Family Trips: Packing for Children

When it comes to traveling with small children, the potential for discomfort is high, regardless of whether you are flying or taking a family road trip. It is useful to keep in mind that you will be counting on your little ones to learn from your actions on how to make their way through one strange circumstance after the next. Being unsure of exactly what to anticipate, particularly if their parents appear stressed out, will be alarming for your … [Read more...]

Making Travel More Enjoyable

Most people enjoy traveling, whether it be to another country, another state or just to a different city. But with traveling comes responsibilities and some people may not enjoy all the aspects that go into traveling. Well here are some suggestions for those people to help make traveling more enjoyable for them. -If you are planning a big trip going off somewhere far, you will want to take some time off of work before the trip and even after. … [Read more...]

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Article Removed … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for a Safe Road Trip

Everyone loves going out on trips! Whether it be just to another town over, to another state or even another country, it's fun to explore new places and get away from home for awhile. Some people forget to check their car when they are planning on driving for a long amount of hours and miles on end. You want to make sure you are prepared in all aspects before leaving home for a road trip. So, here are some things to make sure of before you take … [Read more...]

Child Friendly Activities For Road Trips

Family road trip are when we make some of the best. However those long hours with 3 kids asking in the car asking every 30 minutes "are we there yet" can wight on our patience. and sanity are lost. Before you think you have lost your sanity on your next road trip, I ask that you read this small bit of advice. Below you will find on fun things for the kids to do in the car. 1. Cookie pans make for the perfect lap desk. With is being so large … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Trying To Find the Right Toronto Event Venue

Whether it is a party or corporate event, planning one of these get happenings can be very stressful. Most people fail to realize just how hard it can be to plan an event until they are taking it on. There are a number of things that have to happen in order for an event to go off without a hitch. Finding the right venue is one of the first things that have to happen. The following are a few things that have to be considered … [Read more...]

Resqme Prepareme Lifesaver Kit The Essentials Deluxe 124 Set #whensecondscount

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free products from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review.   Not everyone can be prepared in a time of an emergency whether you're in a car crash, or you get injured and you're away from home.There's no telling what can happen on a day to day basis, so instead of having to scurry around from store to store … [Read more...]

Road Trip Hacks Everyone Should Know

Everyone loves a good road trip whether it's a winter or summer trip. Just imagine the car packed with friends and an open road ahead.  With the right supplies and things to keep everyone entertained you will have endless hours of fun.  Get everyone together and plan ahead, this will surely make for one grand adventure you'll always remember.       Use these simple road trip hacks to make this drive one you won't … [Read more...]