Does this make me a Bad Mom?

Angie’s Angel Help Network started was created in 2008 to find help for needy families. How ironic is it that I help so many but am not able to help myself? Some might ask, “Why would you tell people this?” Why embarrass yourself? Because this is reality and the world we live in today. I am a real person with real issues many of you can relate to.  People are struggling and I am not the only one.

Does this sound familiar? Our bills keep coming in and piling up but there is not enough money coming in to pay them all and keep up. Just waiting for the dreaded day to arrive and you find out you have to leave your home because you didn’t pay your bill? Or maybe the lights are getting shut off, everyone’s story is different. Wondering if it’s truly a possibility that you could become homeless? I know, just the thought of that makes me cry.  I also understand because I am standing in those shoes today.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am stressed and depressed and just need to tell someone to lift some of the weight on my shoulders. I just need to get it out ya know? And tell anyone that wont think I just want money from them. It’s hard to talk to family and friends about issues like this without thinking they might think you are trying to ask for money. When really all you need is to vent, cry your eyes out to someone and have them say everything will be okay even if it’s not okay, it helps.

What do you do when you can’t pay the bills? What do you do when getting a second job is not an option for various reasons? Have you ever had to sell your sentimental things just to have a roof over your head and food on the table? Or maybe you just sold things you love an adore because you had no other choice? Contemplating selling your wedding bands is next?

Have you ever struggled like this?

Just last month I had to stoop to the level of selling my sentimental things such as jewelry that was near and dear to my heart and meant so much to me just to make sure my children had a roof over their head and electricity. But what will happen next month was my fear when I have nothing left to sell.

My husband and I already know we won’t be able to do much of anything for my children on Christmas this year. I have already spoken to my older 2 and they are sad but more understanding then I expected. This is not something I pictured I would be telling my kids one day but I feel telling them is easier than letting them think they didn’t get anything because they were not well behaved.

Does this make me a bad Mom?

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  1. Your NOT a bad mom. I think it’s better that your honest with them and let them know how things are. I think a lot of families are going through similar situations and I don’t think a lot of people are going to have a lot to offer to their kids. Maybe you can have them make their own gifts for each other. I really do hope everything works out for you and your family and you can have a wonderful Christmas

  2. Patti Purelli says

    No it does not make you a bad mom. The economy is what is bad, and many people are in similar situations. Christmas is so over rated with the gift giving, etc – it’s whats in your HEART that matters…Bake cookies, drink hot chocolate after you go Christmas caroling, etc…THOSE are the sorts of things your kids will remember and that will leave lasting impressioNS, not some trendy toy

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