Dating Options for Single Moms

Many single moms don’t date because they feel like they don’t have the time. Between their careers and children, there are so few hours left for rest that dating is the last thing on their minds. However, as a single mom, you can benefit from a chance to engage in activities you like outside the home and adult communication, even if you have friends. Dating offers such opportunities, not to mention the fact that you could meet the perfect guy and change your life.

Dating Options for Single Moms

Read on for tips to improve your dating options amidst your busy lifestyle.

1. Keep your eyes open

You can use your schedule to your advantage; there’s no law that says the perfect guy will only be found in a restaurant or clubs. You can meet interesting people as you go about your daily life. For instance:

  • Gym – if you go around the same time multiple times a week, you’re likely to spot one or two regulars, and this provides an opportunity to strike up a conversation
  • Park – you might meet a cute single dad out with his children. Also, this is a relaxed environment where you can be upfront about your children without the pressure of your kids judging the person you’re talking to.
  • Shopping – you could meet someone at the farmer’s market, grocery store or mall while replenishing your home supplies

The key is to be relaxed and approachable. Even if you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, the world doesn’t have to know it.

2. Use your phone and computer

This generation actually has the most options in terms of meeting people, thanks to the many social media networks that are out there. Online dating is also very convenient, because you can do it from the comfort of home. You can even sign up for dating websites that specifically cater for single moms and dads, if that’s what you prefer.

For best results, as you scout, keep your options open: many moms mess up by settling on one guy too soon, way before he’s ready to settle on you. Message a number of guys back and forth, and then give your phone number to those you feel comfortable with. Even if you’ve been on multiple dates, don’t go exclusive until you have had “the talk”.

You’ll save yourself a lot of emotional pain by taking the casual approach, and dating will start being fun again. The best part is, if one date goes awry, all you have to do is swipe left or right and chat up the next guy!

3. Widen your circle

As your children grow older and you have more time on your hands, try to incorporate new activities in your daily life. For instance, attend plays, concerts and musicals alone or with friends, join a class (cooking, baking, pottery, jewelry-making etc.) or sign up for speed dating. Not only will this help you pass time and reduce loneliness, it also widens your options by bringing along someone with similar interests or tastes.

Dating as a single mom doesn’t have to be arduous and disappointing. Whether you choose to lead up with your children or save it for the serious contenders, do not think of your kids as a “situation”, but rather a bonus. Now that you know all this, the world is your oyster: go forth and find the perfect guy

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