EARN $50 – $150 OR MORE FOR Product Testing Studies

Earn Amazon gift cards just for chatting online!! YES, you’ve got it, you chat and talk on boards and earn points which you redeem for Amazon gift cards! How crazy is that?!
Get started by signing up to Consumer Village HERE! Consumer Village gives you access to high paying focus groups and product testing studies. Most of these in-person activities will have individual cash compensation of $50 – $150 or more if you qualify and participate.
Incentives are paid out in the form of Amazon.com gift cards and charitable donations.  The amount of your incentive is calculated based upon your participation level.  Specifically, the amount you receive is calculated based on the number of times that you reply to a moderator-posted topic or survey.
There are a variety of activities that will provide the opportunity to earn Tokens towards your incentive. The type of activity you participate in will determine the amount of Tokens received.  Activities will range from surveys to dialogue discussions to one-question flash-polls.

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