally a common homeowner doesn’t know or has no clue how much air gets leaked from his home every day. Apparently, an airtight home may have many problems, no matter newer one or older. As per the professionals, finding these leaks is very important as it may cause the energy bills to rise and make it difficult to maintain a comfortable environment inside the house.


Have you felt that there is a draft in your home? If you have, then it means there is an air leak, or may be more then one. Sometimes, you can find those leaks by simply just following the draft, but this is not always the case. It may be starting somewhere else in the home and you are feeling it at another place. This also means that there are more then one air leaks around the house.

Where to start from?

The best way the start your search for leaks is to begin with the attic. Attics are known as the source of leaks due to absence of insulation, wood rot, which creates openings, improperly sealed lighting sets in the attic floor, poor ventilation and roofing problems. The wiring lines which cut across the attic floor down the interior walls may cause attic leaks as well. Though these days, most homeowners have their attics insulated which makes more difficult for trace an air leak.

If you are unable to track these leaks, Roofing contractors Dearborn heights Michigan knows precisely where to find the possible spots causing the air leaks. A thorough examination including checking the wall joints with attic floor, checking of unsealed cut-outs, dirty insulation and moisture signs will be traced.

Second stop

One the attic is checked, it is time to pay attention to the basement and check for the air leaks there. Basement has possible spots as well from where the air may leak. Get your contractor to check, assess and evaluate every place where the block walls adjoin the wood frame. It is possible that the outside air is leaking into the basement along the walls. And same as the attic, the wiring and pipes going up into the house may possible cause the leaks as well.

Third stop

Attic and basement are the most common places to find air leaks. Once you’ve gone through both, it’s time to evaluate the rooms. There are a few common, known points from where the air leaks can happen. These points include electrical outlets, windows and doors, damaged roofing, cooktops venting to the outside and receded lighting.

So, in short, there are may places from where the air leak can happen. If you feel a draft in your home, instantly contact a professional contractor in home improvement to do an energy evaluation. One air leak may cause a spike in the energy bills and can ruin the comfort of the house. The professionals are expert in finding the places from where the leak can occur  and can do the repair as well which may include roof repair, insulation fix or fixing the sealing around the pipe and wires etc.

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