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This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

If you haven’t already heard Cascade has a brand new product called Cascade Platinum Pacs for your dishwasher. Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing this new product in my home during a small party with friends. Cascade Platinum Pacs is for the delivery of a premium, advanced triple action formula that helps prevent residue on your dishes and filming in your dishwasher. Made with the same grease fighting power of the all time favorite Dawn. Cascade Platinum along with Cascade Rinse Aid will scrub away tough 24-hour stuck on food with no need to pre-wash your dishes!

Gifts for my party guest courtesy of Cascade!


Of course every party includes cooking and dirty dishes, and if you are anything like me you love parties but hate the cleanup afterwards.  Sometimes I will ask my oldest to come in the kitchen and give me a hand so it doesn’t take me all night to clean up. But this night was much different. Normally I would pre-wash my dishes before even thinking about putting them in the dishwasher because they are filled with food and I want to make sure they are clean. However Cascade has special tips for an ultimate clean.  My guests and I were a bit sceptically being the type of people who always pre-wash.


Our party menu included my favorite homemade Macaroni Cheese along with a gooey pan of brownies.  




Simple tips for the ultimate clean:

  1. Skip the pre-wash. Cascade Platinum along with Cascade Rinse Aid works best when food soil is left on the dishes because its special enzymes latch onto that food, breaking it down so it can wash away. If there’s no food soil, there’s nothing for the enzymes to attach to and your detergent isn’t working its hardest for you.
  2. Instead of all that unnecessary pre-washing, just toss all of the large pieces of food into the trash. There is no need to run anything under the water. Just load into the dishwasher.
  3. This tip will also save so much time!
  4. Don’t worry about food left on the dishes damaging your machine or pipes. There is a garbage disposal built into the bottom of almost all dishwashers that works exactly like the disposal in your sink.



Follow these tips for loading your dishwasher with success:

  • Stack your dishes high and low but please be sure that bulky items DO NOT block the sprayer.
  • Place tall dishes and pans in the back of the bottom rack so they DO NOT block the detergent chamber.
  • Place glasses and other fragile items in the top rack. This helps keep them from the powerful sprayer under the bottom rack.
  • Set glasses between tines on the rack NOT over them as wet contact points can cause spots.
  • Thread any long utensils through coffee-mug handles to help keep them secure in the wash.
  • Check to ensure that there aren’t any stray utensils that will block the nozzle or sprayer.
  • And a special call out for any big dishes: load them on the bottom rack, face down so the water is sure to reach all the nooks and crannies.

So we stuck with the plan and did what Cascade suggested by skipping the pre-wash and following the steps. Well let me just say my party guest and I were more than impressed with the power of Cascade. This is truly something you must try for yourself to really see the amazing power of this product really does work. Once you try it I would suggest you share with your friends because if you share your opinion on the Cascade website and leave a short review of Cascade Platinum here: and include #CascadeShiningReviews. One reviewer will win a Kitchen Aid Dishwasher!

Check out my brownie pan that sat over night with no pre-wash. It’s sparkling clean!



Cascade Platinum is Cascade’s most premium product and is designed to achieve a clean so powerful it helps to keep the dishwasher sparkling, while also delivering immaculately clean dishes each and every time. It even powers through 24-hour stuck-on food!



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