Apply to host a HOPE SPRINGS Ladies’ Night In House Party


Host a HOPE SPRINGS Ladies’ Night In House Party


Invite your friends over for a HOPE SPRINGS Ladies’ Night In House Party and learn how to have more romance in your life. At your party you’ll celebrate the release of HOPE SPRINGS, the new movie starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. You’ll have the chance to share love stories, compare notes and laugh along with your friends all while you discover how to reignite the romantic flames. Plus you’ll get a much needed ladies’ night in and a chance to truly open up about your relationships with the women who know you best. As the party wraps, you’ll also plan another ladies’ night to see the movie when it arrives in theaters on August 10th.


Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:


  • HOPE SPRINGS canvas tote bags
  • HOPE SPRINGS wine glasses
  • IOU booklets
  • Set of romance conversation cards
  • Mini posters
  • And more!

Spots are limited so apply now.


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