Best Supplements to Support Healthy Weight-Loss Journey

We all dream of being healthy and taking care of our bodies. But, that’s easier said than done. Weight loss can be a long journey, and it can be incredibly hard. Especially if there is weight-loss surgery involved. With some simple advice, tips, and tricks, you can make the whole road a lot easier. This article will be a brief guide on your journey.

In the following, we’ll mention some of the best supplements that will help you out a lot, while also being incredibly gentle on your stomach lining. Think of Barimelts, easily absorbable vitamins that make the postop journey a breeze.

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Supplements for a healthy weight-loss journey

Green tea extract

It is the perfect replacement for your morning coffee, and it comes with tons of benefits. A cup of green tea contains enough caffeine to help you wake up and go through the day. Not to mention that it helps fight hunger and it also wakes up your metabolism, which means you’ll be burning through those calories faster. 

In the long run, green tea can help you lose weight healthily, without the need to starve yourself or restrict yourself a lot. Of course, a well-balanced diet is crucial in this, but green tea is a healthy alternative to the sugary drinks you usually have with your meals. 


It’s not a magic weight-loss pill, but berberine can promote healthy weight loss, especially for people whose BMI, or body mass index is over 30. Aside from weight loss, berberine has tons of other benefits. For example, it promotes a healthy heart and blood vessels, lowers blood sugar levels, and it plays an active role in lowering blood pressure. 

Berberine is found in many plants that are around us, such as European barberry, Phellodendron, Oregon grape, goldenseal, and goldthread. It has been used centuries ago, to treat nearly everything, from simple sores to serious infections. 


This green goodness comes with tons of benefits. One of them being healthy weight loss. Spirulina has high amounts of nutrients while remaining low-calorie. It looks like a green powder, so you can easily add it to your everyday meals. You’ll get the feeling that you’re full, and you won’t be feeling hungry, for at least several hours. This is not solely because of the spirulina, a huge role here play all the healthy food that you’re eating. 

For weight loss, you need to take fewer calories than you burn. Because of that calorie gap, your body will start using all of the fat supplies in your body and you’ll lose that extra weight in a matter of months. As long as your protein and fiber intake is enough, you shouldn’t worry about weight gain. If not else, you’ll be able to control your weight and keep it in balance. 

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Collagen peptide

It has been incredibly popular lately, especially on social media. Influencers are using it to make face masks at home. Who would have thought that collagen peptides can be used to promote healthy weight loss? As a matter of fact, it does, but not in the way that you think. You don’t consume it to silence your hunger and work like magic. 

Collagen actually helps heal your guts, especially if you had weight-loss surgery. Once all the wounds have healed, it will promote creating leptin- a hormone that actually tells our body that it had enough food. So, collagen will actually indirectly help your weight loss, by healing your body and bringing it back to normal.


Probiotics are naturally found in yogurt, so taking them on a daily basis actually helps you get them in adequate amounts. But, there are also pills that are packed with probiotics that you can take on a daily basis. They are also incredibly important when we’re sick and on antibiotic therapy. But, right now, we’ll focus on the weight loss benefit. 

To have a healthy metabolism, we need to have a decent amount of good, friendly bacteria in our guts. They do no harm to us and are actually important for normal food resorption. Studies have shown that people who take daily probiotics have healthier weight loss journeys than the ones who don’t. Since it does no harm, you might as well try them for yourself.


The weight loss journey can be long and difficult, but only if you don’t know anything about it. By consulting with your doctor and dietitian, you can learn a lot about it. They will provide you with all the necessary info about it, and you can always look up more of it online. But, you should be careful, because it’s easy to be fooled by some online weight loss pills that do wonders. Nothing can compare to a healthy lifestyle with balanced meals and exercise.

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