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I always say I love receiving make up to review, but I love receiving jewelry to review as well! It’s a chance for me to get the company name more popular and something fashionable for me to wear. It’s a win-win. And speaking of jewelry, I’ve had an opportunity in reviewing Charm Bracelets and Costume Jewelry by cutey. Cutey has a collection of two bracelets with more styles and more types coming soon. I had gotten to review both a Charm Bracelet and a Shamballa Bracelet.

The Charm Bracelet I got was called, Philotes named after the Greek Goddess of affection. This bracelet is very pretty, my daughter just loved the way it looked with the pink and silver colors. So I let her have it. The charm bracelet is made very well but it took me a while to get it on because I couldn’t find the clasp! Hahaha, but then I found it. It looked more like one of the beads, I thought that was pretty cool because it blended in with the rest of the bracelet. The Charm Bracelet came in other colors with different charms.
The Shamballa Bracelet is inspired by the mythical kingdom known as Sambhala in Buddhism. These fully adjustable bracelets fits any wrist and comes in 4 different colors, White, Blue, Gold and Rainbow. I had the White Shamballa Bracelet. It is made with nine encrusted clay beads. I didn’t even notice the beads were made out of clay, I thought it was so cool. And without a doubt my daughter liked this one as well, so I let her have the Shamballa Bracelet as well. She is just in love with both bracelets, they match many of her outfits and it looks great on her.
Both of these bracelets were made very very great, both are very durable, and very fashionable! I highly, highly recommend both bracelets to anyone who wants a different looking accessory to add to their style.

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Disclosure I received  Cutey products for free from Cutey in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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