EvriHolder Products Review

The other day I had the chance in trying 3 products from EvriHolder Products, LLC. Their mission is to bring unique products, fresh ideas, stylish designs and superior functionality to consumers at prices that offer outstanding value.

They say, “if one of our products can make life easier or put a smile on your face, then we’ve accomplished our objective.” Our products are innovative, functional, clever, affordable, and fun!

At Evriholder, their products range from household, kitchen, storage & organization, cleaning, bath & personal care areas.


Their first product I got to try came in a pair, Campbell’s Hot N Handy Microwave Mug & Bowl.
Both are topped off with a microwave-safe, splatter-proof lid, the vented lid lets off steam and eliminates splatters. The bowl holds 19 oz. and the mug holds 14 oz. The design looked just like the Campbell’s soup can.

My daughter tried the mug, she recently sprained her ankle so I made hot cocoa for her in that mug. When I made it I did nothing different, I heated up the water in the microwave and then mixed in the cocoa mix. What I really, really liked was that the outside of the mug wasn’t hot as hot as a glass mug would have been. It was easy for her to handle. And the lid made the cocoa stay hot in the inside. She thought they were really cool and wanted to try the bowl.

My son used the bowl for soup, and he liked it just has much as my daughter liked the bowl. The lid kept the soup hot in the inside, and it wasn’t too hot to the touch.

I received Campbell’s “Heritage” Hot N Handy Microwave Mug. This mug did exactly every thing the first one I tried did. It had a splatter-proof lid, which kept the contents hot, and the outside wasn’t doesn’t get as hot as a glass bowl would. But instead of having a Campbell’s soup can design on the outside like the Hot N Handy mug and bowl, this one had a picture of vegetables and a Campbell’s soup can. Pretty cool design.

My family and I use these mugs and the bowl a lot. For hot cocoa, coffee, soup, and anything your heart desires. The lid was easy to remove, there was not hassle. Their all microwave safe and the design doesn’t scratch off when washing it. They all made life a little bit easier, hahaha.

The last product I received was the Campbell’s Soup’R Mug. It has a ceramic lid which doubles as a coaster. Made from high-quality stoneware and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

I thought this mug was the coolest thing. It was like a wide coffee mug but for soup with a lid that also can be used as a coaster. Oh! And it comes With the cutest little spoon, and the handle of the mug has a hole in it for the spoon to go.

Of course I used the mug for soup. I had chicken noodle soup for lunch and I heated it up in the Soup’R Mug. It worked well, when it was down cooking I set the mug on the lid, or at this point the coaster. And I ate it all up with the spoon. The lid was red and it said Campbell’s on the top, the mug was red in the snide and white on the outside. The spoon was red as well.

All in all these are wonderful and affordable products the whole family will love!




Disclosure I received products for free in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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