Dino Dan’ Dino DVD 4 Pack Review

Have you ever wondered why children are so fond of dinosaurs? Kids as young as even two can spot out a Tyrannosaurs Rex! And I bet some of you kids have asked to visit a dinosaur research museum before. So, what is behind kids’ great fascination with dinosaurs?

Well, first off, kids like dinosaurs because the huge dangerous creatures are extinct so kids know that they are no longer a threat. Also, dinosaurs are even role models for kids because dinosaurs are big and nobody tells them what to do, which is the opposite of a kid. Someone who is small and is constantly getting told what to do and how to behave. Haha! Children as well enjoy that thought of becoming a paleontologist, someone who discovers dinosaurs fossils.

Dino Dan' Dino DVD 4 Pack Review

Now can be the time for you and your little ones to tag along with Dino Dan in the prehistoric fun! Dino Dan is a award-winning live-action, CGI adventure series airing nightly on Nick Junior. Starring 18 true-to-life, photo-real dinosaurs alongside Jason Spevack as Dan in “Dino Dan” Henderson.

Dino Dan is a regular 10-year old boy with an astounding obsession; he eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs! An ordinary day for this adventurous boy is racing a T-Rex on his school track, discovering a Pterodactyls in his attic or giving a baby Brachiosaurus back to its mother. With the ‘Dino Dan’ Dino DVD 4 Pack kids won’t need to imagine dinosaurs anymore, in Dino Dan dinosaurs lurk around every corner!

NCircle Entertainment was nice enough to send of over this DVD in exchange for posting about it.

I had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Dino Dan’ Dino DVD 4 Pack. Not only are Dan’s adventures and explorations fun, they are also very educational. Each episode actually tries to focus on common kid issues like having to play with your little brother, going to the dentist, or trying to win hide ‘n’ seek.

My son really likes dinosaurs and when I showed him this video he said, “Oooohh cool!” He liked how the kid in the video was sort of like him, exploring things that fascinated him, wanted to know and question everything! Haha. Some of the dinosaurs that are mentioned in the DVDs were: Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus, Edmontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quetzalcolatlus, and many more!

Dino Dan is a great DVD for,both girls and boys, they will love that even a kid like them can explore big things while having fun, yet learning so much. The DVD pack includes 4 whole hours of Dino-rific fun!

Not only does Dino Dan tech kids about dinosaurs they are also learning about science. He teaches kids how to experiment and go through each step to figure out something. I highly recommend Dino Dan to anyone who has Dino-loving kids! They’ll have fun while learning!

Nick Jr. also has a Dino Dan website, http://www.nickjr.com/dino-dan/, offering everything to entertain your budding paleontologists, including downloadable prehistoric printables for coloring to engaging dinosaur games and crafty Cretaceous creations including instructions for creating your own dino 3D mobile, a Dino Dan’s dinosaur nest and even Dino Dan binoculars. The Nick Jr. site also has recipes for fun Mesozoic Meals like giant dinosaur track cookies and there’s even a dinosaur Fun Facts for Parents which includes a pronunciation guide for dinosaur names like Euoplocephalus!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Fans of Dino Dan can visit the dedicated Dino Dan website at http://dinodan.com/ to enjoy a number of fun and engaging online games including an interactive Dig Site, fun Dino Facts, information about Dino Dan’s friends and even download Dino Dan apps. Dino Dan fans can also visit the Dino Dan Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dinodantv.
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