Conducting a Successful Summer Nanny Search as Demand Rises

Finding the right person to watch your child can be one of the hardest things we do as parents. Maybe even harder for single parents. The number one concern for most families and is find someone your child will be safe with. I think most parents will agree that’s the hardest part, but with traditional methods and now social media we have so many more options when searching and interviewing possible nannies.

Industry experts suggest signs of a strengthening economy mean more people are back to work and the demand for skilled caregivers will continue to grow. SurePayroll, which provides nanny payroll services to thousands of families nationwide, notes that parents looking for a summer nanny will need to get ahead of the curve using both traditional and social media methods.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the past five months unemployment in the United States has dropped to 6.7 percent in March 2014 from 7.2 percent this past October.1 care has increased. According to, there are 19.3 percent more open nanny positions since 2004, and the career is experiencing an average growth of 3.19 percent per year. Demand is expected to continue on an upward trend, accounting for an expected 832,610 new jobs filled by 2018. As unemployment has declined, the need for nanny.

As working parents search for someone to watch their children when school is out, they often wonder how and where to go to start their search for a seasonal nanny. “I will definitely need help,” said Allison Mosele, a working mother of four in the Chicago suburbs. “But I have no idea how to go about finding a qualified nanny, especially someone who is interested in just working over the summer months!”

For any working parents, planning ahead is an important step toward finding a viable solution. “Parents are off to a good start when they create a nanny plan,” said Lori Bolas, director at SurePayroll, and a mother of two. “They should outline exactly what their needs are, how long they need help for, and their expectations. They should be as specific as possible. Parents also should do some research and take a look at their own financials as they budget, they’ll need to make sure to budget for paying The Nanny Tax.”

As an online payroll provider that helps thousands of parents automate their nanny payroll, SurePayroll has some tips for parents on how to conduct a successful search for a summer nanny.

Tip #1: Word of mouth

Parents should not forget the power of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth when it comes to looking for a nanny, both the new and the old-school way. They can spread the word at cocktail parties, at PTA meetings, local school events and even walking their dog.

Parents also can call, text and email their friends, family and neighbors asking for recommendations, and requesting that they share their need with any interested candidates. Good nannies tend to find new employment through their current employers, so make sure to ask other working mothers with nannies, since they are usually eager to help their trusted nannies find work when they are no longer needed.

Tip #2: Social Media – Your Community in the Cloud

If a mom or dad belongs to a parents’ list or a social community network such as Facebook, now is the time to harness the power of social media. Parents should write a detailed and thoughtful job description and post away! They will want to make sure to turn on their privacy settings so that only their friends and family can view their request and information. Parents should not be afraid to send the request out several times over the course of a few weeks, in case people don’t always check their timelines.

Tip #3: Grass Roots Job Postings

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Parents should get moving and hit the pavement! They can post their job description on local church bulletin boards and ladies locker rooms at local gyms and country clubs. The teacher’s lounges at the local schools and park districts also have places to post requests. And don’t forget the jobs boards at local community colleges and even some high schools. Be sure not to post too much personal detail and only use generalities about where you live.

Tip #4: The Nanny Network

Nannies know and socialize with other like-minded nannies. Parents should ask their friend’s nannies for recommendations that they can contact. There also are social networks for nannies, and parents can visit these sites and post their request there as well.

Tip #5: Nanny Agencies

For a fee, nanny agencies can connect parents with qualified summer nanny candidates. The agencies can be a little more expensive, but the nannies are pre-screened, and the service usually includes a background check. In addition, family satisfaction with the nanny may be guaranteed for a specific period of time.

Tip #6: Online Nanny Websites

Online nanny websites are tremendously popular, of little cost to the parent, and are usually free for the nanny candidate. Parents can post detailed information on what kind of seasonal nanny they are seeking, along with any photos they wish to share. A background check can be included as well. Sites like have found thousands of qualified nannies for parents across the country.

Finding a summer nanny can be fairly quick and easy if parents follow these suggestions. Families should always be sure to carefully vet their seasonal help with a background and reference check.

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